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dobrodružný / drama / romantický, USA, , 79 min.

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Back from the living dead . . to claim a ghostly promise of love!
The "We the People" radio program is devoting a broadcast to the story of refugee doctors, driven from their homeland and looking for positions in the doctorless towns of America when Dr. Karl Brau one of the physicians, relates the tale of how he and his daughter Leni were driven from their homeland in Vienna. As a result of the broadcast, father and daughter are summoned to the town of Asheville Forks, North Dakota by John Phillips, the leader of the farmers' organization there. They arrive in the midst of a dust storm, and Leni, distressed by the hardships she has suffered and by the death of her fiancé Eric, wants to leave the town immediately. Her father, however, insists on staying to aid the ailing and impoverished farmers who must helplessly watch as their fortunes are blown away by the wind. Leni soon adapts to the farm community, and love comes to her and John. Soon afterward, word arrives from Eric that he is alive and coming to America, and Leni, out of gratitude, agrees to meet him in San Francisco and marry him. John's troubles mount as a dust storm devastates the land, and he convinces the farmers to follow him to a new home in Oregon. Along the way, Higgins, a troublemaker, attempts to agitate the farmers to venture to California instead, but John, after a bout of disillusionment, rallies the farmers on to Oregon. Meanwhile, in San Francisco, Leni and her father are shocked to learn that Eric has joined forces with the Nazis, and father and daughter leave Eric to rejoin John in Oregon.
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