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Candy "Jonesie" Jones and Buddy, American soldiers stationed in France, swindle their new sergeant in a fixed gambling game and take their winnings to a Paris hotel filled with lovely young Parisian women. At the hotel café Jonesie and Buddy meet resident beauties Fru Fru and Zee Zee and flirtations ensue. Later in Fru Fru's room, her husband and café owner Pierre reproaches Fru Fru for her coquettish behavior, insisting that she gives the café a bad reputation. Later at the café various numbers are performed including a dramatic dance by the Reis and Roulette Trio, the half-man half-woman Tandalaye comedy routine and Flo Ash's feather fan dance. The next day during rehearsals at the café, Tempest Storm performs a sultry dance, the piano player plays an up tempo tune and Pierre sings. That evening Pierre, having taken a liking to Jonesie, opens the bar to him but Jonesie brags that Fru Fru is his girl, enraging Pierre. Jonesie then proceeds to Fru Fru's room for a romantic liaison, but Pierre interrupts and Jonesie escapes the room dressed as Fru Fru's female "cousin." Back at the café several more entertainers perform including a sailor ventriloquist, can can dancer Mary Andes and Tempest Storm. Later that night the police arrive at the café and arrest Jonesie and the sergeant while they argue over the gambling debt. At the jail Jonesie tells the sergeant not to worry since Buddy will soon bail them out, but back at the café, Buddy is too busy kissing Zee Zee to even notice they are gone.
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