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Young Ms. Temme works as a risk analyst in a local insurance company in Cologne. Her life is a little dull, but always determined by probabilities. Carla Temme, a risk analyst at "Rheinische Versicherung", is facing a new professional challenge. The company promises to insure practically everything that can be insured from now on: The fear of a UFO crashing into your home, the bride's fear of being cheated by her future husband or the worry of an elderly gentleman that he might not live to see his 110th birthday. Not only does her task itself hold plenty of potential for conflict, but also her colleagues do not make her everyday life that much easier. There is her addicted boss Hans-Peter MĂĽhlens, her outrageous competitor Frank Weber and her good-natured office neighbor Horst Ballsen. But that's not all: In her private life she tries to build a relationship with Mikael, with the help of her sister Hannah.
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