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And on the seventh day... God played golf.
In the vein of "Oh God," "THANK HEAVEN" is a comical, feel-good film that will make you believe. JACK LANDER'S (MATT KEESLAR "Scream III," "The Last Days of Disco") life was a mess -- until the day a misdirected golf ball changed everything. During a game with his buddies, Jack's golf ball accidentally knocks an elderly man unconscious. For a second, everyone fears the worst, but ARNIE (GENE BICKNELL), as he is later named, awakens with amnesia instead. Since Arnie has nowhere to go, Jack must assume responsibility for him. However, Jack's life is extremely chaotic, balancing his high-powered career as the television producer of the Eleven O'clock News, , his "ex," JULIA BLAKE (JENNY McCarthy "Scream III," "The Perfect You"), their six-year-old daughter . . . and now ARNIE. As the day unfolds, ARNIE performs small miracles wherever he goes. At the hospital, with just a touch of his hand, he brings health to a dying man. He heals another man's broken arm just by holding it. And when JACK is stuck in traffic and late for work, the cars suddenly part to let him through. But what is it about Arnie? How does he perform these miracles? It is almost as if he is . . . God. And unbeknownst to him, God he is. While the chaos ensues on Earth, Heaven is in an uproar at the disappearance of God. Joseph, God's right hand man, sends down two well-mannered angels to find him and bring him back. This seemingly easy task is made difficult because of God's amnesia, which causes the angels to encounter many amusing obstacles. Jack eventually arrives at the television station with Arnie in tow. When Arnie hears the weatherman report "on the air" that the rest of the week will be sunny, he finds himself compelled to interrupt this report with his own predictions. Arnie announces that an earthquake will occur that evening. Because of Jack's apparent inability to control his friend, and the possible repercussions to follow this prediction, Jack loses his job and is tossed out of the station. But when Arnie's prediction comes true and the earthquake actually hits, he becomes an instant celebrity. Arnie now appears regularly on the Eleven O'clock News and predicts precise weather conditions around the world. He even announces the winning lottery numbers Đ everyone watching wins! Jack eventually begins to look at his life in a more positive way, and suddenly he realizes his priorities. With Arnie's help, Jack becomes closer with Julia and their daughter. And, even after the angels finally find Arnie and bring him back to heaven, his miracles continue to affect all of their lives.
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