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komedie / romantický, USA, , 85 min.

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Romance Thrives . . . . on a thousand dollar bill !
On New Year's Eve, Larry Stevens' landlady, Lillie Eckleberger, threatens to lock him out because he is behind in his rent. At the same time, gangster Tony Bonelli passes out stolen $1,000 bills to a few favored "girls" at the Hotel Trillon. One of the women angrily tears hers up and drops it out a window, and the halves fall into the hands of Stevens and Julia Wayne who happen to be passing by. While discussing the situation, they are joined by "Skeeter", a jockey who has just secured a job at Toscani's restaurant, and they celebrate their windfall at Toscani's and other nightspots, running up a large bill. Julia comes from a poor family and needs $500 to repay a rejected suitor, whose money for a wedding trousseau Julia spent on drama lessons. Stevens, however, wants to invest the money by entering his horse, "Hector's Pal," in a race. The trio returns to Stevens' apartment, where they place the money in front of them. Later, Tony is awakened by his henchmen, who report that the newspapers have printed the serial numbers of the money he stole and gave out at his party. The next morning, Stevens exchanges the $1,000 bill at the Central Bank, the same one that Tony robbed, and Flynn, a bumbling detective, is placed on Stevens' trail. Returning to his rooms, Stevens and Skeeter find out that Julia has assumed they fled with the money, so Stevens pays his debts and the trio moves into Jonesy's, who has been boarding Hector, and try to sell Jonesy's coal. Flynn buys some, believing the money is hidden in the sacks. Stevens and Julia realize they are in love, although she resents his taking her half of the $1,000. Anthony, a former actor, and Bennett, an absconding bank cashier, win a raffle on the race, giving them an interest in Hector's victory, and they join the trio. When Stevens finds Julia in tears after being rejected by all of the city's talent agents, he arranges for Anthony to write Julia an introduction to Brock, a theatrical producer. Brock will only use Julia if Stevens finances the show, but humors her into believing she has won the part on talent alone. Julia gives Stevens the final $150 he needs for Hector to run in the race. Tony's henchmen and Purdy of the Federal Bureau of Investigation simultaneously trace the lost bill to Stevens. As Stevens, Skeeter, Anthony and Bennett prepare for the race, Julia returns to Brock and deduces that Stevens tricked her. She arrives at the track with Jonesy just in time to see Hector win. After Purdy arrests one of Tony's henchmen, who was about to shoot Stevens, Julia joins Stevens in the winner's circle.
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