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Diskuze - Margia Dean

Filmy a seriály

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Hraje - Margia Dean
Adventures of Superman (seriál) 195276%
A History of Horror with Mark Gatiss (seriál) 201075%
 - Home Counties Horror I/2 76%
Ambush at Cimarron Pass 195852%
Badlands of Montana 1957
Call of the South Seas 1944
Casanova in Burlesque 1944
Delinquent Daughters 1944
Dick Tracy (seriál) 195085%
Earl Carroll Vanities 1945
Fangs of the Wild 1954
FBI Girl 1951
Fingerprints Don't Lie 1951
Frontier Gambler 1956
Grand Canyon 1949
Hi-Jacked 1950
Inside the Walls of Folsom Prison 1951
I Shot Jesse James 194969%
Kentucky Jubilee 1951
Last of the Desperados 1955
Leave It to the Marines 1951
Living in a Big Way 1947
Loan Shark 1952
Mesa of Lost Women 195323%
Minstrel Man 1944
Moro Witch Doctor 1964
Motor Patrol 1950
Mr. Walkie Talkie 1952
Pier 23 1951
Racket Squad (seriál) 195075%
 - The Starmaker I/11
Red Desert 1949
Rimfire 1949
Ringside 1949
Savage Drums 1951
Shep Comes Home 1948
Sins of Jezebel 1953
Sky High 1951
Stagecoach to Fury 1956
Superman and the Mole-Men 1951
Take Care of My Little Girl 1951
Take It Big 1944
Tales of Robin Hood 1951
The Bandit Queen 1950
The Baron of Arizona 1950
The Big Show 1961
The Desert Hawk 1944
The Joe Palooka Story (seriál) 195464%
The Lonesome Trail 1955
The Pepsi-Cola Playhouse (seriál) 195392%
 - Death Makes a Pass I/12
The Power of the Whistler 1945
The Quatermass Xperiment 1955
The Return of Jesse James 1950
The Revlon Mirror Theater (seriál) 195341%
The Revolt of Mamie Stover 1956
The Secret of the Purple Reef 1960
The Seven Women from Hell 1961
Treasure of Monte Cristo 1949
Villa!! 1958
Voice of the Whistler 1945
Western Pacific Agent 1950

Produkce - Margia Dean
The Horror of It All 1963
The Long Rope 1961

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