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romantický / drama, USA, , 60 min.

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Dominique Prad, a wounded soldier convalescing at a French resort with his fiancée, determines to escape the conventions of society when he sees a group of Gypsies in the town. A wire from Paris urges him to return and take charge of his uncle's business, but at his uncle's funeral he finds that his sisters have inherited the estate. Though made manager of a silk mill, he spends his time painting. His sisters and brother-in-law destroy his paintings and denounce him as a loafer; infuriated, he goes to a doctor, who, to his chagrin, declares him well. As a result, he attempts suicide. Thinking him insane, his family tie him to the bedpost, but he escapes in a colonel's uniform and joins a Gypsy band. Silda, a Gypsy maid, learning of a reward for his capture, flees the camp and Secchi, her lover, with Dominique; and they are befriended by a Breton mayor. Secchi discovers them at the mayor's about to be married; Dominique denounces his family and fiancée and insults the colonel; and a bloodless duel ensues. To the approval of the Bretons, he departs with the Gypsy girl.
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