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drama / romantický, Velká Británie, , 100 min.

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Ali and Nino are teenagers from upper-class families living in Azerbaijan just before the First World War. He is Muslim, she is Georgian - and Christian - but they love each other and marry young despite the reluctance of their parents. There are problems - of course! When Ali takes his bride to spend several months in Persia she is appalled to realise how her freedom is being curbed. While living in luxury she is shocked to be sequestered in a harem, and put through the humiliation of being treated like an Eastern bride by the housekeeper who is a eunoch. Nino has been used to living very freely as a modern young Western woman, so the clash between East and West and between the traditionam Moslem life and the twentieth-century independance of her upbringing is very marked. Then the Great War breaks out, and things get worse. This simple but engaging story was written in the 30s by a strange man - Kurban Said was not his real name. Read the book and read the excellent biography of the mysterious author, by Tom Reiss. Both will enrich your experience of the film.
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