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drama, USA, , 87 min.

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Meet Judy (BROOKE LANGTON TV's "Melrose Place," "Swingers"), Alex (JASON LONDON "Dazed and Confused," "Blood Ties," "The Man in the Moon," "Mall Rats") and Nick (PETER JOHANSSON). Three friends waiting for their lives to begin. Judy, overqualified, overworked and underpaid, is trapped in a dead-end job, looking for a better future. On the day that she gets into graduate school, her longtime boyfriend, BOB, proposes . . . on her answering machine. The engagement ring is coming to her via express mail and she has one weekend, three delivery attempts, to decide what to do with her life. Her friend, Alex, is a mail-room flunky living like he is "king of the hill." New clothes, new shoes . . . all on his credit cards -- that is until he loses his job. Nick, secretly in love with Judy, is a novelist who is four years deep in his opus. Trouble is, he can't finish it . . . or won't. "Mixed Signals" is their story. A story about love, friendship, loyalty, and the choices we all face.
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