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In the jungles of Malaysia, rubber plantation owner Elliott is approached by Nolan, a representative of a man named Roget, about selling his property. Elliott refuses Roget's generous offer, despite losses he has occurred due to government restrictions on the sale of rubber. Unknown to Elliott, Murphy, a trusted employee, is working for Roget and Roget's secret boss, and has been hijacking river boats carrying rubber, which is then sold on the black market. Later, Elliott learns from his old friend Frank Hardy, a dealer in big cats, that Peters, his new inspector, has been killed while trying to apprehend the hijackers. Convinced that the smuggling ring is a sophisticated operation, Elliott goes to the governor to reveal who he believes is behind the illegal trade. Before Elliott can utter a name, however, he is shot and killed by an unseen assailant. Afterward, Roget discusses Elliott's murder with society millionaire Banning, the gang's secret leader. Although Banning is upset that Roget had Elliott killed, he still plans to take control of the Elliott plantation. Meanwhile, in the jungle, Marshall, an employee of Hardy's, stumbles upon a cave in which Murphy has been hiding the stolen rubber. The two men fight, and Marshall is shot. Also injured, Murphy staggers back to the Elliott plantation, while Marshall makes his way to Banning's. After Coleman, a doctor summoned by Banning, arrives to treat Marshall, policeman Starrett shows up, having heard about the fight. When Starrett asks to question Marshall, he finds the wounded man gone. Banning's unsuspecting nephew Tom eventually finds Marshall's body in the nearby river, and Starrett deduces from the dead man's stopped watch that he was killed prior to the time that Coleman claims he treated Marshall. Coleman escapes before Starrett can arrest him. Later, when Nolan demands that Roget give him a bigger cut of the illicit proceeds, Roget takes him to meet Banning, who shoots Nolan in cold blood. Starrett, meanwhile, learns that Murphy is a fugitive and tries to arrest him, but Murphy eludes capture. Murphy then joins up with his cohort, Williams, in the jungle and makes plans to take over Banning's operation by arranging for some rubber to be shipped on a boat called the "Monsoon." Also traveling on the "Monsoon" with a load of tigers are Hardy, Dorothy, Elliott's daughter and Tom's sweetheart, and "Tigerman" Van Doorn, another crooked employee of Banning's. During the voyage, a storm hits and the boat is shipwrecked on an island. Murphy and Williams manage to flee, while the other survivors are captured by a native tribe, who are angry because Hardy's escaped tigers have killed several of their people. Hardy convinces the tribal chief not to kill him and the others, but to allow him to recapture the tigers. Tom, meanwhile, has been searching for Dorothy and Hardy in Banning's yacht and meets Murphy and Williams, who claim they are the only survivors of the wreck. Just then, however, a reformed Van Doorn appears and tells Tom the truth. A week later, Tom rescues Dorothy and Hardy. When Banning learns that Starrett plans to surround Tom's yacht to arrest Murphy and Williams, he hires a criminal named Prof to kill his accomplices. After Prof tricks his way onto the yacht, he immediately stabs and kills Williams. Murphy struggles with Prof, and the two men fall overboard. Although Prof later reports to Roget and Banning that Murphy is dead, Murphy surprises them when he appears in Roget's office. At that same moment, Starrett, having been told all by Van Doorn, storms into the office and arrests everyone, including Banning, who finally confesses.
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