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Day 7: 8:00 a.m.-9:00 a.m.
Michael Latham, unesený inženýr, je v úkrytu teroristů nucen mužem jménem Masters sestrojit modul sloužící k prolomení firewallu chránícího celé Spojené státy. Mezitím Jack svědčí před Senátem ve Washingtonu. Zodpovídá se z porušování lidských práv nedávno rozpuštěnou PTO. Nelituje rozhodnutí, která v minulosti učinil, protože vždy šlo jen o to, udělat vše pro ochranu životů nevinných lidí... více
Day 7: 9:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m.
Úřad pro letectví se stále nemůže spojit s letem do New Yorku, ale všímají si, že změnil kurz. Slyší záznam, jak Tony mluví s piloty, a kontaktují FBI... více
Day 7: 10:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m.
Plukovník Dubaku požaduje, aby prezidentka stáhla své jednotky ze Sangaly. Pokud to neudělá, použije CIP modul k narušení infrastruktury Spojených států... více
Day 7: 11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
Prezidentka nařizuje Larrymu Mossovi, aby z nalezení Jacka a Tonyho udělal prioritu. Má méně než dvě hodiny, aby splnila Dubakovy požadavky... více
Day 7: 12:00 p.m.-1:00 p.m.
Larry Moss inforumuje agenta Remicka o situaci s Matobem. Dozvídá se, že Tannerovi právníci jdou po FBI a volá Renee, která je na cestě k Matobově domu. Její jedinou odpovědí je "Získali jsme informaci, co jsme potřebovali." Larry chce, aby se vrátila do kanceláře, ale ona to odmítá, protože si dává za vinu Jackův útěk. Renee si vypíná telefon... více
Day 7: 1:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m.
Open with Moss organizing search grids to search for Jack and Tony's group which is in the process of bringing the Matobos to Dubaku. He adds that Walker is in their possession and they may be her only chance at survival. Sean is having no luck getting info the phone message between Nichols and Emerson which described their plan to kill Walker.Bill and Chloe arrive at the abandoned construction site moments after Jack & Co. have left. They dig up Walker and bring her back to life via an adrenaline shot to the chest.Back in the van Emerson tells Jack how he got Tony out of CTU. The attempt on Tony's life had been staged. Emerson's plan was to swoop in and bring Tony back to life and use him against Jack. Since Jack killed Christopher Henderson, Emerson aborted the plan. Tony sounds disturbingly emotional as he relieves his initial decision to work with Emerson. As they pull into a giant hangar with Emerson out of earshot, Tony assures Jack he is ready to go.When they get out of the van in the hangar Emerson grabs Jack and puts a gun to his hand. Tony quickly shoots the other henchman and points his gun at Emerson. Emerson thinks Tony is after the diamonds Nichols is bringing for payment, but Tony tells him his issue is with killing innocent people. With Jack imploring him to "take the shot," Tony hits Emerson in his right arm, allowing Jack to wrestle free. When Emerson lifts his gun Tony shoots him in the neck.Bill explains to Walker what they have been doing, and tells her that because of the government corruption she cannot tell Moss she's alive. Jack calls Bill and tells him Emerson has been wounded. Bill tells him they need cooperation from the Matobos.Cut to Jack telling Matobo that they have a plan to get Dubaku.As Nichols prepares to get the Matobos, Dubaku tells him that he should kill Emerson's gang. Nichols tells him President Taylor still hasn't pulled back American forces. Dubaku believes only dead Americans will force her hand. He tells a CIP device operator to target Washington, DC.The NSA informs President Taylor they believe the CIP device is about to be used. Despite more pleas from Kanin to consider pulling back, Taylor remains firm that she will not give in to Dubaku.Tony apologizes to Emerson as he tries to stop the bleeding. "Go to hell," is the response as Emerson pulls Tony's hand off his neck. The Matobos agree to assist Jack, due primarily to the urgings of Mrs. Matobo. It appears that Emerson has died.After steering two airplanes towards one another, Dubaku calls President Taylor and has her look out the window. Taylor and Kanin see a giant fireball in the air. Dubaku tells her she has one hour to pull back U.S. forces or 10,000 more Americans will be killed.At a cabinet meeting the Secretary of State informs everyone that more than 270 people were in the two planes, with more deaths expected on the ground. Despite beings told that hundreds of thousands more could die if Dubaku continues his attacks, President Taylor is firm that as long as there is a chance Matobo could be recovered she will not pull back. This prompts one cabinet member to resign on the spot. With music swelling a teary-eyed Taylor gives a big-picture speech explaining her desire that America be a force for good in the world.Bill, Chloe and Walker arrive at the hangar. Chloe attaches a transmitter to one of Matobo's teeth. Bill tells Jack about Dubaku's latest attack and new deadline.Kanin tells the Secretary of State there is one person they can get to help talk some sense into the president.Cut to Henry on a couch at Samatha's apartment as Gedge prepares a long piece of wire. Samatha walks into the apartment and tries to speak with Henry. Still paralyzed by the drug in his coffee, Henry is unable to say anything as Gedge sneaks up behind her with a huge chef's knife. He stabs her in the back, then flips her over and sticks the knife in her chest. At that moment Gedge's phone rings with Kanin looking for Henry. Gedge tells him Henry insisted on meeting with Samatha alone in her apartment and that he is waiting in the car outside. After promising to pull him out, Gedge places the knife handle in Henry's hand to get a print, then walks away. As we go to commercial Henry discovers he has at least some use of his hand.Nichols and three goons arrive at the hangar. Tony is alone, telling Nichols he killed the other three in order not to share the diamonds. Nichols gives Tony the diamonds and the Matobos are brought out of the van. Just as Nichols give the head nod for Tony to be shot, that goon is killed by Jack who is in the rafters with an assault rifle. Tony keeps the diamonds and allows Nichols to leave with the Matobos. We see that Chloe has them on her screen as Jack tells everybody to prepare to leave.Gedge drags Henry to the upper level of Samatha's loft and ties a hangman's noose. As Gedge attempts to slip the cord around his neck Henry grabs Gedge's throat and the two fly over the balcony to the lower level. They crash though the dining room table with Henry landing on top of Gedge. It appears that Gedge is killed in the fall.Cut to Dubaku selecting his next target. It's a processing plant near the center of an Ohio town with a population of 30,000. The operator tells Dubaku casualties will be about 18,000. "Begin," Dubaku says as the episode ends. více
Day 7: 2:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m.
Open in the FBI field office. Sean believes he has located the van in which Nichols was transporting the Matobos and Janis has a possible fix on the location of the CIP intrusion.With a dead Agent Gedge and unconscious Henry still on the floor of Samantha's apartment, Kanin is unable to reach the agent on his cell. Kanin gets snippy when Moss calls with little progress on either Dubaku's next target or the Matobos. Moss retorts that his office has already lost an agent (Walker).Following behind Nichols and the Motobos, Jack, Bill, Chloe, Walker and Tony locate Dubaku's headquarters in an office building.Cut to Nichols bringing the Matobos in to see Dubaku. Dubaku tells Nichols he has chosen a chemical plant in Ohio and they will use to the CIP device to cause its safety valves to fail. Dubaku and Matobo have a brief heated interaction in which Dubaku tells Matobo he will taken back to Sangala and made to give Juma all of his "fellow traitors." When Matobo disagrees, Dubaku takes a sinister glance at Mrs. Matobo and says "believe me, you will." Dubaku tells Nichols he thinks the impending casualties in Ohio will force President Taylor to withdraw.With Chloe looking at the building's schematics, Walker gets past the front desk with her badge. She goes to the roof and lets in Jack, Bill and Tony. Going to the floor above Dubaku's office, Jack and Walker drop into the crawlspace.Janis again notices a brief firewall intrusion, this time tracing it to the small town in Ohio. She spots the nearby insecticide plant and calls plant manager John Brunner. Brunner tells Janis they've already been having trouble with safety valves that protect highly toxic chemicals. When the plant attempts emergency measures they finds the computers unresponsive. Janis tells Brunner it is a terrorist attack and that he must begin an evacuation.Kanin and Homeland Secretary Woods discuss the need for Henry Taylor to talk the president into withdrawing. Kanin and Woods brief President Taylor on the particulars of Dubaku's current attack. They believe the tank will rupture in 15 minutes, killing half of the city's 30,000 residents.Threading a camera through a vent Jack is able to survey Dubaku's primary office which houses the CIP device.Brunner tells Janis he has ordered the plant's 1,000 workers be evacuated and that he will attempt to manually release pressure from the tanks which should forestall the release by a few minutes. As Janis begins to talk him through the override schematics, we realize the move will bring gas into the room in which Brunner is working and that his protective gear will only buy him a little time. He releases the pressure.Seven minutes from explosion Dubaku's men spot an earlier camera feed with Jack & Co. on the roof. Against the wishes of Nichols, Dubaku decides to disengage the CIP module stop the plant attack.Sean notices the firewall breach is gone.Jack gives the order and Bill and Tony go through the main door of Dubaku's headquarters. They take out several guys as Jack and Walker set off an explosion above the primary office and drop in with guns blazing. Pretty much every bad guy is killed other than Dubaku, the CIP device is destroyed and the Matobos are taken to safety.Brunner tells Janis the plant will not release its gas, but is unable to leave the room because of his exposure.We see Dubaku grab sniveling CIP-builder Latham (car accident guy from season premiere) in a side office and tell him he will kill his family if he doesn't do what he's told. Jack, Tony and Bill bust into the room and see Latham standing by himself. They spot explosives under his shirt and shut the door just as Dubaku detonates the device. With police almost on the scene they leave for the safe house. We see Dubaku leave the building undetected.Unsure of why Dubaku suddenly stopped his attack, Moss orders Sean and Janis to look into finding the location of the CIP device. Janis confirms to Sean that Brunner was the only casualty of the attack.Woods briefs President Taylor of the aborted attack. Still unable to reach Gedge, Kanin tells Taylor he can't locate Henry, adding that her husband hadn't given up his investigation into their son's death.Hearing the APB on Gedge, Vossler calls Gedge's cell phone. This wakes up Henry, who elects not to answer and then finds the phone locked. Vossler busts into the room, knocking a gun away from Henry. At that moment Dubaku calls Vossler's phone and tells him to bring the First Gentleman to him.Back in the safe house Jack convinces the gang they now need outside help to locate Dubaku. They agree that Matobo should call President Taylor and try to meet with her in private. Matobo tells President Taylor he will arrive in ten minutes and that he must see her alone. She tells Kanin of the conversation and adds that he should keep the information to as few people as possible.On their way out the door Tony tells Jack he won't be going to the White House. Because of Tony's sordid past he doesn't believe he would be able to continue with the mission if the government got their hands on him. Jack agrees on the condition that Tony turn himself in "when this is over."There is a knock on the door to Dubaku's apartment. It appears to be his girlfriend, and she sounds like a normal citizen completely unaware that her boyfriend is a super-villain. Dubaku calls Vossler and tells him to bring Henry to a local grocery store. více
Day 7: 3:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.
