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drama / romantický, USA, , 60 min.

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Press agent Kelly and team manager Joe Garber of the Panthers, a New York hockey team, recruit chicken farmer Johnny Hanson, based on his amateur hockey renown. Johnny is enticed by the $100 per week salary, with which he will be able to fix his farm, so he moves to New York with his twelve-year-old orphan friend, Bobby. Johnny helps pull the team into the top ranks and makes a name for himself. One night, he and his friend, Squat Bates, go to a roller skating rink where Johnny runs into Helen Dale, who advises him to stay off skates. Later, Helen attends a Panther game with the roller rink owner, Jack Irwin, who arranges with her to date Johnny. Johnny falls in love with Helen, and together they share the dream of owning a chicken farm. The night before a championship game, Irwin reveals to Johnny that he has bet $200,000 on the opposition, and offers Johnny $5,000 to throw the game, knowing that that is the amount he needs for his farm. Johnny rejects the bribe, and when Helen encourages him to accept it, he realizes she has been working with Irwin and rejects her. Irwin orders his thug, Spike Regan, to get rid of Johnny, but instead, Spike injures Bobby by accident. After Spike threatens Johnny, Johnny pretends to be injured during a game and is sent to the hospital. He is unharmed, but stays with Bobby through a serious operation, then rejoins the championship game on the final night, much to Irwin and Spike's surprise. Johnny wins the game for the team, and Irwin and Spike are arrested. Helen and Johnny make up, marry, and return to their chicken farm with Bobby.
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