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drama, USA, , 60 min.

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When David and Billy Lee's uncle Willie introduces them to the Sons of the American Legion, they start a troop of their own. Among the neighborhood sons of veterans is Butch Baker, a tough street kid who has been stealing from the Lees' hardware store. At the advice of legionnaire mentor Steven Scott, who dates David and Billy's sister Linda, David invites Butch into the troop and he is made chaplain. At the troop officer elections, David is voted captain, but must tell Scott his father Charlie has refused to allow him and Billy to join. Butch reads the Bible and is intrigued by the parable of David and Goliath and starts to look up to Scott. After the first meeting, however, Butch's father, "Gunman Baker," who was assumed dead, escapes from prison and flees to Butch's shack to hide from the police. When Butch refuses to go with his father, he hits him. That night David comes home late with a black eye from having defended his father's reputation to other kids, and Charlie is forced to explain himself. He says that while on leave in Paris before the armistice, he got drunk with some men from his home town and woke up in a hospital, having been robbed of his father's ring and badly beaten. A court-martial and dishonorable discharge followed. Remembering that Butch wears a ring he got from his father, who was also in Paris before the armistice, David races to Butch's shack to collect the ring. Baker shoots David, then forces Butch to drive them out of town. The police and a car of young legionnaires chase Baker, whose car goes over a cliff. Butch bails out in time and shows the boys the ring. Baker survives and confesses, and Charlie is exonerated. The Lee family marches in the Legion state convention parade, while Linda and Scott plan their wedding march.
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