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komedie / rodinný / hudební, USA, , 110 min.

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HAYLEY'S IN A WHIRL! Breezing through her sixteenth summer!
Recently widowed Margaret Carey must move her family from their large house in Boston in order to economize. Osh Popham, the Beulah, Maine, postmaster, constable, and representative of an absentee landlord, receives a letter from Nancy, Margaret's teenage daughter, explaining the family's plight and asking about the availability of a large, yellow house in Beulah. Touched by the letter, in which Nancy describes her rickets-ridden brothers' need for country life, Osh allows them to move into the house practically rent-free, unbeknownst to the owner of the house, Tom Hamilton, who is abroad and is not expected to return. Osh's one condition is that the Careys enshrine a portrait of Tom's allegedly dead mother in the living room. Osh searches for the picture while the Careys set out to clean and paint the house, assisted by Osh's teenage children, Lallie Joy and Digby. Just as things begin to roll smoothly, Julia, the Careys' orphaned but haughty cousin, reluctantly comes to live with the Careys, and friction arises between her and Nancy. Osh finds Mrs. Hamilton's picture, and a great celebration is planned. All the preparations are made when on the day of the party Nancy realizes that she does not have an escort. Tom Hamilton suddenly arrives home, and he and Nancy are immediately attracted to each other. Without realizing who he is, Nancy reveals her fear that the owner of the house, "Old Tom Hamilton," will return and evict her family. Nancy later discovers Tom's identity, and it becomes clear that he does not intend to take the house from them and that he is seriously interested in Nancy.
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