Open with Vossler dropping off Henry at the grocery store. On his way there Dubaku stops to watch a televised presidential address where Taylor states that not only is she adamant the country won't deal with terrorists, but that she has just ordered Americans troops to begin operations in Sangala. Dubaku arrives at the store. He admits to being behind Roger Taylor's death and tells Henry he hopes the president loves him enough to call off the invasion.After her address Kanin tells President Taylor that Matobo have arrived, adding that Jack was one of those who brought him to the White House.Matobo thanks the president and tells her of the quality work done by Jack & Co. before leaving to work on the post-invasion of Sangala. As Jack and Bill attempt to fill-in a skeptical president, Dubaku calls to tell her he will kill Henry unless U.S. forces are removed from Sangala and Matobo is delivered to him by the end of the hour. The conversation ends with Henry losing one of his fingers. Kanin arrives to explain what was found at Sam's apartment. After Kanin suggests for the umpteenth time that she consider pulling back, President Taylor says she will not give in. Jack's plan is for her to go along with Dubuaku's demands initially to buy them time to find Henry.Jack and Walker agree they must start with Agent Gedge. Needing extra help, Walker calls Moss and asks him to help them without including anyone else at the FBI. Moss agrees as long as he can meet with them in person.At the field office Janis calls Sean out for his affair with Erika, warning that it could mean a transfer if Moss finds out.Moss connects Jack and Walker to Vossler. Since Vossler was in the Special Forces Jack thinks the only way they will be able to break him is via his wife and 11-month-old son. Walker reluctantly agrees to go to Vossler's home over Moss' objections. As Jack runs to a car Moss yells that the "rules are what make us better." "Not today," is Jack's response.After Dubaku tells a henchman to cauterize Henry's wound with a blowtorch, he gets a call from his girlfriend Marika. Dubaku tells Markia (who is clearly unaware of his true identity) that he will not be able to make it to dinner that night. After hanging up the phone we see Marika speak with her wheelchair-bound sister Rosa. Rosa doesn't trust this new boyfriend 'Samuel' and after Marika leaves for work we see Rosa glance at an envelope in her lap.Kanin suggests to President Taylor that they pull the fleet back with the plan being to re-launch from further out at sea. Bill's contribution is to put a Matobo lookalike in a car bound for Dubaku's meeting place.Walker arrives at Vossler's house and holds his wife and son at gunpoint.Working from the field office, Moss helps guide Moss towards Vossler. Jack rams Vossler at an intersection, then rips him out of the car and takes him into a nearby apartment building lobby. When Vossler plays dumb about Henry's location, Jack calls Walker. While Vossler speaks with his wife, Walker turns around and knees in front of the baby. The panic in his wife's voice is enough that Vossler agrees to give Jack the location. After Walker hangs up we see that the child is fine, though Walker looks shaken.As Vossler tells Jack about Dubaku's grocery store, a man walks into the lobby. This distracts Jack enough for Vossler to kick the gun out of Jack's hand and pull out a knife. A fight ensues, the result of which is the knife ending up in Vossler's chest. Jack commandeers a passing car and takes off.Bill's instructions for the agents bringing the faux Matobo to Dubaku are that they delay the ruse and stay inside the car as long as possible.Jack calls Walker with Henry's location. The news that Vossler was killed seems to bother Walker as she stares at the new widow and small child. Though Walker seems to consider bailing on the mission, she tells Jack that she will get out "tomorrow."The agents with fake Matobo depart and Bill fills-in President Walker as to Jack's progress acquiring a location for Henry.When word that the president is ordering the threat level lowered reached the field office, Sean tells Moss he is suspicious they are being kept out of the loop. Walker calls Moss to tell him she is on her way to Henry's location and reveals that Vossler has been killed. Moss continues to be suspicious of Jack but agrees to have the D.C. police take care of the body quietly.After hearing word that the American troops are retreating and a vehicle containing Matobo just left the White House, Dubaku gets a call from Rosa. Rosa has discovered that no one under Dubaku's alias has immigrated from Sangala in the past 15 years. Rosa says all she wants is him out of her sister's life. Rosa won't report Dubaku or tell Marika as long as he breaks up with her that night. Dubaku leaves the building, telling a henchman he has to "take care of a little problem."After the agents and fake Matobo won't get out of the care at the meeting point, one of the men calls Dubaku. Dubaku immediately realizes the trick. On his order they destroy the vehicle with an RPG.Jack and Walker arrive at the store. As the two are preparing their assault, Dubaku calls one of the guards and tells him to kill Henry. A guard turns and spots Walker which leads to huge gunfight. After three henchmen are taken out by Jack and Walker, the fourth manages to limp over and shoot Henry in the right side of his chest just as Jack fills the guard full of lead. Jack loosens Henry's shirt and screams for Walker to get an ambulance as the clock strikes 4:00. více
Day 7: 4:00 p.m.- 5:00 p.m.
Open with paramedics rushing to Henry Taylor, who is still conscious. Jack calls the president and tells her Henry has been shot and Dubaku has escaped.Despite Kanin's objections Taylor is adamant she must meet her husband at the hospital. With the FBI still compromised Taylor agrees to let Bill and Chloe handle her security.Dubaku shows up at Marika's work and gives her a story about his passport visa having expired and fearing immigration has caught up with him. In part because Dubaku promises Rosa will eventually join them, Marika agrees to leave the country with him that night. Dubaku calls a man named Burnett and arranges a meeting to pick up flight arrangements for two.While Jack and Walker search the henchmen's bodies for info on Dubaku's exit strategy, Moss calls her cell. Moss begins chastising Walker for her Jack-like interrogation techniques with Vossler's wife and baby. It's clear she is still bothered by what she did. Jack gets an address off one of Dubaku's guards and the two head to an apartment.Marika arrives home and begins packing.With their young son in the backseat, Morris drops off Chloe at the field office. Moss assigns an angry Janis some mundane "busy-work." He tells her a consultant from Homeland will be working on the fire wall. Moss sets up Chloe in a conference room to give Bill satellite assistance and he takes a few shots at Jack. Chloe fires back that Jack is "the most trustworthy, honorable man I know." Given Chloe's background, Janis is suspicious about the work Moss actually has her doing.Dubaku meets with Burnett and picks up flight info for a trip to the Cayman Islands in a half hour. Spotting several men scattered around the lobby, Dubaku tells Burnett that if anything happens to him or Marika on their way out of the country he has arranged for bank records and names involved with the mission to be sent to the justice department. When Dubaku leaves, Burnett calls someone and tells them Dubaku was on to their plan to "take him out" and they must now get him to exile safely.While Marika packs she tells Rosa the man they know as Samuel (Dubaku) plans to take both of them to his home in Belize. Rosa says she doesn't trust him as Jack and Walker break down the door with guns drawn. Jack shows them a picture of Dubaku and Rosa confirms that they know him under a different name. When Jack asks Marika if she knows "what" Dubaku is she tearfully answers "he's everything to me."At the hospital the doctor tells Taylor that Henry had a pulmonary artery lacerated and is facing five hours of surgery. He says Henry's chances "aren't good." On his way into the operating room Taylor has a brief moment with Henry, telling him she knows he was right about Roger's death. Taylor asks Bill to get someone to bring her daughter Olivia (with whom she no longer speaks) to the hospital.Jack and Walker explain to a stunned Marika the true identity of her boyfriend. When Dubaku calls Jack has Marika answer as if nothing is wrong. Dubaku tells her only that a car will be downstairs to pick her up. Jack asks Marika if she will go with the driver so they can tail them to Dubaku. Over Rosa's objections Marika agrees to help them. Jack gives Chloe Marika's cell info so that she can follow them via satellite.We see Janis trying (and failing) to override the system to find out what Chloe is doing.Aaron Pierce is sent to pick-up Olivia. Initially angry that her mother is trying to bring her somewhere, Olivia breaks down in tears and quickly agrees to leave when Pierce tells her that her father is hurt.Using the knowledge of his affair with Erika as leverage, Janis forces Sean to give her an override device for the system. She explains that she's worried Chloe is there to replace her.Chloe finally establishes a signal for Marika's cell. Rosa makes Walker promise to keep her sister safe as they take Marika downstairs. After Walker suggests a possible way to notify them if there is trouble, Jack tells Marika not to do anything to raise suspicion with the driver. Marika leaves in the car just as Janis finally hacks into the system.With Jack following a mile behind Marika, Janis breaks in from a room downstairs. When a man walks into the room Janis is forced to severe her connection. This alerts Chloe and Moss that someone in the office was watching them and now knows exactly what they were doing.All of a sudden D.C. police surround Jack and Walker's car. As Moss tries to fix the situation they are pulled from the car and handcuffed. Chloe sees that a warrant for their arrest was just created from someone inside the field office.Janis quietly returns the override device to Sean, saying that she doesn't like what Chloe is doing. After she leaves Sean picks up a phone and calls Burnett. Sean has tapped into Moss's phone in order to slow down Jack and Walker. Burnett tells Sean about Dubaku's threat to expose everyone involved in the conspiracy.Burnett calls Dubaku and tells him Marika has been compromised by the FBI. When Burnett suggests having his driver take Marika out Dubaku insists that he will take care of her himself. více
Day 7: 5:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m.
