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Diskuze - Harry Lee Danziger

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Režie - Harry Lee Danziger
The Vise (seriál) 195480%

Produkce - Harry Lee Danziger
Adventure Theater (seriál) 1956
Alias John Preston 1955
A Taste of Money 1960
A Woman of Mystery 195859%
A Woman Possessed 1958
A Woman's Temptation 1959
Babes in Bagdad 1952
Compelled 1960
Crash Drive 1959
Date at Midnight 1959
Devil Girl from Mars 1954
Escort for Hire 1960
Feet of Clay 1960
Final Column 1955
Great Van Robbery 1959
High Jump 1958
Highway to Battle 1961
Identity Unknown 1960
Innocent Meeting 1958
Jigsaw 1949
Links of Justice 1958
Man Accused 1959
Man from Interpol (seriál) 196055%
Moment of Indiscretion 1958
Night Train for Inverness 1960
No Safety Ahead 1958
One Just Man 1954
On the Run 1958
Operation Murder 1957
Part-Time Wife 1961
Return of a Stranger 1961
Satellite in the Sky 1956
Sentenced for Life 1960
Son of a Stranger 1957
So Young So Bad 1950
Star of My Night 1954
St. Benny the Dip 1951
Tale of Three Women 1954
The Betrayal 1957
The Depraved 1957
The Cheaters (seriál) 196083%
The Child and the Killer 1959
The Middle Course 1961
The Nudist Story 1960
The Silent Invasion 1962
The Spider's Web 1960
The Tell-Tale Heart 1960
The Vise (seriál) 195480%
Three Cornered Fate 1955
Three Sundays to Live 1957
Transatlantic 1960
Two Wives at One Wedding 1961
Web of Suspicion 1959
What Every Woman Wants 1962

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