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akční / krimi / romantický, Rakousko/Rumunsko/Monako/Spojené arabské emiráty, , 93 min.

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An engrossing action adventure thriller set in a medieval castle near Vienna, Austria and a Grand Prix racing track.Falconstone in Austria, a famous medieval castle (Schloss Falconstone) is home lvery to falcons bred since before the Middle Ages by family of Graf von Falconstone, famous for medieval martial arts, swordsmanship and combat falcons. Wine production has been a long tradition of this castle, and is famous for its high quality The castle is located close to grand prix racing track, and is host to many grand prix parties. Graf Horus is the young owner. His name, Horus, comes from Egyptian mythology, where Horus is the principal sun god, pictured half man half falcon. In school, the kids called him Falconman, as his name, and his family was involved in falcon breeding. During a childhood fire accident his face was distorted to such a percentage that he has to wear a pointed mask to protect his flesh and his twisted nose. He only shows his real face to his falcon Diva, the supreme Siberian white falcon. Since the mask was in the shape of a falcon, it added to his childhood name. The film starts with a scene of acrobatic tricks performed by Horus and Diva as they glide near the castle in wing suits. They are attacked by 510 terrorists who they overpower with the help of the rest of the Falcon Force. Due to the recession in modern markets, the wine production has developed major debts, forcing the once aristocratic family into big debts to banks and vicious multi nationals, forcing the father, Graf Markus, to sell his multi generations assets for a fraction of the market price. The banks are pressuring the family by demanding they pay their debts or lose their property in the foreclosing. Horus knows Mathias, a grand prix driver for a far eastern tycoon since school. Mathias had previously told him that there is a Mr. VJ who has been buying castles in Scotland and France to expand his wine and whiskey assets, and may be interested in purchasing Falconstone. VJ built his fortune brutally, based on rounding the risks by vicious manipulations. His interest span, palmoil, breweries, airlines, football, horseracing, cricket teams, grand prix races, and online betting. VJ has always with a strong eye towards beautiful women, fashion shows, and glamour. He has a raw addiction to gambling and he will not stop at anything to win. Graf Markus decides to sell the castle to a rich and ruthless exotic tycoon VJ. Due to the fact that the family wine production are lacking the international marketing power to promote themselves, it leaves the falcon breeding to be the only profitable business, allowing them to make a fraction of money by selling specially bred falcons to sheiks and tycoons around the Middle East.Graf Horus and Marcus make an agreement with VJ, that while VJ he can purchase the castle and the wine assets, they would be allowed to keep the breeding site of the falcons at the base of the castle and keep the local security company The Falcon Force where top falcon trainers, good looking and charming young guys and girls work in combination with falcons and squadrons of eagles, owls and condors as a special glamorous security force. In addition VJ pays them $10 million for Graf Horus to transfer the title to him of Graf VJ of Falconstone.Upon completion of the signature, Graf Markus shows VJ all the remaining secrets of the castle. In a previous phone call VJ and Carlos discussed the upcoming heist, with VJ confirming that he will find the secret tunnel, and call Carlos at the exit of it so that Carlos can locate it via GPS and place escape vehicles there. VJ prompts Markus to show him the tunnel and walk through it. To celebrate the takeover of Falconstone, VJ organizes the biggest and most glamorous party of the year, during which the official signing ceremony is held, and the official introduction of Graf VJ of Falconstone is made by Graf Markus is made to the attending high society of this Gala event.At the party the most spectacular fashion show ever seen is taking part with the most beautiful women and men dressed in the most fashionable clothes, jewelry and watches. They are driven to stage by the most expensive cars, motorcycles and are flown in by the latest models of helicopters to the mega large catwalk made out of 120inch 4K Televisions. Alongside the Fashion Show the Falcon Olympics is taking place to promote the falcons as well as the new wine assets that VJ has acquired as he plans to expand the production worldwide with new funding and global marketing. VJ announces his big plans to develop the wine assets, to convert the castle into a 7-star hotel, and to create many jobs by making Falconstone a cultural, fashion and tourist center of the regionAttending the fashion gala and the Falcon Olympics and the falcon auction that is to follow, are celebrities, fashion models, film