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drama / thriller, Kanada, , 105 min., od 13 let

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History awaits a verdict.
Described as "a brilliant courtroom thriller with a spiritual twist," JUDGMENT is the latest installment of the wildly popular Apocalypse Series and recently made the Top Ten in Billboard Magazine's Video Charts. In this riveting thriller, the earth is under the reign of a one-world government called "One Nation Earth" (O.N.E.). This centralized government now rules the entire world, having abolished the individual governments of each country. Although the leader of O.N.E., Franco Macalousso (NICK MANCUSO "Under Siege"), is hailed as the savior of the world, a small dissident group, "The Believers," know of his evil intentions. The action unfolds as The Believers, led by J.T. Quincy (MR. T "Rocky III," "The A-Team," "Inspector Gadget"), set out to rescue Helen Hannah (LEIGH LEWIS ("Cagney and Lacey), who is on trial for her life, charged with"crimes against humanity." Mitch Kendrick (CORBIN BERNSEN star of TV's "LA Law" "Major League," "Shattered"), a respected defense attorney, is contacted by Vicky Thorne (JESSICA STEEN "Armageddon," "Trial by Error"), the prosecutor for O.N.E. and, coincidentally, Mitch's ex-lover. Vicky makes Mitch an offer he cannot refuse � either he plays along with them and pretends to defend Helen Hannah or he must face the wrath of O.N.E.'s Supreme Leader. Mitch reluctantly accepts the case knowing that the entire proceeding has been "fixed" and that his client will be found guilty regardless of his defense. Outraged at Vicky for her deception and frustrated by his client's unwillingness to cooperate with him, Mitch decides the only way to uncover the real truth is to do the unimaginable . . . something that will shock the world and turn this into the trial of the century. While continuing to defend his case, Mitch uncovers secrets about the evil O.N.E. regime and its plans for humanity. Suspense builds as the world, in the face of impending peril, waits breathlessly for the Supreme Court's final JUDGMENT.
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