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drama, Kanada, , 85 min.

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University promises the "best years of your life": independence, new friendships, and a head start on your future. There's a lot the brochures fail to mention.
In U the harsh realities of student life are brought to light as five students must grapple with violence, morality, sexuality, and accountability during one turbulent year on campus. Freshmen pals Lawrence & Mitchell move into their co-ed dorm and endure a series of embarrassing hazing rituals orchestrated by ruling senior Hannibal James. When the timid Lawrence shies away from Hannibal's tests, he quickly finds himself an outsider and alienated from his friend Mitchell. Up the stairs and down the hall, beautiful sophomore Sophie learns that partying too hard can lead to unexpected and painful outcomes, while Janet, an insecure junior, develops an awkward infatuation with her popular and outgoing roommate, Karen. At this alma mater, surviving residence life is tougher than any final exam.
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