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krimi / drama, USA, , 63 min.

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Two attractive young women posing as hitchhikers flag down a male driver on an isolated highway and flirt with him. Two women in another car then block the victim's vehicle and steal it at gunpoint after slugging him with the gun. After parking the stolen car in an urban alley the thieves enter a building to meet their boss, Joe, and exchange the vehicle for cash and drugs. When Doc Bedford, a physician whose license has been revoked, arrives, Joe asks him to introduce June, Joe's girl friend and the leader of the girls' gang, to heroin use, but Doc refuses. Joe then shows June how to prepare and inject the drug. When Jack, Joe's accomplice in the car theft racket, returns from delivering the car to a buyer, he, too, injects himself with heroin. The next day Jack and June bring two naďve high school students, Bill and Wanda, to Joe's place where he sells them marijuana and they get high. Wanda comes from a rich family and pays June for introducing her to Joe. Joe tells June that he is going to arrange a job for her at a real estate office so that she can pay him for her expensive heroin habit. Later, after Wanda has expressed an interest in joining the gang, June takes her to a drug party in a warehouse for her initiation, which requires her to have sex with five boys associated with the gang. During these liaisons, the gang members give Wanda marijuana to sustain her. June starts her job at the real estate office and is soon selling sexual favors to her boss, Mr. Brown, for cash. While June is leaving one day, she sees that the office safe is open, and finding a gun inside, threatens Brown with the weapon and takes the money. Later, Joe and Doc visit Brown and threaten to accuse him of raping June unless he pays them off. When one of the boys overdoses on heroin, his friends dump him in an alley where the police find him, just barely alive. Bill and Wanda become part of Joe's organization and are assigned, along with Jack and June, to rob a highway gas station. While June seduces the station operator, Wanda raids the cash register and Jack and Bill act as backup. Realizing he is being robbed, the attendant tries to stop Wanda, but June shoots him and throws the gun down. The attendant picks up the weapon, kills Bill and wounds Wanda as she flees with June and Jack. When they return to Joe's, Wanda is unconscious and Joe orders Doc to remove the bullet. While Doc operates on Wanda on the kitchen table, June becomes involved in a fight with Daisy, another girl, for being insensitive to Wanda's condition. Meanwhile, the police, who have been notified of the robbery by a customer at the gas station, burst in as Doc flees out the back. Although Doc managed to remove the bullet, Wanda has died. The police arrest Joe, Jack, June and Daisy and chase Doc across railroad tracks into a ditch where they shoot and kill him. Doc expires, holding a ring he stole from Wanda.
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