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The Top 8 are going to be whittled down to six on "So You Think You Can Dance," but first a big and dramatic group dance about a traveling circus (to the music of the movie, "Water for Elephants") choreographed by Tyce Diorio.Rob Marshall is back on the judges' table with Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy. He talks about how great of a guest judge Lady Gaga was on Wednesday and Cat notes that Gaga isn't at the table because she's going to be performing later. She's probably warming up in her egg, or something.To the results: Cat calls for all four ladies to take center stage. Sasha's night is recapped and we're reminded of how great the judges thought she was. Nigel had called her his favorite in the competition, but that was not replayed (he later changed his mind, saying Melanie is his new favorite). Jordan's night brought a big scream from Mary early on, but her second dance didn't work for Nigel. Caitlynn's hip-hop routine won her some points from the judges and her foxtrot had the judges excited, as well. Melanie was a star and earned Nigel's "favorite dancer" and he was later glad he didn't have to be the one to decide whose performance was the best.After letting them dangle through a commercial break, Cat announces that the top two girls are ... Sasha and Melanie. That means Jordan and Caitlynn will be performing solos later.Cat calls the top four guys to the stage. We're reminded of how the judges loved Jess' hip-hop routine but weren't wild about his rumba with Jordan, which Nigel felt lacked chemistry. Marko's two performances were well received and his contemporary routine with all-star Allison became an emotional moment that brought most people in the crowd to tears, and we saw backstage that his mother became even more emotional backstage. Cat announces that the first guy through to next week is Marko. That means Jess will be dancing a solo tonight.After a commercial we run through Ricky's night, where he impressed the judges with his technique (but Nigel's remarks about him needing to get deeper into the floor), but after a well received hip-hop routine Nigel told Ricky he might be in the bottom two. Tadd, on the other hand, was told by Mary that she could see him getting to the finale and Nigel told him he was "not be biting the dust this week" (a reference to the Queen song Tadd performed to). The second guy safe and moving on to next week is ... Ricky. That's a surprise, but Tadd seems to be alright with it. Presumably, with the decision in the judges' hands -- given their remarks on Wednesday night -- Tadd has reason to feel comfortable.Be our guests: The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers takes the stage. Later, Lady Gaga performs "The End of Glory" and her new single "You and I."Cat plugs National Dance Day, which is two days away.To the solos: Jordan works some big body-control and long-legged moves for her solo, while Jess opts for an all-out Broadway extravaganza that includes nearly a full 15 seconds of spins.Caitlynn goes for some sensual moves, perhaps to show she's grown up and doesn't have that " Tadd works some serious B-boy moves, including hanging perpendicularly off the rafters on the side of the stage and showing off some leg moves and finishing with a big flip off the stage.The decisions: Nigel says the judges started off not being unanimous with either decision, but they became unanimous when they realized that regardless of the outcome they'd be sending a great dancer home. Nigel says they were disappointed with both of the girls' solos. He thanks Jordan for everything she's brought to the show, but she's going home.Nigel tells Jess he's a sensational character and has grown. He tells Tadd he's unique and creative, so much so that they're keeping him. This means Jess is out.
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