stars, grand prix drivers, tycoons, oligarchs, film stars, Sheiks and royalty from around the world, all dressed to impress the others and display their wealth by showing off the most expensive jewelry and watchesSecurity is paramount at the event, and Graf Horus is responsible for everyones safety. He and his beautiful Falcon Force girls and guys, the trainers of the falcons mingle amongst the crowd receiving appreciative nods of approvals, showing off their skills of medieval stiletto arts with combat falcons and fashion shows. The castle is hermetically closed with the bridges drawn, and nobody allowed in. the falcons are flying above checking for all suspicious movements, which they signal to Graf Horus by flying to him, or making special sounds..A dark helicopter appears 10km away and dispatches 12 hooded men who float down using wing suits. Their aim is to land in the castle without being noticed. However the patrolling falcons flying well above them notice the men and alert Graf Horus. Graf Horus commands them to attack and remove the threat. As the robbers in wing suits approach the courtyard, they pull their parachutes open to land. The falcons use this momentum to attack the parachutes through collapsing them, biting through the ropes etc.. The lead falcon Diva- named after her capricious behavior and if charmed is as effective as James Bond, leads the defense team against the intruding terrorists. Diva has been trained and is in love with Graf Horus.VJ is the mastermind of this terrorist attack. He has made an agreement with the famous robbery terror team lead by Carlos and infamous godfather known from the Far East as the kingpin of far eastern terror and robbery militia, wanted by Interpol for his crimes and deaths from around the world who engages the best martial arts killers sent all over the world for paid missions and trained in secret temples in the Islands of Indonesia and the Philippines, the no mans landVJ believes that through the robbery of all the jewels of the guest, he will be able to make quick profit and balance the expensive purchase of Falconstone. VJ acts as one of the victims in order to not raise suspicion that he is the mastermind behind the devious plan. He does not believe that Horus and his Falcon Force can stand up to the professional brutality of Carlos&co terror squad.A few of the robbers joined by Carlos are able to bypass the falcons and land in the courtyard unharmed.An exciting battle between the falcons, terrorist and the falcon force ensues through all the locations in the castle grounds, towers, cellars etc. The terrorists have received backup from new gangs in wing suits however as the battle proceeds only 3 robbers remain. They decide to grab VJ as a staged hostage.Carlos who is one of the terrorists puts a knife to VJs neck, screaming and threatening that he will kill VJ if the Falcon Force does not stand down. VJ asks the Falcon Force to spare his life, and reluctantly Graf Horus tells the Falcon Force to stand back.The robbers round up all the guests in the courtyard forcefully making them surrender their jewelry, rings, watches etc. which they stash into bags and backpacks. Carlos puts a knife to VJs back they grab the jewelry off him. VJ has the most expensive accessories they take his 20 carat earrings, his watch, rings and other valuables that he had on him. As a hostage they take VJ and force him to show them the secret passage. He leads them to the kitchen and shows them how to move the kitchen table. Carlos stuffs VJ into a cell that is located in the kitchen and used as a pantry to hold up the image of his innocence. The robbers flee through the secret passage just as the local police approach the main gate. The robbers and Carlos exit the secret tunnel into a forest where they have positioned mountain bikes allowing them to drive away into the darkness with the use of night vision goggles. However, they do not know that Diva, the white falcon aided by her squadron of night owls, who can see perfectly in the dark, are on their tail following them. They spot the robbers and attack them, with only Carlos managing to escape, grabbing the backpacks with the precious jewelry and flying away into the nightDiva and her crew bring the backpacks to Horus who hands it out in front of the guests. VJ is forced to announce, under false pride, that all the valuables have been recuperated and given back to the guests and celebrities. A big round of applause follows, honoring VJ, his new wine assets and the new Falcon Force.Internally VJ is extremely upset and calls Carlos from his new office in the castle. He tells him that he is disappointed in the fact that Carlos and his gang could not even deliver a simple robber heist. Carlos insists that he should still be paid, however VJ stands his ground, saying that he will give Carlos another chance in the future to prove himself. The Falcon Olympics continue in their full glamour, with a fashion show and glamorous party where the champagne is flowing and everyone is congratulating Graf