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akční / western / romantický, USA, , 52 min.

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On the way to Rainbow Valley, undercover agent John Martin meets elderly postal carrier George Hale when George's old model T, "Nugget Nell," breaks down. John then helps George fight off a gang of thieves who are after the gold shipment he is carrying. In Rainbow, John recognizes Spike as one of the men who attacked George and fights with him. When the townsfolk see this, they believe that John is just the man to stand up to the criminals who are terrorizing the town and hire him to complete the construction of a road linking the valley with the county seat. Unknown to the rest of the town, Rogers, Spike and their crooked companions hope to stop the road in order to force the local goldminers to sell some valuable land. Meanwhile, George's niece Eleanor, the postmistress, grows suspicious of John's motives, especially when he implies that Rogers, her employer, may be involved in criminal activities. In order to stop work on the road, Rogers and his men steal the workers' dynamite. Rogers then fakes a petition asking the governor to pardon Austin "Butch" Galt. Galt recognizes John from prison, where John was sent to establish a false identity as a convict. The angry townspeople believe that John has betrayed them and prepare to attack the gang. John, however, tricks Rogers into giving him the gang's dynamite by promising to destroy the road. As the townsfolk and the gang engage in a shootout, John and Galt fight. Galt accidentally ignites the dynamite and buries his own men in the resulting explosion. John then reveals his true identity and, six weeks later, as George drives down the completed road, John and Eleanor kiss in the back seat of the car.
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