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western, USA, , 55 min.

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The Three Mesquiteers
Dave Carson wants to split the shares in his new gold mine with his friends Stony Brooke, Tucson Smith and Lullaby Joslin, known as The Three Mesquiteers, in exchange for their help in registering his claim. Carson is worried that crooked mayor Gilbert Byron and his henchmen will somehow steal the mine from him. Although the Mesquiteers catch one of Byron's men trying to steal Carson's horse while secretly trying to discover the mine's value, the weak justice of the peace, Henry J. Hixon, acquits the man. Tired of the town's lack of law enforcement, Carson and the Mesquiteers collect signatures on a petition to the territorial governor. On the way to deliver the petition and register their claim, Stony, Carson and Carson's little daughter Julie Jane are spied upon by Byron's men. After Stony leaves to register the claim, Carson and Julie Jane are killed before they can deliver the petition. In order to divert suspicion from themselves and stir the town up against the Mesquiteers, Byron and his men make believe that Stony had killed Carson and Julie Jane to keep the mine for himself. Carson's grown daughter Nancy and her brother Billy don't believe it and help Stony, Tucson and Lullaby, even though Byron has gotten the townspeople to burn down the jail where Stony is being held prisoner. Stony and Nancy narrowly escape being burned to death, but with the intercession of Hixon, who became incensed over Carson's murder, a telegraph message is sent to the governor and Byron and his henchmen are accused of the crime. When Byron realizes that Hixon has talked, he shoots him in front of several witnesses, thus ending his control of the town. Finally, Stony promises to come back to Nancy and Billy when he, Tucson and Lullaby are able to get the machinery they need to work the mine.
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