Horus and VJ for saving their lives and getting back the jewelry and valuables.During the celebration there is an ongoing falcon auction in one part of the castle. VJ an ardent falconer himself spends a lot of money buying the best falcons. VJ wants to acquire Diva, however not only does Horus refuse, but as VJ makes a sudden movement to grab her she nearly scratches his eye out. Falcons are predominantly very jealous, intelligent and loyal birds, especially Diva, resulting in the name. During this time we see Mathias, who is the favorite racer of VJs own Grand Prix team, flirting and falling in love with one of the Falcon Force beauties.VJ does not openly hold a grudge towards Diva and having witnessed the effectiveness of Graf Horus, the birds and the deadly but beautiful Falcon Force he decides to engage them as his security team to protect the Falcon Air and many others of his exposed businesses. He learns that the Falcon Force is not only composed of falcons but also specialized water eagles who are perfect for water missions, night owls for night vision and vultures capable of flights higher than 10.000 meter, at a level which is usually only accessible to commercial jets. VJ however asks them to train a more modern force with falcons equipped with cameras, lasers etc. and the Falcon Force models to be effective counterinsurgency teams combining cyber falcons and beautiesHowever, VJs is a master at manipulating people and circumstances to culminate in contrived outcomes, making VJ very rich and engaging the Falcon Force is simply another ploy to make money. He already made a deal with Carlos & co, to give them a second chance additionally since he has been personally insulted by Diva and has somehow managed to lost all his jewels, he no longer is bothered if anything were to happen to the Falcon Force or if Horus or Diva were to get hurt, even wishing to put them to danger in order to get his own personal revenge. He calls it collateral damageHorus and the models are trained by Graf Markus of Falconstone, father of Horus, as he himself is a famous martial fighter and falconer of the castle. Once the judges selected for the task of helping build the newer Falcon Force, have chosen the girls and guys they and the falcons are fully trained together and with wing suits. Professor F, genius in modern technology and flying, provides the latest accessories such as goggles and lasers to the Falcon Force, and the falcons are cybered up with cameras and fighting equipment to make the Falcon Force and the falcons ultra-modern stealth effective fighting machines. The team is ready for their first mission. The Falcon Force is equipped with falcon wing suits which look like maxi dresses which turn into wing suits enabling the falcon force to fly/glide.The first engagement of the Falcon Force is to protect the giant Airbus 380 on its next flight to the Grand Prix. Onboard are celebrities, grand prix team drivers, with their lead driver Mathias, journalists etc. The plane is destined for Graz, located near the grand prix circuit Zeltweg (the same province that Hollywood Star Arnold Schwarzenegger comes from). During the flight the Falcon Force models put on a stunning fashion show which is broadcasted live by FashionTV as part of a promotional campaign. The broadcast can be seen by millions all over the world watching FashionTV.VJ and Carlos are at the airport VIP room waiting for the airplane to arrive, and are watching the show of beautiful FashionTV models and secret Falcon Force agents in lingerie parade through the isles, live from the VIP lounge. VJ has given Carlos a second chance, to kidnap the plane and force the insurance company to pay millions in order to free the hostages and the plane itself. As the fashion show is shown live via FashionTV suddenly three terrorists attempt to break into the plane. Immediately two of the lingerie models take down two of the armed terrorists as the third one makes a break for the cockpit. Graf Horus signals to Diva and her Falcon team who are sitting behind a two way mirror compartment to attack the terrorist. In the blink of an eye the threat is easily removed and calm and safety is restored on the airplane.VJ and Carlos are following the action live via FashionTV and the resulted failed kidnapping attempt. VJ complains to Carlos that he again has lost millions as they can no longer demand insurance money for ransom. He loses his temper and screams at Carlos telling him that his team are amateurs having failed their second attempt and chance that VJ had given them. Not only did he lose millions from the failed jewelry heist, but now the plane kidnapping went all wrong, and he has no intention of paying for the failed attempts. Carlos asks VJ how much he is worth and why he doesnt at least pay a little to cover the operating costs. VJ answers that he is worth billions but will not even pay a cent to Carlos. Carlos decides to kidnap VJ telling him that this time he will neither share the money nor fail like he did the last two times. At the same time