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akční / dobrodružný / romantický / western, USA, , 56 min.

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The bigger they come, the harder Tom Keene makes them fall!
Red Gentry, a thief, shoots an old man while holding up a general store in Middleton, then runs out on his girl friend Roxy Moore, a violinist, who swears she will never take him back. The victim's son, Jim Reed, gets a tip from the grocer that Roxy is leaving town and he follows her to track his father's killer. In the desert, Jim offers to accompany Roxy to Starbuck. A blacksmith, Sandy Briggs, discovers a gold nugget in Roxy's horse's hoof and he, Roxy and Jim agree to split the profits of Roxy's "Lucky Horseshoe" mine. A gold rush ensues and Jim falls in love with Sandy's daughter Betty, whose brother Bill is a Canadian mountie. Roxy then sells her share of the mine and builds a dance hall, hoping to lure Red back so Jim can have him arrested. Jim, however, believes Roxy wants cheap notoriety by attracting the "rotten element of the West" into her saloon. Roxy is in love with Jim, but assures Betty that Jim could never love a woman like herself. Meanwhile, Red has seen Roxy's picture in the paper and is en route to Starbuck with his gang. Red shoots Bill in his canoe and Jim rescues him. In town, Red tries to coax Roxy into sharing her fortune with him, but she rebuffs him. Jim then sees Red in the saloon and fights him. Roxy tries to tell Jim who Red is, but Jim leaves before she can. When Sandy and Jim go to the mine to look for Roxy, Red and his men try to kill them, but they escape. Bill then deputizes Jim so he can join the mounties in their hunt for the gang. Betty finally tells Jim that Red is in town and Jim kisses her. Red then walks in on Roxy, who has opened her safe. When she shuts it, he threatens her and after she calls for Jim, Red fatally wounds her. Red flees and meets up with another gang led by Brokaw, and the two gangs head for the border with the mounties in pursuit. Red, thrown from his horse, jumps onto a wagon unarmed, and Jim jumps into the wagon from his horse and they fight. When the wagon rolls down a hill, Red falls to his death over a cliff. Roxy has willed the saloon to Jim, who in turn has given it to a minister to transform into a church. Betty and Jim then leave in a canoe after they are married.
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