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komedie, USA, , 70 min.

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Tom Palmer meets Nan and her father, Dr. George Brockton, on his return voyage from Europe, but is unaware that they are jewel thieves. George, Nan and her supposed mother Nell, along with hired killer Steve Wilson, who pretends to be the butler, and "music teacher" Professor Toni Verdi rent a house on Long Island next to the Palmers. Just as she had hoped, Nan gets an invitation to the Palmers and, once there, she asks them to store her jewels in their safe so that she can observe the set up and combination. When a Mr. Hanley from the Carnegie Foundation arrives to discuss Tom's rescue of a man who jumped overboard during the cruise, the Brocktons fear that he may be Ferris, a renowned detective whom no one has ever seen. Later, Tom and his "family," who are also thieves, plot to rob the Brocktons, and speculate as to the identity of Ferris. One night, Tom and Mr. Palmer go to rob the Brocktons, while Nan goes to rob the Palmers, with the help of Toni and Steve. Nan is successful, but Tom and Palmer are caught and tied up by her cohorts. Nan is delighted to discover that Tom is also a thief, and he proposes that they elope with the jewels. The police surround the houses and they are all arrested, but Tom is released to the custody of Ferris, who is actually Nan. Nan tells Tom that because he was helpful to her, the courts will go easy on him, and she will be waiting for him when he is ready.
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