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drama, USA, , 80 min.

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At the Minneapolis airport, Norene McMann, who is tired of living in the small town of Fremont, bids adieu to her fiancé, Tony Halcomb, and boards a plane bound for Chicago. On the plane, she meets Edna Best, who is from a small town in Missouri, and in the big city, they decide to room together with gold digger Marcia Tallant, a fellow passenger who is from a small town in Oregon. During their first night, Marcia, excited about being in the big city, slips out the front door, but then cannot get back in because the door is kept locked after ten. Gordon Wales, an architect who lives next to the women, lets Marcia in and, led on by her flirtation, kisses her goodnight and invites her to breakfast. The next day, Gordon takes Marcia to the lakefront penthouse apartment that he is building for underworld figure Jack Marriott. Marriott takes an interest in her and gets her a high-paying job as a photographer's model. Meanwhile, Edna has had no luck getting work, and Norene has found a job in a meatpacking house. Two months later, Marcia has become Gordon's fiancée, Edna has fallen in love, and Norene has received a disappointingly unromantic letter from Tony, who wants her to return to Fremont. After Marcia asks Norene to tell Gordon that she cannot keep a dinner date, Norene accompanies Gordon to a chop suey joint, and they find that they like each other. When the penthouse is completed, Marriott throws a party, during which Gordon gets drunk because of the attention Marcia pays to Marriott. Marcia, also drunk, accepts Marriott's invitation to go for a ride to get breakfast, despite the attempts of both Gordon and Norene to dissuade her. Marriott and Marcia leave together, and Gordon, prodded by Norene, follows in a taxi. Two mobsters angry at Marriott also pursue him, and when Marcia sees the mobsters following, Marriott lets her off. Because she has left her purse in the car with her money, she has to walk home. Gordon meets her at the doorstep, and they argue when she says she has been trying to help him get ahead by going out with Marriott. She kisses Gordon, who is still angry, and Norene, seeing them, becomes upset because she has fallen for Gordon herself. Police then arrive and report that Marriott has been shot through the head and that Marcia's purse was found in his car. After Marcia reveals that Gordon followed them, he is arrested. When Marcia refuses Norene's entreaty that she put up money to pay for a lawyer for Gordon, Norene sends a telegram to Tony asking him to wire $300 immediately. Norene visits Gordon in jail, and because she thinks that he loves Marcia, she tells him that Marcia paid for the lawyer. She also says she is leaving the next day to return and marry Tony. Afraid that Norene is in trouble, Tony comes to Chicago, but she confesses to him that she loves Gordon. After Gordon is freed because the real murderer is apprehended, Edna, whose love affair turned out to be a dud, encourages Norene to fight for Gordon, but because she believes that only Norene can make Gordon happy, Norene plans to reconcile with Tony. Gordon rebukes Marcia and goes to see Norene. As he arrives at her apartment building, Norene hails the cab he is in to go to Tony's hotel. Gordon pulls her inside, and they embrace, to the amusement of the cab driver.
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