Open with Sean telling Erika his reasons for issuing the warrant for Jack and Walker. It appears she's on Dubaku's payroll as well.After being placed in a cop car Walker tells Jack that Dubaku will probably kill Marika and complains that they should never have used her the way they did.Marika arrives at Dubaku's location. He yanks her out of the car and confronts her about her involvement with the FBI. She admits to being told of his real identity. Dubaku claims the evidence she was shown was "lies" and is able to talk her into going with him to Sangala. They jump in an SUV together.Jack and Walker are released by the cops and Chloe is able get a location on the car despite Dubaku having destroyed Markia's traceable cell phone.Ten minutes from the airfield Dubaku calls Burnett to tell him he's decided to take Marika with him. Burnett is not pleased.Jack and Walker finally catch up to Dubaku's car and a pursuit begins. Jack crashes and Dubaku looks as if he will get away. At that moment Marika covers the face of their driver, causing the Jeep to hit another car and flip over several times. Jack and Walker run the wreckage. Jack shoots the driver when he tries to go for his gun. Both Dubaku and Marika are unconscious in the vehicle, which has now caught fire. Jack pulls Dubaku to the sidewalk but Walker has trouble removing Marika, whose leg is pinned. Walker demands (at gunpoint) that Jack help her and he leaves Dubaku to pull Marika clear just as the SUV explodes. Jack returns to the badly injured Dubaku and demands an ambulance. Walker stops performing CPR on the apparently dead Marika.In the hospital waiting room Kanin tells President Taylor that military action in Sangala is progressing smoothly. She tells Kanin she believes Henry's shooting was her fault because she didn't believe his theory about Roger. Bill arrives and informs them of Dubaku's tenuous health, adding that Dubaku's death might make it impossible to uncover the full depth of the conspiracy. Bill convinces Taylor it is not safe for her there. With Henry still needing several more hours of surgery the men talk her into returning to the White House.On the street Jack demands the paramedics revive Dubaku. Jack threatens torture of his son and Dubaku begins to tell him he has a list before going into cardiac arrest. The paramedics have difficulty shocking Dubaku because of something metal under his ribcage. At gunpoint Jack demands they cut into Dubaku's body and is able to pull out what looks like a chip. Not familiar with the technology, Jack tells Moss he will hand it to a police helicopter to bring it to the field office.Sean, who has been tapping Moss' phone, hears the conversation and gives Erika the news. He tells Erika that when Chloe downloads the drive she has to crash the floor's computer system to get rid of the information.Waiting with Jack in the ER, Walker is upset with their hand in Marika's death.Chloe looks at the drive and tells Moss it has an auto-erase function so they (of course) will have only one opportunity at a download. Chloe begins to open the file and we see Sean and Erika in another room preparing their IT shenanigans. Burnett calls Sean who fills him in on Dubaku and the database. Erika shuts down the system, erasing the drive. With Moss and Chloe on their way to find the culprits Sean shoots Erika in the stomach and then shoots himself in the arm. When Moss and Chloe arrive Sean tells them he caught Erika in the act. She shot him, he says, and then he accidentally killed her trying to get her weapon. Chloe tells Moss the server has been wiped clean and Dubku's files are gone.After giving Moss Erika's files for the last few days, Sean gets Moss to fill him in about Dubaku infiltrating the government. Chloe then calls Moss to tell him she (duh) had been running a back-up system and now has total access to Dubaku's extremely detailed files. Moss reveals Chloe's progress to Sean, who leaves the room.Sean attempts to flee but is grabbed by agents in the hall. When Moss demands an explanation Sean asks for his lawyer. Moss calls Bill.Rosa arrives at the hospital and Walker tells her Marika is dead. A distraught Rosa yells at Walker that "you killed my sister." Jack calls Walker over to tell her they found the drive and "it's over." The two argue over Marika's death with Jack explaining that it was a necessary to save hundreds of thousands of other lives. Walker brings up the death of Jack's wife and asks whether he ever feels anything. She begins slapping Jack in the face, eventually collapsing in his arms. He comforts her and tells her she will eventually learn to deal with the pain. Walker asks "What if I don't want to live with it?" Jack responds: "Then quit." A now-pissed Jack tells Walker the next time she pulls a gun on him she better intend to use it. "I did," Walker says.Back at the White House, President Taylor tells Olivia the status of her father. Olivia demands to go to the hospital but Taylor refuses.Bill arrives and tells Taylor they have recovered Dubaku's files and that over 100 people from various agencies and levels of government were involved. Bill tells her Moss believes the FBI is now secure. When Taylor thanks Bill he mentions Jack's hearing the following morning and asks her to speak with Senator Mayer, who is in charge of the proceedings. Taylor promises only that "I'm going to have to think about this."Cut to Jack sitting on the steps of the Capitol building and staring at the sunset behind the Washington monument. Tony shows up on the steps and tells Jack he has information that another attack is imminent, this time directly from Juma himself. He tells Jack that Burnett (Senator Mayer's chief of staff) has been involved in the planning from the beginning but Mayer is unaware. Given that Burnett should soon be on the run, Tony is tailing Burnett. Tony tells Jack to meet him downtown if he's interested in helping stop the next attack.We cut to Mayer's office. The senator tells Burnett he is heading to the White House to speak with the president about Jack. Mayer tells Burnett he wants him to sit in on the meeting. Burnett walks into his office, getting the following text as the episode ends: "Units in place. Operation on schedule." více
Day 7: 6:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m.
