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drama, USA, , 76 min.
College Coach

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Calvert University decides to improve the football team in order to attract more money to the school's coffers. Although the head of the school, Dr. Phillip Sargeant, is opposed to the action, the board hires Coach Gore, whose teams never lose but whose methods are a little shady. Gore brings in three new athletes, Buck Weaver, Matthews and Petrowsky, offering them money and signing them up for easy courses they are guaranteed to pass. Phil Sargeant, Dr. Sargeant's son, is the last member of Gore's Four Aces. He is an outstanding player but he is even more interested in chemistry. While Gore is busy training his team and meeting with reporters, his wife Claire is lonely and feels abandoned. Buck flirts with her, but she isn't interested. When Phil does not complete his chemistry exam, but passes it anyway, he is angry about the dishonesty involved. Realizing that football is interfering with his studies, he quarrels with Gore and quits the team. Finally Claire, thinking that Gore is seeing other women, calls up Buck and goes to dinner with him. Gore happens to see them in the restaurant and kicks Buck off the team and Claire out of the house. The team starts losing and the chemistry department is threatened by the loss of funds. During the last big game, which Calvert must win, the team is behind twenty to nothing. Claire sweet talks Buck into playing and Phil also joins the game in order to save his beloved chemistry department. The Four Aces are back together, and Calvert wins in the last quarter. Claire and Gore are reconciled when he insists that he is going to quit football and devote himself to Claire, but when another school makes him a terrific offer, Claire accepts the position for him.
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