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hudební / romantický, USA, , 88 min.

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When they're not singin' they're flingin' things at each other !
David Beebe repeatedly postpones his marriage to Martha Randall because his brother Joe is unemployed and cannot support the rest of the Beebe family--Mother Beebe and their little brother Mike. After Joe loses his new job at the local gas station for trading gas for rummage articles, he travels to California, wins money at the racetrack, uses the money to purchase a swap shop, and then trades the store for racehorse "Uncle Gus." Joe sends news of his success back home, and Mother and Mike travel out to stay with him. David and Martha later travel to California only to discover the rest of their family living on the brink of poverty because of Joe's laziness. David again puts off his wedding and sends Martha back home. Mother forces her sons to use their musical training and work as a singing trio at a nightclub to earn their keep. Young Mike, meanwhile, is scheduled to ride a big race as the jockey for Uncle Gus, and is bribed into losing the race by competitor Harry Ringmer. When Mike tells Joe about his arrangement with Ringmer, Joe reassures him and advises him to race to win. Mike wins the race, and Ringmer beats up both him and Joe. David and Mother come to their rescue, and the fight continues until Ringmer and his thug give up. Now with enough money to pay their debts, David announces he is quitting singing, but Mother insists that they all keep steady jobs or she will leave the family. Her sons agree to her demand, and David sends Martha a telegram asking her back to "marry the four of them." In the end, Martha and Mother watch as the boys perform.
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