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western, USA, , 63 min.

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Wanderer Texas Grant enters the town of Stampede and is immediately mistaken for rancher Jim Rawlins. Grant learns from the local bartender, Hefty, that Jim had disappeared five years earlier and is believed dead. Hefty convinces Grant to pretend to be Jim in order to scare off some of the town's thugs. Grant agrees, and as he leaves the saloon, he narrowly escapes a knife thrown at him. Another man attempts to shoot Grant in the back, but he kills the bushwhacker instead. Grant goes to the Diamond R ranch, where Helena Rawlins also mistakes Grant for her long-lost husband. Grant learns from her housekeeper, Kate, that Helena has been struggling to keep the ranch going in her husband's absence, and that her livestock is being rustled by Utah Becker, owner of the Red Dog saloon. Kate also tells him that Becker has been assisted in this endeavor by some of Helena's own employees. Helena agrees to let Grant continue his impersonation of Jim, and they immediately dismiss Nick Lawler, Jake Farwell and Webb Oliver. The only cowpuncher they retain is Steve Pickett, who has remained loyal to Helena throughout. Grant goes into town and is immediately confronted by Becker, but the saloon owner backs down when Grant calls his bluff. Grant then sends a telegram to his friends in Texas to request their help. Back at the ranch, Grant sees Lawler and Oliver rustling cattle, and he shoots and kills Oliver as the two attempt to escape. Grant is wounded in the shoot-out and his horse, "Pal," returns him to the Diamond R, where Helena and the local doctor nurse his wound. Becker orders Grant to leave town, but instead the saloon owner is captured by Grant and taken to the local sheriff, Lew Collins. Collins calls a town meeting to announce his planned expulsion of all the local undesirables, which are all members of Becker's gang. The sheriff's plan is backed up by the arrival of Grant's friends from Texas. After Becker learns Grant's true identity, he accuses the cowboy of taking advantage of Helena, then challenges him to a gunfight at four o'clock and Grant accepts. Becker has Lawler hide in ambush, but Grant manages to kill both men, despite receiving his own serious wounds. Helena nurses Grant back to health, only to learn that Grant is really her husband, Jim, and that he has been suffering from amnesia caused by an injury received in an earlier ambush by Becker.
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