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western, USA, , 56 min.

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Fourth of the NEW Warner Westerns
Near the end of the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln needs a man to investigate enemy activity in Kent City, but so far, all his agents have been exposed. Liking the spirit of Lieutenant Red Colton, Lincoln assigns the job to him. He is given a password that will identify him to other Union agents if he should need them. When word leaks out that a secret service agent is on the way, Southern spy Jefferson Duane sends his men to steal Red's credentials. They succeed, but they do not see Red's face, so using the name John Madison, Red gets a job as a card dealer in Curley Thorne's dance hall. There, he renews his acquaintance with Lucy Blake, whom he met earlier when he stopped a robbery of her stagecoach. In the meantime, Duane has used the stolen credentials to introduce himself to Colonel Douglas, thereby learning the details surrounding a shipment of gold due at the fort. Red overhears Duane tell Thorne about his plans for taking the gold with the help of the Indians and enlists his friend, Happy, to help him thwart their plans. When Lucy overhears Red and Happy talking, she mistakenly assumes that Red is the traitor. She rushes to inform Douglas, who sends soldiers to arrest the pair. They arrive just as Red and Happy are arresting Duane's men, who use the interruption to escape. Red and Happy are left looking guilty. Red is arrested and sentenced, but manages to escape with Happy's help. In the meantime, Lucy, who is the other agent, realizes that Duane is not a Union agent and that Red is. Red convinces Douglas to send more soldiers to protect the gold shipment and then chases Duane and his men. His job done, Red marries Lucy, and they return to Washington together.
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