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komedie / drama, USA, , 78 min.

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"Diddle-diddle diddum, diddum ga-ga-ga moo SANDY!"
Jimmy Hanley, an usher and part time entertainer, feels responsible when his former dance partner and her husband die tragically in an auto accident, leaving their youngster Sandy all alone. Consequently, when the baby's uncle, Ed Stone, balks at assuming responsibility for the child, Jimmy, his sweetheart, chorine Diana Donovan, and his roommate Boris Bebenko decide to care for Sandy even though they know nothing about child rearing. Sandy's presence produces arguments between Jimmy and Diana, who believes that Jimmy is too irresponsible. All three are employed at the theater, and so one night, when they all have to be at work, Jimmy hides Sandy on a chair, which turns out to be a throne in one of the musical comedy numbers. When the curtains rise and reveal Sandy, the audience goes wild, thus infuriating theater manager Allen Rand, who fires Jimmy. Reading of Sandy's newfound popularity, Ed Stone senses that money is to be made, and so petitions for custody of the child. The case is brought to court where the judge rules against the Stones and commits Sandy to an orphanage. To save Sandy from the orphanage, the practical Diana accepts Rand's marriage proposal and the pair drive to Connecticut to be wed. Meanwhile, Jimmy is called to the orphanage,where a despondent Sandy refuses to eat, and when the child makes a miraculous recovery at Jimmy's appearance, the officials decide to let him adopt Sandy. Learning of Jimmy's good news, Diana's friend Peg convinces Jimmy that Diana is marrying Rand only to adopt Sandy, and Jimmy races to Connecticut, stops the wedding and decides to marry Diana himself.
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