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akční, USA, , 67 min.

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New York police officer and Olympic javelin thrower Philip H. Donlan is boarding a ship bound for the games in Europe when he runs into Paula Denbrough. Paula uses him as a cover so that the reporters following her will not tell her father, Marine Colonel J. B. Denbrough, that she is eloping with playboy Steve Lodge, whom her father detests. Denbrough prevents the marriage nonetheless, for which innocent Phil receives Paula's ire, and Paula soon has Phil kicked off the Olympic team on a trumped up charge of drinking and brawling. She regrets her actions, however, and on the voyage back to the United States, she and Phil fall in love and decide to marry. Paula is reconciled with Denbrough, but he tells her that unless Phil, who has been fired from the police force because of the scandal, finds a job before Denbrough leaves in two weeks for his new assignment in the South Seas, the couple cannot marry and Paula must accompany Denbrough. Phil's scandalous past prevents him from finding a job, and so on the eve of Denbrough's departure, Phil joins the Marines. Denbrough is delighted, but Paula, who is tired of military life, calls off their engagement. Paula leaves with Denbrough, and a discouraged Phil resolves to be a model Marine so that he will be promoted to lieutenant and can then resign. As the months pass, Phil shines in his duties and is quickly promoted to first sergeant. Needing some special distinction to receive his commission, Phil agrees to be sent overseas and winds up on Maragano Island, where Denbrough is in charge. Paula is at first delighted to see Phil, but still says she will not marry a military man and resolves to leave the island the next night. Before her departure, however, the island is put under quarantine due to an outbreak of bubonic plague. On an expedition to clean up the native village, Phil wins the respect of the suspicious natives, and as the weeks pass, he helps them build a beautiful, clean village. Phil's success impresses Denbrough so much that he hurries along Phil's commission to second lieutenant. Denbrough and Paula are stunned, however, when Phil resigns immediately after receiving the promotion and explains his scheme to them. Paula tells Phil that due to his heroic efforts she has changed her mind about the military, and is therefore disappointed in his decision. Denbrough feels betrayed as well, and sends Phil away. Phil leaves and is awaiting transport to Manila when he hears that the natives on Maragano are rebelling and the troops are in danger. Phil convinces drunken pilot O'Day to fly him back to Maragano, and he talks the natives and Marines into settling their differences peacefully. Denbrough gratefully allows Phil to rescind his resignation, and Paula tells him she will be happy to become a lieutenant's wife.
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