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Captain Yank Barstow and his unruly crew set sail for Yucatan carrying Vance Clayton, his wife Helen and child Peg as their only passengers. Clayton is transporting a shipment of pianos and when Barstow learns that they are loaded with contraband arms for the rebels, he keeps silent, having fallen in love with Helen during the voyage. Before reaching shore, the crew attempts a mutiny and, in suppressing the uprising, Barstow shoots one of the men. When they dock, Barstow is arrested, tried for assault and sentenced to five years in prison. He escapes, however, and reaches the shore on an island inhabited by beach combers and political exiles. Upon hearing that a revolution has erupted on the mainland, Barstow leads the beach combers against the rebels, saving the American Embassy. During the uprising, Clayton is killed, freeing Helen to spend her life with the man she loves.
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