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western, USA, , 87 min.

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After his best friend challenges him to a showdown to prove his prowess, Brazos Kane, a gunfighter who made his reputation during the Panhandle Wars, renounces his guns and rides out to join his old friend Bob Tyrell, a cowhand at the Inskip ranch. Brazos arrives at the ranch just in time witness Bob's murder. After Bob's attackers ride off, Brazos takes his body to the nearby Banner ranch. Banner, a powerful rancher bent on building an empire by eradicating all the small ranchers in the territory, accuses Brazos of Bob's murder and orders Bill Yount, a deputy sheriff in his employ, to arrest him. Before riding off with Yount, Brazos hands the bullet that murdered Bob to Jane, Banner's daughter, and sends her to alert Inskip of his peril. As Yount readies to hang Brazos, Inskip rides to his rescue and frees him. Later, Brazos surrenders to Sheriff Kiscaden, who dismisses the charges against him for lack of evidence. Brazos then rides back to the Banner ranch to retrieve the bullet from Jane. Mistaking Jane's sister Bess for Jane, Brazos asks for the return of the bullet. Afterward, Bess, who is in love with ranch foreman Bard Macky, the man who murdered Bob, tells Bard about the bullet and promises to secure it for him. After realizing his error, Brazos rides to the Inskip ranch, where he is befriended by Johnny O'Neil, an idealistic young cowhand with dreams of attaining Brazos' prowess with a gun. When Brazos shows Inskip the boot print made by Bob's killer, Inskip identifies the boot as custom-made. Soon after, Johnny is attacked by rustlers, sending Brazos into town to notify the sheriff. While in town, Brazos meets Bess, and noticing the custom-made boot print on the bottom of her wagon floor, accuses her of being at Inskip's ranch on the night of the murder. Later, at his friend Jose's cantina, Brazos is confronted by Hen Orcutt, one of Banner's men, who orders him to get out of town. Afterward, Yount tries to trample Brazos under his horse's hooves, but Brazos pulls him from his mount and pummels him. When Brazos returns to the ranch, Johnny urges him to strap on his guns, but instead, Brazos sends him to ask Jane for the bullet. At the Banner ranch, Johnny gives the message to Bess, who sets up a meeting for later that night at the mission. That evening, Bess begs Brazos to leave town and tries to cajole him with an embrace. Just then, Jane appears and when she angrily claims to have discarded the bullet, Brazos realizes that Bess must have stolen it to protect Bard. The next day, Bess rides to the Inskip ranch and tells Inskip that Bard and Hen are waiting to ambush Brazos at Monument Rock. When Inskip rides to Monument Rock to investigate, he is shot and killed by Hen. Later, Brazos brings Inskip's body back to the ranch, straps on the dead man's guns and sets out to avenge his murder. Outside of town, the sheriff cautions Brazos that Yount and his thugs are waiting to ambush him. Brazos ignores his warning, however, and rides into town, followed by Johnny. At the sheriff's office, Brazos shoots Yount in the arm and legs until he finally admits that Banner ordered Bob's murder. To decoy Yount's thugs, Johnny jumps on Brazos' horse and gallops out of town, only to be shot in the back by his pursuers. Jane, who has learned of her father's infamy from Bess, begs Brazos to be lenient to him and then rides home to pack her belongings. Soon after, Brazos appears at the Banner ranch, calls Hen out and guns him down. After Brazos bests Bard in a showdown, Jane pulls the gun from Bard's hand and shoots her father as he takes aim at Brazos' back. The sheriff then arrives, notifies Brazos that he intends to bring charges against Banner and Bess and orders Brazos to leave the state. After Brazos unbuckles his guns and rides off, Jane joins him along the trail to start life anew.
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