the aircraft lands and Horus comes out victorious in front of the journalists who are waiting following the live kidnapping on FashionTV. Horus sees that VJ is being whisked away by Carlos&co. Horus and Falcon Force get into a wild pursuit of VJ kidnapped by Carlosthe wild pursuit goes through mountains as they fight each other in wing suits, they go through car chases and an arsenal of weaponsand finally, liberate VJ and deliver Carlos to the policeThe story moves on to the Pre Grand Prix race party. VJ is seen talking to Mathias and offers him a substantial pay of $10 million to throw the Grand Prix race and lightly crash into his teammate, taking them both down as the favorites and allowing the second team to win. As this is the last race of Mathiass career and it was VJ who had made investments into Mathias over the past years, supporting him in his journey to become a leading Grand Prix driver, even though Mathiass father, a successful Grand Prix driver himself Niki, told Mathias that he is too old to drive and shouldnt become a professional, VJ always believed in him. Thus he feels obliged to VJ and the $10 million extra on his bank account if a good way to go into retirement. VJ tells Mathias not to feel upset about losing, as many top drivers finish their racing career with a big banghinting that his father Niki also crashed as a result of a bribed payment VJ is betting with all possible systemsonline, with bookies, mobile betting, through corrupt gangs, money laundering, banks etc. on the second team whilst deliberately misinforming all and spreading rumors the second team is into substance abuse and unlikely to win. And if they win, they will be immediately analyzed for drug abuse, and if found guilty. Disqualifiednobody wants to bet on this drug team The Falcon Force is already there to protect VJ at the castle. VJ and his entourage are watching the race from the castle. Mathiass girlfriend Claire who is one of the Falcon Force is there to protect VJ. To ensure Matthias takes the bait seriously VJ orders his thugs to kidnap Claire into one of the castle towers. As the race starts, the kidnapers force Claire to call Mathias and to tell him to stick to the plan. Claire however tells him not to listen to VJs threats as she would rather die than have him hurt himself and lose his reputation. This conversation goes on for many laps during the grand prix as the tension and excitement builds up. During the buildup of the tension VJ continues to place bets as his odds are constantly increasing and are completely in his favor while the rest of the world is betting on Mathias and his winning team. Mathias is already one lap ahead of all others, so the odds that the other team will win are totally high... As VJ has betted all his money, he wants to put another $10million and calls Graf Markus to lend it to him against collateral of the caste and wine assets which are now free of debts for one day.Mathias calls Graf Horus and explains to him that Claire has been kidnapped and the whole bribing situation. Graf Horus with Diva swing into action with their devices and quickly track Claire in the tower as Diva spots the hideout from on high. After a quick and violent fight, Claire is freed from the kidnappers, and Horus signals to Matthias from the castle that she is safe. At this time Horus receives a call from his father, Graf Markus asking him what he should do about the sudden loan request from VJ. Horus now knows that VJ has been betting money on Mathias to crash and lose the race, so he tells his father to accept the deal as he knows that now that Claire is freed Mathias will not crash and win the race. Mathias goes on to win the race. VJ is furious having bet his whole fortune, billions on the race and losing it all. It is enough to break his empire. He has also lost the assets and the castle as they go back to the ownership of Markus and Horus. VJ has lost all through sports betting VJ wants revenge, as Horus and Mathias, old school mates, team upMathias drives in to the pit stop as a winner, as a big celebration commences with champagnehis last raceand he retires as an undefeated winner...A celebration party is organized at the Falconstone castle.Mathias arrives to the castle via a helicopterduring the party VJ grabs Mathias, Claire and Horus to talk, and walk up to the tower of the castle.dramatic talk, how VJ helped Mathias, and Mathias deceived himhe was better than a father to him, etc. etc.Diva spots the confrontation on the tower between VJ and Mathias. Diva and Horus confronts VJ and with a battle supported by his attacking falcons, VJ falls to his death from his beloved Falconstone tower castleGraf Horus, Mathias, Diva, Claire and Graf Markus are overjoyed as they realize the castle and all their assets have returned to them.The next day the three of them and Diva walk towards the setting sun as friends and as hero, as the falcons form a heart above them, ready for their next missionCopyright by FASHIONTV FILMS (C)
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