Open with Dubaku in the hospital. While the nurses are distracted by a fake phone calls a scrub-wearing man injects something into Dubaku which causes him to begin seizing.President Taylor hears that General Juma (who is incorrectly telling citizens of Sangala the U.S. invasion is going well for them) might have left his country. Taylor believes capturing Juma and putting him on trial is a top priority.Cut to Juma who is in D.C. preparing for some kind of battle with some of his men. One of them is Dubaku's son, (D.J. from here on out). D.J. asks about his father's location just prior to Juma getting a call from the Dubaku-injector who tells Juma that Dubaku is dead. Juma tells the man D.J. can never know the truth about his father.We see that Dubaku has been pronounced dead. One of the doctors tells Walker he won't know what happened without an autopsy.Moss is preparing his staff for the arrests they will soon be carrying out on those involved in the conspiracy.Jack calls Chloe and tells her about Juma's impending attack. Jack knows only that the attack is "high value, high casualty" and wants Chloe to erase Senator Mayer's chief of staff (Burnett) from the list of conspirators so he can extract more specifics before the FBI gets involved. Jack and Tony are heading to the White House to meet with Bill and find Burnett.Chloe erases Burnett from the file as Janis shows up asking how he she can assist the process of organizing the names of those involved in the conspiracy.Before entering the White House Jack tells Tony he doesn't want Bill involved in whatever it might take to get Burnett to talk. Tony will hang back.Kanin sits down with Mayer, who has just been briefed on the events of the past few hours. Kanin tells Mayer about Jack's involvement and that the president believes Jack is responsible for saving lives. Regardless, Mayer calls Jack "a thug." Kanin tells Mayer the president is prepared to support the senator's war crimes legislation if he lets Jack's subpoena expire and even hints at a possible presidential pardon. Mayer is ready to fight the president to keep Jack on trial.Jack walks into Bill's office, quickly knocking out the guard and pulling a gun on Bill. When Bill is unwilling to help Jack find Burnett, he ties Bill up and finds Burnett exactly location on Bill's laptop. Jack apologizes before choking Bill into unconsciousness and grabbing the guard's taser.Walker calls Moss from the hospital with the information that Dubaku has died and that an unknown man was spotted on hospital surveillance. An officer shows up with the man's license plate number from a parking lot camera. Weaver gets on the phone to the DMV.Janis tells Chloe she has discovered a deletion from the file. Chloe balks when Janis offers to help and this seems to raise Janis' suspicion. Chloe calls Jack to tell him that she will soon get busted for helping him.Just after Burnett tells Juma over the phone that he is on his way out of the White House Jack busts in the room and shoots him with the taser.It turns out Janis recorded Chloe's last phone conversation with Jack. When she plays it for Moss he immediately has Chloe detained.Mayer and President Taylor argue over Jack and torture in the Oval Office. This conversation is interrupted by Moss calling to tell them he belives Jack is interrogating Burnett at that very moment.Cut to Burnett insisting during several taser hits that he knows nothing about an attack. Jack eventually takes off the cover of the taser which will increase its intensity 40 times. Jack tazes Burnett in the groin, but only gets him to start talking by threatening a potentially paralyzing throat-taze. Burnett tells Jack that Juma and a unit of his personal guard are in D.C. Before Burnett can give up the target, President Taylor has guards blow open the door and put Jack in handcuffs. Following counsel with Kanin, Taylor reluctantly decides not to let Jack continue his interrogation and instead has him arrested.Still without a location for Juma's attack, Taylor offers Burnett immunity for information. Burnett says only that he wants his lawyer.Walker follows the Dubaku-killer-guy to a compound near the Potomac River. She calls Moss who gets together a chopper to meet her at the location.Juma lies to D.J. again, telling him his father has been delayed. It appears D.J. will be doing recon for the assault.Walker tells Moss she thinks she has seen Juma himself. She then follows the men as they head down a dock towards a boat. The boat pulls away and Walker decides to try and jump on the back. She makes it (barely), but in the process loses her gun and destroys her cell phone.Bill calls Tony who is still waiting outside the White House. Tony tells Bill the source of his intel is dead and that Jack was trying to protect him.Janis tells Moss she cannot locate a signal for Walker's cell.When Juma's men jump off the boat in scuba gear Walker goes into the cabin. She riflies through their plans and sees the target is (aaak!) the White House. D.J. spots her on the boat and Walker leaps off the side and begins swimming away. více
Day 7: 7:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.
We open with Juma's men having cut their way from the river into what looks like a sewer system.Olivia Taylor is still sequestered in a White House room with Agent Pierce. Kanin, who is on his way to the Pentagon (interesting), stops by to assure Olivia she cannot leave the White House to visit her father in the hospital.Moss calls President Taylor to tell her they are certain Juma is in Washington with a dozen men but still don't have a location for the assault.Cut to the fleeing Walker running into a park ranger. Just as the ranger begins to radio in that the White House is the target Dubaku's son (lets call him D.J.) shoots him in the chest. Walker takes off again with D.J. in hot pursuit.Bill comes to visit Jack in custody, telling him he will be facing charges from the Attorney General. After Bill explains that Burnett did not take the deal, Jack tries to convince him to find Burnett and get the information out of him. Despite Jack's pleading Bill says he is simply incapable of such tactics.With help from a soldier who has been posing as a maintenance worker, Juma's unit is able to shut down a security system and make their way into the White House. They make their way down the hall, killing several secret service agents along the way. One of Juma's men has access to the device which monitors the location of the president.Moss and his men arrive at the dead ranger.D.J. finally catches up to Walker. Walker tries to tell him that Juma murdered his father and has been lying to him. This leads to a brief fight. D.J. eventually gets the better of Walker but is killed by Moss just before choking Weaver to death.Moments after handing Jack over to be processed Bill gets a call from Moss telling him the White House is the target. Bill initiates a lockdown and asks Jack if he will help him secure the president.Secret Service agents grab President Taylor but Bill realizes there is no safe path to the primary lockdown. The only option is to take her to the first floor lockdown. With Juma's men heading towards them, Bill puts on Taylor's locator bracelet and heads in the opposite direction. Juma eventually finds Bill and decides to keep him as a prisoner. Juma realizes the president must be on her way to a lockdown. With Juma firing on their location Jack is forced to take Taylor into the safe room alone. Pierce and Olivia are in a remote part of the White House and Juma's men have begun rounding up additional hostages. Jack is able to tell Pierce that Taylor is safe just before losing outside communication.The Secret Service are slowly getting the upper hand on Juma's forces. Juma decides to bluff, telling the agent in charge that they have captured Taylor and if he does not stand down they will kill her. The gamble works and the agents leave the White House.Pierce and Olivia have managed to hide from Juma's men. Realizing the situation, Pierce tells Olivia they must somehow find a way to tell the outside agents that Taylor is safe so they will return and take care of Juma's forces.A Juma henchman begins working on opening the lockdown room. "Assuming the specifications Hodges gave us are correct," they should be able to get into the room in 15 minutes.Moss and Walker arrive at the White House and are told there are more than 50 hostages left in the building. Moss asks for an infrared scan of the building. Walker sees a manifest of those inside the White House and spots Jack's name. Moss tells her of Burnett's interrogation and Jack's subsequent arrest.Jack tells Taylor that Juma must have had inside help to get this far. They see on a monitor that the system is being accessed. Jack quickly jury-rigs a device and shorts out the lock. Juma's man tells him they have no realistic way to get into the room. Juma tells his men "we will find another way" then picks up the phone and calls . . . Jonas Hodges (Jon Voight), the super-shady businessman who helped finance Jumas coup and ordered the killing of Roger Taylor's friend. Hodges tells Juma he's already provided all the help they agreed on (locking mechanism, etc.) but changes his tune when Juma threatens to destroy a shipment on its way to Hodges. Hodges tells Juma that Olivia should still be in the building somewhere.Pierce decides they need to go to other side of the residence with windows and attempt to signal word of the president's safety.Moss and Walker tell the vice president (via satellite) that based on infrared images they know Juma and the hostages are in a particularly vulnerable part of the White House. The location is near the first floor lockdown and the only reason he would be there is if he were trying to access a currently secure president. They ask for his go-ahead to start the rescue operation but the vice president declines because they aren't 100 percent sure of her location.Pierce and Olivia run into one of Juma's men in the hallway. Pierce takes a bullet in the shoulder but manages to kill the soldier. Sure that more soldiers will now be on their way Pierce has Olivia get a flashlight out of a nearby room and use Morse code to tell the secret service to begin a rescue. After no more than two flicks of the flashlight Oliva is grabbed from behind by Juma's soldiers. Both are dragged away.Having spotted a hallway camera visible from the lockdown, Juma places Olivia on a chair in full view of Taylor and Jack. He tells her that if she doesn't come out of the room he will cut out both of Olivia's eyes, followed by cutting out her tongue and cutting off her head. Jack tries to talk Taylor out of opening the door but gives in after she brings up his daughter and gives him a direct order.Jack and Taylor leave the room. Juma tells Taylor she needs to get ready to make a statement. "What statement?" Taylor asks. "The last one you'll ever give," Juma responds. více
Day 7: 8:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m.
