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komedie, USA, , 85 min.

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What happens to the MOUSE when the CHEESECAKE bites back? (original poster)
In New York City, good-natured advertising executive Marshall "Mickey" Briggs drops off his young wife Janice downtown, but is too distracted to notice that she heads for her obstetrician's office. At his office, Mickey learns from his malapropism-spewing secretary, Miss Anderson, that agency director Mr. Sutton needs to see him right away. Sutton soon reveals that they are in danger of losing the company's most important account, Luxemberg beer, because the owner's wife no longer appreciates the long-running campaign featuring gorgeous "Miss Luxemberg" models. After instructing Mickey that the future of the company lays in his hands, Sutton gives him only two days to come up with a new campaign. At home, Mickey tries to concentrate on work, but is distracted by Janice, who wants his full attention to inform him that she is pregnant. When she breaks down in tears, Mickey tries to explain his work situation, but a preoccupied Janice refuses to listen, instead insisting that he take her to the movies. There, they watch a movie starring John Wayne as a man so enamored of his wife that he buys her a diamond necklace and waltzes in the moonlight with her. Although Janice is enraptured by this story, Mickey grows frustrated that women are fed overly romanticized views of marriage. They return home, where Mickey correctly predicts that Janice will mope and insist he no longer loves her in order to get his attention. While Mickey tries to work, Janice and her mother, Mrs. Blake, who lives with the couple, commiserate over Mickey's failings as a husband, then persuade him to walk the dog. While he is out, Janice tells her mother about the baby, causing her to cry, especially after she calls Mrs. Blake "Grandma." The next morning, Janice recalls how Mickey treated her when they first met: Janice is one of several lovely Miss Luxembergs being admired by Mickey and his best friend, Bob Sanders. As Janice comes out of her reverie, Mrs. Blake remarks that men are always more attentive when they have competition, prompting Janice to pay the elevator boy, law student Eddie, to phone her that night and pretend to be an admirer. When he calls, however, an anxious Mickey pays no attention, and later, while Mickey is walking the dog, Eddie explains to him that Janice paid him to call her. Thoroughly frustrated, Mickey rushes home and explodes at Janice, calling her "Mrs. Luxemberg." The harangue inspires a campaign idea, in which the famous Miss Luxemberg character has become Mrs. Luxemberg after serving her boyfriend Luxemberg beer. When Mickey's diea secures the Luxemberg beer account, a relieved Mickey sends flowers to Janice, buys her tickets to a ball game, then returns home smudged with lipstick from a grateful co-worker, arousing Janice's suspicion that he has cheated on her. After she and Mrs. Blake accuse him, a flabbergasted Mickey barely manages to pack his suitcase and go over to Bob's. There, he watches the ball game morosely, as does Janice at home. The next day, Sutton informs Mickey that all the former Miss Luxembergs are unsuitable for the campaign, and they must use Mickey and Janice. Upon hearing that the Briggses are separated, Sutton manipulates Mickey into planning a romantic evening to win Janice back, and then secretly assigns a photographer to follow them. The evening of dinner and dancing easily wins back Janice's affections, but after she and Mickey return to their apartment, the photographer snaps her photo from the balcony, prompting Mickey to chase him into the lobby. There, Janice sees the police confiscate his film and assumes that Mickey has contrived the evening in order to complete his ad campaign. Mickey returns to Bob's apartment, where he drinks steadily throughout the next day. Janice asks Bob to take her to dinner, and at the restaurant becomes tipsy and repeatedly calls him Mickey. Bob is at first flirtatious, but after Janice admits she is pregnant, he takes her home. The next morning, Bob rushes to Mickey's office, but a photographer has already dropped off a photo of Janice with Bob, and Mickey challenges his much larger friend to a fistfight. Luckily for Mickey, Sutton interrupts by entering with lawyer Girard, who announces that Janice is suing the company for $100,000 and Mickey for divorce. Mickey, Sutton and Girard race to the Briggs apartment, and in the elevator, Sutton sees the photo of Janice and Bob and realizes that a different brewer's beer is in the picture, a gaffe which could ruin their relationship with their client. Eddie, who unknown to them is acting as Janice's lawyer, overhears and later uses the information to raise the amount of Janice's lawsuit. Mickey, Sutton and Girard follow Janice into the elevator to argue with Eddie, followed by Mrs. Blake. In the lobby, Bob joins the group, finally quieting them by announcing that Janice is pregnant, news that causes Mickey to faint. Weeks later, Mickey takes Janice on a cruise, on which they see John Wayne and his wife bickering. After Mickey then presents Janice with a diamond necklace, she appreciates him more than her former idol, and Mickey realizes that being demonstrative can serve a husband as well as it serves a wife.
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