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komedie / krimi, USA, , 70 min.

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After years of buying raffle tickets, meek and dim-witted bank teller Wilbur P. Meeley finally wins a prize--a new recreational trailer. Although Wilbur is too poor to own a car, he nonetheless pulls the trailer to his home, where he is met with disdain by Carol, his ever-practical wife. That night, three bandits, Nails, Ice-Box and Frank, rob Wilbur's bank, aided by a tip that Wilbur unwittingly had given them earlier in the day. Pursued by police, the robbers drive to Wilbur's dead end street, where they spot Wilbur's trailer. Unaware that Wilbur is sleeping in it, the robbers hook the trailer to their car and take off in the guise of vacationers. The next morning, Wilbur wakes up and discovers that the trailer is camped alongside a deserted highway and that he is now the robbers' captive. Always the conscientious husband, Wilbur, who has become the police's primary robbery suspect, climbs a telephone pole and calls Carol to inform her of his general whereabouts. While Carol dashes to a train to find Wilbur before the police do, Wilbur meets debutante Judy Daniels, who is fleeing from her arranged marriage to Count Pierre Fontaine de Louis-Louis. After repairing Judy's car, Wilbur suggests to the robbers that they help the heiress, and the robbers, seeing a perfect opportunity for a kidnapping, agree. In the meantime, Carol meets the phony, wolfish Count Pierre on her train and, followed by the police, decides to use him as a decoy. Eventually, the police, Carol, Pierre, Judy and her family, and Wilbur and the robbers end up at the Daniels' estate. Carol helps Wilbur to escape with Judy and then is arrested with Pierre and thrown in jail. After Wilbur, who has delivered Judy to her kidnappers, mistakenly returns the suitcase with the bank robbery cash to the police, the location of the trailer is discovered when a roving radio broadcaster interviews Wilbur in the trailer. Chased by the police, the robbers, who have also taken Carol, Pierre and the jail warden prisoner, disconnect the trailer on a steep mountain road. Following a long and furious trip down the mountainside, the trailer finally lands in a bale of hay, and Wilbur is declared a hero by his bank boss and the police.
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