Open with the vice president rejecting another request by Moss to go into the White House and try to save the president.A sobbing Olivia apologizes to her mother for their having grown apart. Jack whispers to Bill that before he came out of the lockdown with President Taylor he opened a gas line near some C4. Jack's plan is a suicide mission: run into the room and fire a shot, hopefully taking out most of Juma's men in the explosion.Juma tells President Taylor she is going to read a statement apologizing for the atrocities the U.S. has perpetrated against the world. Taylor agrees, but asks that the hostages be released in return. Juma promptly shoots a man. Taylor begins reading a statement which is broadcast live over the internet.While the vice president watches, Moss makes yet another request to go in. The VP says no again.Bill tells Jack he heard Juma coordinating with someone on a satphone and that he believes even if they save the president she may still be in danger. Without warning Bill sprints towards a Juma guard and tackles him into the lockdown room. Bill grabs the man's firearm and shoots into the ceiling, setting off the explosives.Seeing the explosion Moss sends his men in over the veep's protestations. The FBI overpowers the remaining Juma men and Agent Pierce leads Taylor and Olivia to safety. Jack ends up killing Juma when he goes for his gun. The president is secured and Jack slumps down near Bill's body.Taylor insists on remaining in the White House and asks to speak to the vice president. Olivia promises her mother she will never lose her again.Walker tells Jack she is sorry about Bill. Jack tells her "it was supposed to be me" then fills Moss in about Juma having outside intelligence assistance. He asks to be allowed to question Burnett but Moss blows him off and tells an agent to handcuff Jack. Walker argues with Moss that Jack may be right but he shoots her down as well. Walker grabs Kanin and tells him about Juma's help and Jack's idea.We cut to Hodges' lair. A man arrives to tell Hodges that the president is alive, apologizing for the failure of the mission. Hodges is told the weapons shipment from Juma should be ready for pickup in a few hours. Hodges says they should begin to "nail down some targets."As Jack is being taken to FBI headquarters Moss gets a call from Kanin. Having spoken with Walker, Kanin orders him to allow Jack to interrogate Burnett.Kanin reunites with Taylor. Taylor tells Kanin she would like Olivia to come on board as a special advisor. Given that Olivia made political mistakes during the campaign Kanin is worried about the prospect. Taylor wants Kanin and Olivia to mend their relationship and asks him to be the one to make the offer.Moss tells Walker he can no longer trust her and suspends her indefinitely. On the chopper ride to Burnett's hospital Moss and Jack argue about Walker.Another henchman tells Hodges he has selected 12 targets along the Eastern seaboard. Each would result in 10,000+ deaths. "Let's hope we never have to find out," Hodges says in regards to casualty estimates. Hodges is told that Jack is being sent to question Burnett. Hodges is concerned, but his assistant tells him they have sent a man named Quinn to take care of both Burnett and Jack.Moss and Jack arrive at the hospital. Burnett's room is wired with audio and two cameras.Quinn gets to the hospital in scrubs and kills an elderly man. When nurses rush to the room Quinn goes to their computer and downloads the room information onto a device. He goes to a storage room and climbs into the ceiling crawl space.Olivia thanks Pierce for helping save her. A friendly Kanin offers Olivia the job, but she quickly attacks him for letting such widespread corruption take place right near the president. She vows to find out exactly who was at fault and to make sure they are never able to hurt her mother again.Moss warns Jack that if he "lays one finger" on Burnett "it's over." Burnett regains consciousness and is terrified to see Jack, saying he will tells him anything he wants to know. At this point Quinn, who is directly above the room, cuts the audio feed to the room and freezes the video. He drops a nerve agent into the room which disables Jack and Burnett. Quinn grabs a piece of broken glass and places it on Jack's hand. He cuts Burnett's throat, stabs him in the chest and escapes into the ceiling.The video feed to the room is restored just as Jack awakens. Seeing what has happened he jumps into the ceiling just before Moss gets into the room.Quinn calls Hodges to report the job has been completed.Jack steals a phone and places a call to Moss. Jack tells Moss about the set-up and that he thinks there is a reason they wanted him framed. He tells Moss the threat is still not over and runs from the hospital. více
Day 7: 9:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m.
Open with Jack stealing a car in an underground parking lot.Morris O'Brien learns from Janis that Chloe has been arrested and is being detained by the FBI. We see Walker filling out paper work for her suspension. Moss calls and tells Janis that Burnett is dead and that Jack got away, and that he told Moss he was being set up. Janis relays this info to Walker.Using a laptop in the stolen car Jack pulls up a surveillance picture of Quinn. He emails the picture to Walker and calls her with the information that powerful people are still involved in the conspiracy.Hearing the APB on his scanner, Quinn calls Hodges to tell him Jack got away. Hodges has Quinn monitor the situation but doesn't seem concerned that Jack could influence his plan once the weapons shipment arrives. Hodges asks for his "colleagues" to be assembled.Walker calls Jack with Quinn's ID: He's a Black ops veteran now employed by Starkwood, a defense contractor outsourced by the military. Starkwood has been under investigation by Senator Mayer. Walker gives Jack Mayer's address and sends Quinn's info to Mayer just as Moss comes into the room.Moss leaves the room without incident but immediately tells Janis he thinks Walker has spoken with Jack and has her access Walker's phone log and work station. Moss thinks Walker is the best way to catch Jack.As President Taylor prepares to address the nation, Olivia offers that she claim a sort of victory in her speech. Kanin comes in and tells them of Burnett's death and his decision to green light the interrogation. The word is that Jack's version of events is a fabrication and Kanin takes full responsibility for what happened.On her way out of the building Walker is stopped by Moss who now knows about her contact with Jack. She refuses to tell him anything and Moss has Walker arrested.Mayer arrives home to find Jack waiting for him in his office. Jack shows Mayer a picture of Quinn and tells him he believes there is a connection between Starkwood and Juma. Mayer has wanted to shut down Starkwood, but doesn't believe there is any connection to Sangala. Jack has Mayer give him access to his Starkwood files.Taylor gets a standing ovation from the press corps and begins her address. During the speech a TV reporter tells Kanin he plans to report that Jack is the primary suspect in the death of Burnett and that Kanin authorized the interrogation. Kanin goes to Olivia and suggests she leaked the story. Olivia denies it, but Kanin seems sure that she was responsible and tells her the story will hurt the president more than it will him.Janis tells Moss that she cannot decrypt the message Walker sent from her computer. Moss and Janis ask Morris to help them with the promise they will give Chloe full immunity. He agrees and quickly discovers that Walker provided Jack with Mayer's address. Moss assembles a team, telling them local police will be moving in first. Chloe is furious at Morris for helping the FBI find Jack.As Jack looks through the files he and Mayer go back and forth about the necessity of torture. Jack discovers that the death of a Starkwood whistle-blower was made to look like a simple DWI by Quinn. The whistle-blower believed Starkwood was blackmailing Pentagon officials and was involved in assassination attempts and the acquisition of WMDs. In an interview, the whistle-blower said Starkwood was attempting to acquire a bio-weapon from Juma. Jack tells Mayer he'd heard Juma tested such a weapon a pathogen that causes dementia, paralysis and then death on some of his own people.With police pounding on the door Mayer tells Jack he will protect him and help him bring down Starkwood. Jack agrees, but Mayer opens the door to find Quinn who quickly shoots him several times in the chest. Jack manages to escape out the back with Quinn on his heels as the patrol cars arrive.Kanin and Taylor confront Olivia with the charge that she was the source of the leak. Olvivia says it wasn't her and offers up the name of a producer who told her the leak came from the Federal Marshal's office. Olivia said she offered the producer exclusive time with the president if he killed the story and that the issue is taken care of. A happy Taylor says she is happy with Olivia's side of the story and Kanin apologizes.With the help of a bulldozer and a knife, Jack kills Quinn. Before taking his last breath Quinn tells Jack that the weapons "are already here."Moss calls Janis to tell her Jack has killed Mayer. He wants all branches of law enforcement involved in the manhunt and that Jack should be shot on sight.Jack calls Tony and tells him to meet him with weapons and surveillance equipment. více
Day 7: 10:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m.
Open with the FBI processing Mayer's house. After hearing there is no sign of Jack, Moss calls Kanin with the news of Mayer's death. Kanin tells him they are working under the assumption that Jack killed the senator and the two bicker over who is to blame. Kanin looks in a daze after hanging up.Jack tells Tony on the phone that Starkwood has been involved in every step of the conspiracy and that he belives their WMDish bio-weapon is already in the country. Jack thinks the weapon is at the Port of Alexandria and the two agree to meet there.President Taylor speaks on the phone with a groggy Henry and fills him on Juma, Dubaku and her new relationship with Olivia. Taylor tells Henry she'll be at the hospital as soon as she can. After hanging up Taylor tells Kanin the doctors expect Henry to make a full recovery. Just after saying aloud that "maybe this day will end on a positive note," Kanin tells Taylor about Mayer. Kanin tells her he must resign because he sanctioned Jack's release from custody. He tells Taylor he will have his resignation letter on her desk in the morning.To try and access the port's manifest Jack grabs a security guard at gunpoint.Hodges speaks over the phone with a man (Stokes) who is waiting at the port. Since they still haven't heard from Quinn, Hodges tells Stokes to wait a few minutes before going for the container. Hodges addresses Starkwood's board. Given the events of the day, Hodges thinks the company should no longer cooperate with the administration.A particularly vocal opponent of Hodges' strategy (Doug) tells Hodges outside the room that the company cannot afford a war against the senate and Mayer. When told that Mayer is dead, Doug asks for a personal assurance that Hodges had nothing to do with the death. Hodges responds: "Starkwood is not in the business of political assassination, Doug. But may we should look into it. I hear it's a growth market."Port security guard Carl tells Jack that he agreed to help Hodges' men remove a canister, believing it to be stolen electronics. Carl believes the men should already be on-site. Jack attempts to call the FBI but finds phone lines blocked. Stokes contacts Carl on a walkie-talkie and tell him they are at the front gate. Tony looks out the window, seeing three vehicles and at least eight heavily-armed men. Carl says he agreed to the deal because of the cost of three years of fertility treatment for his now-pregnant wife. Jack tells Carl to play along with Stokes and that he and Tony will grab the weapon after it leaves the port.Carl opens the gate. After confirmation that Carl has turned off the security cameras, Stokes demands he ride in one of their SUVs on the way to the container. Still watching from the security trailer, Tony tells Jack that Carl "was dead the minute he stepped out that door."While Kanin packs up his desk, Olivia shows up and apologizes for what he has to go through. Kanin apologizes to her for having suggested she leaked the story about Jack.Kanin leaves the room and Olivia immediately gets on the phone and tells the TV reporter (who clearly knows her well) Kanin has resigned and that Jack killed Mayer. The reporter promises to make Kanin the fall-guy and she assures him the president has no idea she was the leak.Moss is confused by the multiple bullet holes in Mayer's home. Moss calls Walker, who is still in custody. He asks how Jack could have gotten his hands on the kind of weapon that killed Mayer and that he believes a third party was at the scene. Moss asks her about the Starkwood files found on Mayer's computer. Walker reluctantly tells Moss about Quinn and that Jack believed Starkwood was behind everything.Stokes and his men begin doing diagnostics on the canister in preparation for the arrival of a flatbed. Jack watches as one of Stokes' henchmen leads Carl from the scene. The henchman pulls out a gun as Jack points his weapon. Despite Tonys protestations that saving Carl jeopardizes the mission, Jack and his silenced assault rifle take down the henchman just before he can kill Carl.The 18-wheeler arrives to pick up the canister. Once Stokes realizes his man is down Tony and Jack engage them in a firefight. During the shootout the canister is placed on the flatbed after being knocked around quite a bit. Jack goes after the truck and manages to leap on top of it as it drives by. He takes out the diver and jumps behind the wheel just as Tony is captured. Stokes demands Tony give up Jack's location at the same time Jack barrels through the gate and out of the port.Jack calls Moss and tells him to meet him with a team and a CDC recovery unit. A red light begins flashing on the canister and Jack pulls over. He notices that the side of the canister has been perforated and hears a loud hissing coming from inside. Holding his breath, Jack climbs into the canister and closes a valve connected to a broken tank on the weapon. This delay allows Stokes and his men to arrive and Jack is chased to the side of the road by gunfire. They attach the weapon to the bottom of a helicopter and leave the scene. We see Stokes has Tony in the SUV. Stokes calls Hodges to tell him they will arrive in ten minutes. Given Jack's involvement, Hodges tell Stokes they will have to step-up their timetable.Jack tells Moss the weapon was re-acquired by Stokes. Based on location, Moss thinks it is being taken to a private military facility nearby. Moss cannot send agents in pursuit without proof of the weapon. Jack tells Moss the CDC will be able to find proof in the canister and reveals that he has been exposed. Jack begins blinking his eyes as the episode ends. více
Day 7: 11:00 p.m.-12:00 a.m.
