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drama, USA, , 72 min.

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When Jim Blaine's plane goes down in a storm, Jim is held responsible for ignoring storm warnings. Because he can never fly passenger planes again, he returns home and takes a job in a bank. Jim's brother Neil, who idolizes him, has learned to fly and is leaving for Los Angeles to take a job as a test pilot. One day, Jim meets Jill Collins after she parachutes from a plane and lands nearby. When her brother, a pilot, dies in a crash, Jim takes his place flying in an air show. Jim and Jill fall in love, but Jim does not want to marry her because he believes that flyers should never get married. Intending to surprise his brother, Neil waits in the hotel lobby where he spots Jill and immediately falls in love with her himself. After Jim is injured in a freak accident, Neil takes over his job flying with Jill. When Jim recovers, he flies back to the air show, intending to ask Jill to marry him. He walks in on Neil and Jill in bed together and punches Neil before Jill can explain that they were married earlier that morning. Soon Neil gets a job as a commercial pilot and Jim suppresses his wounded feelings by flying in dangerous situations. After several years, Jim arrives in Havana, where Neil and Jill have recently been transferred. Jim and Jill meet while Neil is on a flight and discover that they are still in love. Then they hear that Neil's plane is down in the Gulf of Mexico. Because no one will look for him in the storm, Jim takes off to search for him. He finds the downed plane and manages to save all the passengers, but a heavy fog comes in and he cannot see well enough to land. All the cars in the city then line up in an old airfield, and with the help of their headlights and horns, Jim lands safely. Realizing how much Neil loves Jill, Jim leaves town again, but this time on better terms with his brother.
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