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akční / drama, USA, , 82 min.

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HARD RIDERS! Mounted on Burning Steel! ... with only their leathers between THEM and HELL!
Vince Rommel (Ross Hagen) is a good sidehacker runner. Sidehacking is a way of running motorcycle races with a passenger on the sidecar/sidehack, and Vince is supposed to be one of the best riders.Vince is in love with Rita (Diane McBain), and both like frolicking around. He asks Rita to marry him. Luke (Dick Merrifield) lost yesterday's race. His mechanic (Ivy Ross) fools around with him. J.C. (Michael Pataki) needs to have his bike ready for an exhibition fast. While the mechanic looks into the bike, Paisley (Claire Polan) talks to Rommel. He's a bit sharp towards her. J.C. notices the sidehack on the bike. Rommel explains that the passenger has to lean one way or another depending on the direction of the curve they are going through. Both the mechanic and Rommel feel that Paisley will be trouble. Dick's wife appears to ask for some money and do some shopping.J.C, Paisley, Rita and Rommel watch a race. J.C. finds it interesting. J.C. offers a position to Rommel in the exhibition, as it's very spectacular. He goes in Rommel's bike as passengers, but he falls down several times. It's good fun until Vince crashes onto a fence and sends J.C. flying. Rita looks how much Rommel and Rita a re in love. J.C. is hot-tempered and violent, and he is a cloud in the lunch everybody is enjoying. J.C. doesn't move without an entourage which tries to placate him. Nero (Edward Parrish) is the only one who tries to stand up agains her. When Rommel rejects his offer, he and his men leave the dining room. Paisley can't even remember what attracted her to him in the first place. J.C. punches her because he wants to hear her scream. J.C. that he'll kill anyone who dares to touch her; then, he says he loves her while she keeps on sobbing.Paisley, dressed to the nines, calls on Rommel at the garage some other day. He rejects her and she leaves slamming the door. Paisley cries and feels jealous of Rita and Rommel's relationship. She tears her dress to pretend that she was raped by Vince Rommel. She spills her lies as soon as J.C. comes back to their hotel room and while Rita's about to have sex with Vince. Rita dreams of her life after she's married to Vince while he falls asleep. She tenderly kisses him.J.C. interrupts them, saying "Time's up, loverboy". They beat and tie him up. Rita lies tied to a beam in the roof. She is dead. Vince's car has been dismantled. He runs and runs until he finds a phone booth, but he's got no money, so he keeps on running through some regional road. A car doesn't stop, so he has to keep on walking the long road. He goes to Dick and Debbie (Diane Tessier)'s, and they tend to him. Seeing Dick's children fight in a rough way, he remembers how Rita was gang-raped and killed when she was pushed around and her head hit something. Rommel can't even speak about what happened with Dick.J.C. is getting restless in his hotel room, as the police are looking for him. Dick suggests Vince to try and go on with his life. Rommel says that revenge won't change things as they are, because Rita won't be alive again anyway. They play billiards.Nero tells Rommel that there's an upcoming sidehack bike race. He will help Rommel to take his own back.Rommel prepares his revenge. He goes to the Children's Charity Workers, INC. SALVAGE shop and sells his car. Nero hires a fighting instructor. He also hires a painter who tells him that she has gone somewhere else, where there is no pain. Cooch (Michael Graham) tells him that Rommel's preparing his revenge, hiring people who can fight. Paisley tells him to leave the city and forget about it all, but J.C gets frantic. He says he was like a brother to him, and that he used to love him in spite of his rejection to work with him at the rodeos and exhibitions. Suddenly, J.C. punches Cooch in spite of Cooch declaring his loyalty to him, apparently because he was the bringer of bad news... or probably to give him a reason to go and tell Rommel that he's betraying him.Cooch gets so mad that he offers Dick to hell Rommel with his revenge. Tork (Eric Lidberg) thinks they need to devise a plan.Cooch tells Rommel where J.C. will be soon. Dick's wife want him to stay out of the fight, but he goes anyway. They wait and wait, while Jake (Robert Tessier) tells a really unfunny joke. Cooch recommends everybody not to use guns, as J.C. won't be carrying any as well. They try to get organized, but it's all very loose. Cooch is double-playing everyone, as he tells J.C. where Rommel and his men are going to be. Immediately afterwards, J.C. wants to have sex with Paisley, and at that moment, she tells him that she wants to get away from her. J.C. laughs it off, what would she do without him? She says that, that way, she wouldn't have to do things she doesn't usually fell like doing. J.C. gets frantic, punches her - this time she tries to defend herself - shouts for her to get out, but then she strangles her mercilessly. When she's already dead, he speaks to her, asking her what she said all those things for. In desperation, he screams for her to talk to him. She is dead. J.C. makes weird gestures, as though he were a naughty child who's just eaten a pie he was told not to.Rommel and Dick speak about the situation and about Cooch being missed. Cooch comes back and jumps under a blanket, pretending that he's never gone away, but Nero has seen him and tells everybody. At the beginning, Cooch denies everything. Cooch says that J.C. will be at the rock quarry, preparing some kind of trap. Cooch is taken to the quarry, where J.C. and his men are already waiting for Rommel, who is carrying a gun.The noise alerts some of the outpost watchers and Cooch takes the opportunity for alerting J.C, sliding down a slope. J.C. shoots him for no apparent reason. There is a shootout. Nero uses Rommel's bike to shoot from the sidehack.J.C. offers Rommel the opportunity to fight to death. He comes out of a derelict cabin with his hands up high. J.C. kicks Rommel first. A police car approaches but the fight goes on. Rommel punches J.C. in his balls and leaves him alive in a disgusting pool of dirty water because, after all, the police car is already arriving; however, J.C. picks the gun of one of his guns and uses it to shoot Rommel in the back. He falls in the disgusting pool as well.While he is dying, he reminiscences about the time when he and Rita were frolicking among the high grass.Last shot of Rommel's dead body in the dirty water while ending credits roll on.--- written by KrystelClaire
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