Open with CDC dudes in hazmat suites processing Jack after his exposure to the weapon. Jack briefs a Dr. Macer on his knowledge of the weapon and is given an antibiotic.Moss asks Janis to look into Starkwood.The bioweapon and Tony arrive at Starkwood. Hodges tells Seaton he doesn't think Tony will talk and they must treat him uniquely. An underling says it will take two hours to get the weapon ready; Hodges demands it happen faster.Stokes begins beating the ever-loving heck out of Tony but he won't talk. Seaton takes Hodges aside and suggests, given the government's knowledge, they destroy the weapon. Hodges is not interested in the idea.Macer tells Jack he will need to be quarantined for another 15 minutes. The CDC is still running tests but Macer believes Jack saved lives by sealing off the damaged canister.President Taylor and Olivia discuss replacements for Kanin. Olivia supports a wealthy outsider. Taylor agrees to meet with him and names Olivia her interim Chief of Staff: "I need someone I can trust." Moss calls and tells Taylor that Jack was framed for Burnett and Mayer's deaths and Starkwood may have possession of a neurological pathogen-based weapon. Moss thinks they need to move quickly and Taylor orders her cabinet and the joint chiefs assembled.Moss comes to Walker and tells her all of the new developments, including Jack's exposure. He apologizes for not believing her in the first place and asks her to de-brief Jack. A teary Walker admits she should have trusted Moss all along.Olivia asks Agent Pierce to return to the secret service.In the White House Situation Room Taylor is briefed about the massive Starkwood complex in northern Virginia. An expert tells her the weapon attacks the human nervous system causing dementia, physical deterioration and eventually death. There is no cure or treatment for the disease it causes a variation of Creutzfeldt-Jakob and death comes in a day or so. Given Starkwood has 1,500 mercenaries and that using the military in such a way would violate Posse Comitatus, there doesn't seem to be an easy solution.Tony continues his silence when Stokes comes to his cell looking for info. Just as Stokes is about to kill Tony, he is shot from behind by Seaton. Seaton tells Tony "this has gone too far" and that Hodges has "lost his mind." Seaton promised to tell the FBI where the weapons are located in exchange for immunity.Jack is allowed out of quarantine and is shown the results of his blood work.Jack arrives in the FBI field office and tells Walker he has been infected. Macer tells Walker that the disease was designed not to be contagious. Macer tells Walker there is no cure but that they are continuing to run tests on the pathogen. Jack is "patient zero."In another room Walter apologizes to Jack and gives him an update on Starkwood, telling him they know nothing about Tony. She adds that he did the "right thing" by saving Carl back at the port authority.Hodges calls Seaton from the lab. He wants Seaton and Stokes down in the lab to help get the weapon ready. After the call Seaton refers to Hodges "a patriot" and tells Tony he never though he would go this far.Moss fields Tony's call. He tells Moss about Seaton's offer and Moss responds that he must contact the president.Taylor watches video of Sangalese people dying from the weapon's disease. Moss calls and Taylor gives the authorization for Seaton's pardon and a strike on Starkwood. Taylor agrees to send a SEAL team to assist the FBI.Seaton tells them the weapons are in a warehouse in the northwest corner of the complex and agrees to take Tony there for an on-the-ground contact. Jack requests to be allowed to join the mission but Moss turns him down due to the disease and possible symptoms. "You're right," Jack tells him. "You're right. I always knew we'd agree on something."Seaton guides Tony to the warehouse, telling him there are approximately a dozen people inside.After a munitions guy tells Hodges they are an hour from being ready, Hodges responds that they have intercepted an FBI transmission and know the feds are on their way.Tony describes the scene to Moss who is on his way in a helicopter. The Starkwood tower contacts Moss who tells them the FBI has an executive order to search one of the buildings and any attempts to interfere will result in arrest. The tower gives the go-ahead and the two helicopters land near the warehouse with a team of men. Moss and his team surround the building with little resistance. They move inside but find the building empty. When questioned about the location of the weapon Seaton says "Almeida was threatening to kill me so I told him what he wanted to hear." He's lying," Tony tells Moss. "He played me."Hodges, who is has been watching all of this on video, says smugly: "What do you know? Little old Seaton bought us some time. They're on the other side of the compound. We just have to keep them there."Moss and his men prepare for a point-by-point search of the entire compound. At that point a team of Starkwood Humvees pulls up, led by (gasp!) the very alive Stokes. Back at the field office Jack says to Walker that Moss must have his men stand down. Moss tells Stokes they plan to continue their search and for him to have his men stand down. Stokes responds that they are prepared to defend private property against false charges. "We do not want any bloodshed," Stokes says. "But if you try to advance any farther, you will be fired upon." více
Day 7: 12:00 a.m.-1:00 a.m.
Open with the standoff in Starkwood's compound. With three platoons already surrounding the FBI, several more Humvees show up, one of which contains Hodges. A fired-up Hodges tells Moss he has five minutes to leave and demands the return of Seaton.At the field office Jack suggests contacting Douglas Knowles, a member of the Starkwood board who had secretly been assisting Senator Mayer's investigation. Jack calls Knowles and tells him Quinn was the one who killed Mayer. Knowles thinks he may know where the weapon is located.Hodges sends Stokes to position their men for an attack. Jack tells Moss to obey Hodges but to somehow use a diversion to leave Tony behind to work with Knowles. Moss ends up punching Seaton while walking him over to Stokes and Tony is able to sneak in behind the Starkwood perimeter. Tony meets up with Knowles who wants to take them to the compound's East perimeter.Back in the field office Jack seems to be showing symptoms of the pathogen.Jack updates President Taylor with Hodges' recent actions. He tells her he is confident they will find the weapon and that a surgical air strike will be able destroy it. Taylor mentions Jack's exposure to the weapon and thank him for his service.Olivia leaves the room and fields a phone call from Dellao, the TV reporter to which she had previously leaked a story. When she refuses to immediately confirm what he has heard about the weapon he threatens to reveal her role in forcing out Kanin. She agrees to meet in his hotel.Using infrared satellite images at the field office Jack points Tony and Knowles to the likely building where the weapon is being stored. While Janis works on the code for the door, a Starkwood vehicle approaches. Knowles decides to run interference and walks up to the Humvee. Knowles feigns indignation at being stopped to distract the guard while Tony gets into the building. Walker tells Tony he must get a visual on the weapon canisters before the president will authorize an attack. Jack falls to the ground and starts having a sezure.The guard who stopped Knowles calls Hodges that tells him Knowles gave only the excuse he "was walking." Hodges orders him to take Knowles to his office and watch him closely. Hodges is told the work they being done on the weapon will be done in a half hour.Olivia convinces Pierce to wait in the hallway as she goes to meet with Dellao. She reveals what is happening with Starkwood and its weapon and that her mother has ordered an air strike. She impresses upon him that he cannot run the story because the president must have the element of surprise for the strike. Dellao tells her he needs to be "convinced" not to run the story and begins kissing her. Resistant at first, Olivia goes along.Dr. Macer gives Jack drugs to control his shaking. She mentions that a local university has been doing experimental work with stem cells from immediate family members that could provide a course of treatment for the disease. Macer brings up Jack's daughter but he immediately dismisses the idea. Walker follows him out of the room and questions why he won't give his daughter the opportunity to help him. "I'm the one who's dying, Jack says. "It's my choice."Sent to make sure Knowles wasn't with anyone, a Starkwood security detail heads towards Tony's location. Tony quickly incapacitates two of them and puts on one of their uniforms. He goes into an elevator and ends up next to Chapman, Hodges' weapons expert. Tony says he's part of newer security detail and Chapman leaves without incident. Tony gets a picture of the canisters and Jack confirms it is the bio-weapon. They pass along the information to the military. Tony sees that the canisters are on the move to a "delivery system."Hodges goes to meet with Knowles. After Knowles questions him about having a WMD, Hodges gives a speech about Starkwood being investigated by the government after doing the country's dirty work for many years. Hodges says "I kept this country strong. I kept this country safe. And I will not be persecuted for that." Hodges then hits Knowles over the head repeatedly with a glass bottles and flips him over the railing down the floor below. While Hodges wipes blood from his shirt Seaton calls to say several F-18s are on their way. Hodges has him call the president.Post-coitus Dellao tells Olivia that he will, in fact, run the story. Despite her pleading that it will cost lives, he is going to go with the story because it will be good for his career. Olivia then shows him she taped their sex and threatens to show the video to everyone, including his wife, if he runs the story or tries to blackmail her again. Olivia's phone rings with President Taylor who tells he the air strike is about to begin.In the Situation Room Taylor is told the heat of the missiles should destroy the pathogens and prevent any spread of the weapon after its destruction.Upon hearing the weapon is ready Hodges tells Champman and Seaton that "this is a historic day for Starkwood."Minutes before the fighters will reach the target, Taylor is told Starkwood will be aware of their presence via radar. She gets word Hodges is on the line and he wants to speak with her privately on a proprietary line in an adjacent rom.Hodges tells Taylor that if she does not call off the fighters he will fire three Python-5 misses loaded with the bio-weapon at cities on the Eastern seabord. He shows her a video of the missiles, adding that he would like a sit-down in the Oval Office within the hour. He gives her 30 seconds to decide.After several anxious seconds Taylor runs to the Sit Room and orders the attack aborted. více
Day 7: 1:00 a.m.-2:00 a.m.
