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western, USA, , 91 min.

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For his future mount, 15-year-old Nishko, son of Chief Hevatanu of the Arikara tribe, selects the foal of the tribe's finest mare and a white wild stallion. In a dream Nishko has been told that his destiny is bound to that of the foal, which he names Mecapo. During training for warfare, the youth wins the prized thunder bow. Having been tricked into leaving the village, Arikara warriors return to find their tepees burned, their mounts stolen, and three maidens abducted. Pursuing a party of Snake warriors, the Arikaras retrieve their horses. Nishko fashions a travois to carry Mecapo, who is too weak to return on his own to the Arikara village. Informed that his mother, Amatula, is dying from the bite of a rattlesnake, Nishko breaks his prized bow, hoping thereby to appease the Giver of Life. When his mother's condition worsens, Nishko prepares to sacrifice the beloved Mecapo, but an emissary informs him that she has recovered. Nishko's joy at having passed the rites of tribal initiation is short-lived; a mountain lion kills the mare, and Mecapo returns to the herd of his wild sire. The herd is captured by Comanches, and Nishko, while trying to rescue Mecapo, is taken prisoner. As the white stallion leads the herd to freedom while the Comanches sleep, Nishko escapes with Mecapo. Nishko follows the horses to their winter pasture and devotes himself to regaining Mecapo's affection. Having wrenched his leg, Nishko is menaced by wolves, but Mecapo rescues him. Determined to allow the horse its freedom, Nishko prepares to return to his people. Mecapo, however, loyally follows him.
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