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drama, USA, , 84 min.

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Slag Percival Bailey, an aging boxer, is defeated by a fresh college kid, Buzz Kinney, and loses his fortune, as well as that of his manager, Pin Streaver. Cash Enright, Slag's promoter, then kicks him out of boxing, telling him he is washed up. That night, Pin, desperate for money, tries to break into Cash's safe and is shot by a policeman and dies, but Slag tells the police it was suicide. Slag finds the deed to a house in Ironton and its keys on Pin's body, and Slag's tough girl friend, Puff Rogers, who runs and performs at a speakeasy, deduces Pin had been leading a double life. She then intercepts a telegram for "James Streaver" from someone named Ted, who expects to meet Pin at Ironton the next day. When Puff and Slag open the door to Pin's house to admit Ted, they find a boy who claims to be James Streaver's son. Slag realizes the reason Pin was so desperate for money was because he was "going straight" so he could settle down with Ted. Slag reluctantly tells Ted that Pin is dead, then he and Puff set up house to take care of him. Although Puff repeatedly vows to go back to Broadway, Slag gets a job at the steel mills, and soon Slag and Puff are firmly entrenched in domestic life as Mr. and Mrs. Bailey. Ted grows up and becomes a football star, and Slag boxes nights to earn money for his college. When Slag is arrested for fighting in the stands at one of Ted's games, he finds Buzz Kinney in a jail cell, washed up and crooked after a bad marriage. When Buzz tells Puff she has lost her looks, Slag knocks Buzz out, but Puff knows his words are true and regrets having stayed in the suburbs so long. Ted then comes home with Cash Enright, who has offered him a career in boxing if he will forgo college. Puff orders Enright from her house, vowing he won't corrupt their son, but Ted is eager to make fast money. Slag is forced to hit Ted to make him stay, and when Ted knocks Slag out, Puff reminds Ted of Slag's sacrifices for him. Ted, remorseful, asks Slag and Puff to adopt him officially, and they finally marry.
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