Jack tells Tony over radio that President Taylor called off the air strike because she didn't trust the intel. Tony spots a fuel truck filled with RP-7 (apparently used only in surface-to-surface missiles) pull up the bunker and tells Jack he thinks this is the real reason the strike was cancelled. Jack suggest Tony use his remaining C4 to blow up the weapons bunker.Woods tells Taylor the joint chiefs are getting restless over her decision to cancel the strike. When he asks for the next step she tells him Hodges is coming to the White House for a meeting. Jack and Walker call the Oval Office and Jack reveals he knows the real reason Taylor canceled the air strike. She admits Hodges told her he has 13 missles pointed at U.S. cities and that she plans to talk him down during their meeting. When Jack tells her of Tony's potentially being able to destroy the missiles, Taylor tells him only that she knows he "will do what you think is right."Jack tells Walker Taylor is unable to formally give authority but that she actually wants them to go in.Hodges and Seaton arrive at the White House.Walker calls Moss and tells him Jack's feeling on the president's non-order order. Moss okays the plan.Jack calls Tony and tells him everything is a go, but adds that Tony must carry out the mission discreetly. Hodges' men are under orders to launch the missiles if they detect any government breach.We see that security around the missiles is being increased. Stokes calls Chapman and tells him the tanks are fueled and ready. When Stokes hangs up Tony appears with a gun to the head of the truck driver. Tony tells Stokes to take him down to the fuel tanks.Hodges and Seaton sit with Taylor in the Oval Office. Hodges denies working with Juma and asks that Starkwood be involved in domestic and foreign policy as a fifth branch of the military.Tony plants his explosives and leaves the tank area with Stokes. The driver sneaks up from behind and hits Tony in the head, knocking his detonator into a grate and allowing Stokes to punch a breach code into a nearby panel.Chapman sees the alert and begins the launch sequence. Chapman enters the launch codes but Tony is able to grab his detonator and destroy the missiles before they launch. Moss and his men move in.While considering Hodges' offer, Woods pulls Taylor out of the room to tell her the bio-weapon facility was destroyed.A group of Secret Service agents return to the Oval Office with Taylor and Hodges is placed under arrest. He warns Taylor that he is only "a small cog in a very big machine."Jack speaks with Taylor about the work Tony did at Starkwood. During the conversation he begins to lose his train of through, obviously experiencing symptoms from the pathogen.Moss has secured the weapons facility and Tony is unharmed. Walker tells Moss she must go because Kim Bauer has arrived. Moss tells Tony Kim is there to help Jack with an experimental treatment. Moss says he must take take Tony into custody but orders his handcuffs removed. "I'm ready to pay for what I've done," Tony says. (Uh-oh)Dr. Macer tells Jack the memory loss makes sense but that the disease is moving faster than she expected. He tells Macer he feels like "I'm losing some part of myself." Macer says hallucinations could be part of the disease.In the hallway Moss tells Jack Kim has arrived. Furious, Jack yanks her into a side room. Jack tells her he was prepared to accept his death but that having Kim there was the "one thing that will make this unbearable." She reveals that Kim was at the Senate hearing and had actually been trying to contact him all day.Jack and Kim have a tearful reunion in the field office lobby. They both have have missed each other and each apologizes for making mistakes. Kim asks why Jack doesn't want her to try and help. He says there would be a small risk to her. The pain of having her watch him die isn't worth the small chance of saving his life. Jack begins to have more symptoms and tells her to leave.Near one of the Starkwood gates a Starkwood operative shoots an FBI agent in his car. Another agent shows up to disarm the operative and finds a canister of the bio-weapon in his bag. The agent calls Moss and tells him the operative was trying to smuggle the weapon out in the dead agent's vehicle. The operative gets the jump on the second agent while he is speaking with Moss and kills him as well. The operative jumps in the car and reverses out of the area. Moss contacts Walker, tells her to close down all the access roads and gets in the helicopter.Janis helps Moss locate the FBI vehicle using its GPS. The helicopter finds the operative and lands when he leaves on foot. The operative shoots and kills the helicopter pilot and Moss and Tony run out of the copter. The operative shoots Moss with a shotgun and Tony drops to Moss' side. Moss frantically warns Tony that the operative is coming up from behind him but Tony simply waves his hand and (oh lord!) the operative lowers his gun. Tony says "I'm sorry Larry" and proceeds to suffocate Moss to death with his hand. The operative gives Tony the weapon and asks how they are going to get out of there. Tony tells the operative to hide and says he will wait at the scene until the FBI arrives. více
Day 7: 2:00 a.m.-3:00 a.m.
Open with a Hodges' attorney, Trisha, getting a call that she's cleared to see him in custody. She opens her front door and is hit in the face by an aerosol can. A man injects her with something while a woman who looks almost identical takes her IDs and glasses and seems to attach Trisha's fingerprints to her own finger tips.Janis and Walker have determined that Tony's accomplice is named Galvez, a two-year Starkwood man with a Special Forces background. Janis tells Walker they are unable to locate Moss.While listening to Janis relay Galvez' info over the radio Tony shoots himself in the stomach. He answers his phone and tells Galvez to lay low until he can figure things out. Agents arrive and Tony tells them they were ambushed.Kim Bauer tells Walker she is leaving. Walker tries to convince her to stay but Kim tells her Jack's mind can't be changed. Walker hears from an agent on the scene that Moss has died. Now the ranking agent, a stunned Walker is able to give a few directions and says she will arrive shortly.Jack is working on providing testimony relating to Dubaku. After he begins repeating himself the agent suggests Jack take a break. He wanders into the hallway and listens to Walker's briefing. She tells Jack about Galvez, the canister and Moss' death.Tony contacts Galvez and tells him to move based on the FBIs current sweeping. He tells Galvez to find a building and rig it to explode with the goal being to trap dozens of agents inside.Jack jumps in the helicopter with Walker and they head to the scene.The fake Trisha arrives at the White House to meet Hodges. She gets through security and makes her way inside.Olivia briefs President Taylor about Galvez and Moss. Taylor wonders if there might be another party involved based on Hodges' comments before being taken into custody. She orders him taken to the FBI for interrogation.Fake Trisha tells Hodges that he has put Starkwood in a difficult spot. Apparently the bio-weapon was not for "personal use" and certain folks think Hodges has lost his mind. These "others" are concerned he may leave them open to exposure. (Sigh, more Others) She says the only way for Hodges to guarantee his family's safety is to kill himself with a pill she hands him. Olivia walks in and Hodges is removed.Fake Trisha calls a man and updates him on her progress. He asks about Tony, referring to him as "your guy."Galvez tells Tony he's found a building to use for the trap and that he has 20 minutes to set up the C4.Jack tries to comfort Walker about the loss of her partner. They arrive and identify Moss' body. Walker questions Tony about what happened and Jack seems to spot a few inconsistencies. Jack thinks someone must have been with Galvez.Kim calls husband Stephen and tells him what's happening with Jack. We see that Jack has a granddaughter she couldn't bring herself to tell him about.Walker talks to an agent while Jack begins to suffer through more symptoms. He gives himself an injection and Tony wonders why he doesn't head back to the field office. Jack tells him the severity of his illness. Walker begins talking to another agent, but we see that it is actually Galvez, who has killed an agent and is using his walkie. Galvez tells them he has a visual on Galvez (if that makes sense) and directs them to the abandoned building. Jack's symptoms force him to stay behind.Hodges is loaded onto a truck to be taken from the White House. Once in the back he takes the pill and begins seizing on the floor. The military guards rush him to the hospital.The FBI agents arrive at the building and, based on Galvez' intelligence, head to the top floor. The agent Jack had been providing testimony to earlier calls and tells Jack he has information about a suspect Tony claimed to have killed during questioning. Looking at a screen showing the agents' radio transponders Jack sees that the one for the agent Galvez killed is not in the building at all. He tells Walker to pull everyone out of the building. They begin to leave just as Galvez detonates the C4. Jack tells the agents to maintain their position and hold the perimeter.Galvez puts on an FBI coat and heads into the building. Jack and Tony arrive at the building and Tony runs inside. It is unclear who has been injured and there is no word from Walker.Galvez covers himself with a dead agent's blood and leaves with Tony. Jack finds Walker and the two exit the building. Walker and Jack realize Galvez must have known their sweep patterns. Jack calls back the agent who took his testimony and is told Tony lied about killing the man. Tony puts Galvez and the cannister in an ambulance.Jack takes Tony aside and pulls a gun on him. Jack doesn't buy Tony's excuse for the lie and demands to know his involvement. As Jack puts it all together he begins convulsing and falls to the ground. Tony takes the gun from his hand and shows him he has stolen the drugs Jack uses to control his seizures. Tony calls over the medics and walks away.In the ambulance we see Galvez cut the throat of one paramedic and pull a gun on the driver, demanding he keep driving. více
Day 7: 3:00 a.m.-4:00 a.m.
