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komedie / hudební / romantický, USA, , 65 min.

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Featuring "THE MARTINIQUE" (original poster)
Lillian Bennett, a former theater professional, is now the proprietor of a comfortable and respectable theatrical boardinghouse. To keep her daughter Helen from the stage, Lillian has not told her of her past career, and has kept Helen at a boarding school. Helen pays her mother a surprise visit, only notifying her by wire the very day she arrives. Lillian makes her boarders, including Arlette, Buzz, La Vere and Dad Hackett, promise to behave as proper ladies and gentlemen and to not reveal their occupations. The secret is kept until the guests are rushed into roles to liven up an amateur musical production at a charitable society function. Terry, a tenor who is not in on Lillian's plans, exposes the truth when he tells Helen of his songwriting ambitions. Helen feels the lure of the theater and wants to work with Terry, although she is courted by a wealthy suitor favored by Lillian. During the performance at the rich youth's estate, the romance and talent of Helen and Terry triumph thanks to Lillian's change of heart.
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