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hudební / romantický, USA, , 97 min.

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Ocenění: 1934, Nominace na Oskara, Film

Attenshun! Here comes Warner Bros. military musical!
Richard Palmer Grant Dorcy, known as "Canary," is an enlisted man in the United States Army. Currently stationed on the Hawaiian Islands, he has an affectionately argumentative relationship with his sergeant, Scrapper Thornhill. Although he hates taking orders, Dick has no intention of becoming an officer. When General Fitts arrives at the base with his daughter Kit, Dick is assigned to drive her to the reception that evening. Falling victim to the moonlit night, Kit and Dick miss the reception and attend a native luau instead. They are discovered in each other's arms by Lieutenant Biddle, who is also in love with Kit. Biddle blames Dick for ruining Kit's reputation and Dick decides to desert. Scrapper begs Kit to straighten things out with Biddle. To prevent Dick from deserting, Kit tells him that she is not in love with him, but was responding to a crazy impulse. Stung by her words, Dick decides to compete with Biddle as an equal and applies for West Point. He is accepted and does very well, to Scrapper's delight. In Dick's senior year, General Fitts is appointed West Point superintendent. While most of the men are infatuated with Kit, Dick is cold to her. Consequently, he is not very happy when the rest of the men insist that she participate in the traditional Hundredth Night theatrical performance. Dick writes a show about a female general with a message directed at Kit. After the first rehearsal, Kit walks with Dick on Flirtation Walk and tries to explain why she told him she was not in love with him. Dick is too angry to listen to Kit but, during their on-stage love scene, kisses her, and she admits she loves him. When General Fitts announces Kit's engagement to Biddle, Dick naturally is confused, and visits her after lights out to talk her out of marrying Biddle. He is caught and, to protect Kit's name, agrees to resign from the Academy. Scrapper arrives at the Academy to see Dick graduate and is disappointed to learn of Dick's resignation. The day is saved when Biddle tells Dick that his resignation was not accepted and that Kit returned his ring. Dick graduates a happy man.
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