We open with Jack getting treatment for his seizures. Once his voice returns he tells Walker to put out an APB for Tony.Cut to Tony wasting two FBI agents and jumping in their car.Jack tells Walker about Tony and Galvez and that Tony is responsible for Moss' death. They find out Tony has left the perimeter and decide to contact President Taylor.Tony drives to a motel and meets Galvez. After Galvez confirms payment has been wired to his bank account, he decides to try and steal the canister of pathogen for himself. Tony quickly turns the tables and suffocates Galvez with the shower curtain.Taylor is told Hodges made it to a hospital before the poison could take affect and that the pill got to him via the fake attorney (Cara Bowden). Jack calls Taylor with news that Tony had been playing them the entire time. Taylor tells Jack about her last conversation with Hodges and his suicide attempt. Jack believes Hodges' family must be in danger and they could use pretending he is dead as leverage to get Hodges to cooperate.Cara shows up at Tony's room. He suggests that instead of delivering the canister to the secret buyers which will mean six months of delay until any action is taken they use the single canister of pathogen immediately. Tony things one more attack could "push things over the edge." Cara agrees to contact 'The Group.'Olivia is furious when she hears her mother is going to offer Hodges witness protection in exchange for information. She doesn't think a lifetime in prison in enough for the man who killed her brother and hundreds of civilians.Cara conducts an online chat with The Group. She tells them the new option is to use the weapon that morning during rush hour and to frame an innocent civilian, Jibraan Al-Zarian. When members express concern with pulling the attack together so quickly, Cara has her co-conspirator from the previous episode (Alan Wilson) chime in that Hodges gave them an opportunity by placing the country on "the brink." The Group unanimously votes to move forward with the attack.Jack speaks with Hodges, telling him the only way to save his wife and children is to allow them to pretend he has died. He explains to Jack that the plan was to show the country how vulnerable it was in order to prove the necessities of companies like Starkwood. When Hodges waffles Jack picks up a phone and pretends to call a reporter with news that Hodges is actually alive. Hodges doesn't know The Group's members and can only tell him he worked through a female intermediary.Jack tells Taylor he thinks an attack is imminent and they should start by looking at people with terrorist ties. Jack tells the best way to access that information would be for Taylor to re-commission the servers used by CTU. Taylor gives the green light.Needing immediate help with the hardware Jack calls Chloe and asks her to reconstitute the servers. She reluctantly agrees. Chloe kisses her son good-bye and tells Morris to take him out of the city.After injecting himself once again, Jack briefs the agents about the attack. Tony and Cara (whose name they don't know) are the only suspects. Jack believes the conspirators will be manufacture evidence implicating someone else so as to move in and takeover when the country is most vulnerable. They are therefore looking for any suspicious activity within the terrorist/financial community. Walker tells Janis that the CTU servers have returned and she seems bothered about the legal implications of their search.Chloe arrives and is concerned by how Jack looks. He tells her about Tony. Chloe doesn't think it makes sense: "There has to be a reason."Tony and Cara arrive at Al-Zarian's place. A day laborer, Al-Zarian lives with a younger brother and has a bio that could lend itself to terrorist leanings.Cut to Al-Zarian speaking with his younger brother about the terrorist threats and warning him to come home immediately after work that day. "It's not a good day to be Muslim," he says.Olivia complains to Pierce about the protection being offered to Hodges. When he asks if there is anything else he can do to help she off-handedly suggests "other than kill Jonas Hodges, no" before apologizing. Olivia picks up the phone and calls a political operative from her past. She mentions a time when he told her "there is no problem which can't be handled or eliminated." He agrees to be at the White House in 15 minutes.Janis verbalizes loudly her displeasure with the nature of their surveillance. She makes one more comment and Jack snaps, screaming at her that "President David Palmer recommissioned these servers because he felt it was vital to national security." Jack gets the president's name wrong one more time before finishing his tirade. He walks away and Chloe tells Janis "there's something really wrong with him."The lights go out in Al-Zarian's apartment. Tony, Cara and two other men break in with Tony holding the man at gunpoint as the clock strikes 4 a.m. více
Day 7: 4:00 a.m.-5:00 a.m.
Open with Cara and Tony in Jibraan Al-Zarian's apartment setting up the frame. Cara downloads propaganda onto his computer and they hang up a flag with Arabic writing. Tony tells Jibraan that if he doesn't read a prepared script they will kill his brother Hamid.With Chloe having found nothing on the CTU servers Jack suggests targeting all Muslims and political activists in the Muslim community. Janis complains about the racial profiling but Jack tells her he can't think of a better way to stop the attack. Jack leaves to give himself another injection and Janis tells Chloe that Jack has been infected.Jack tells a tearful Chloe that he has accepted his fate and wants to use his remaining time to catch Tony.As Jibraan is videotaped giving his anti-American speech the local police show up. Tony has Jibraan answer the door. The police were called by neighbors because of noise but Jibraan is able to convince them everything is fine.Chloe locates suspicious financial transactions related to Jibraan. Records show that over the past six months he had been given $2 million by a Middle Eastern organization. She pulls up the propaganda that Cara placed in his browser history. His visa has expired but a local imam, Muhtadi Gohar, is listed as a reference. They put out an APB on Jibraan.Martin Collier, the political consultant Olivia called last hour arrives at the White House. She explains the Hodges dilemma and he initially advices her to leave the situation alone. Olivia persists and Martin says he will connect her to someone who can take care of Hodges. She gives Martin the secret itinerary for Hodges.Hodges meanwhile has begun the process of moving to witness protection with the US Marshalls. Marshall Sullivan tells Hodges they will take him to Colorado.Jack and Walker arrive at Gohar's residence. Jack, who is not convinced Jibraan is innocent, pulls out his gun as Walker knocks. Gohar recognizes Jack from his testimony and lets them in. He is adamant that Jibraan could not be a terrorist and Jack begins to get aggressive with his questioning. Just then Janis radios that the cop who answered the noise complaint recognized Jibraan's name and gave them an address. Worried Gohar might warn Jibraan they are coming, Jack puts him in cuffs and brings him along.Before leaving the apartment, Tony has Jibraan tell Hamid he is actually an America-hating terrorist what has been working with Tony all along. Hamid doesn't believe his brother but Jibraan insists that he must tell the authorities why "I did what I did."Olivia calls the man Martin recommended. He gives her a bank account number and tells her once the money is received he will proceed. She glances down at the transfer ($250,000) screen and pauses. Pierce sticks his head in to tell Olivia her father has arrived at the White House. When he leaves Olivia decides not to transfer the money and calls Martin to tell him she has changed her mind.On the way to Jibraan's apartment Jack gets a call from Chloe. She discovered that the transfers to Jibraan's account were back-dated, having been placed there within the last hour. Jack is convinced this means Jibraan is being set up and he takes off Gohar's handcuffs. Gohar is surprised Jack was willing to admit his mistake.The Taylors have a happy reunion. Henry tells Olivia he is okay with what happened with Hodges. Olivia tells him she has had second thoughts and apologies to her mother for questioning Hodges' witness protection deal.Sullivan takes all of Hodges' personal items and puts him in an SUV. While Sullivan signs over custody of Hodges the SUV explodes.The president and Olvia get a call that Hodges has been killed. Olivia quickly leaves the room. Woods tells Taylor he thinks it must have been an inside job, given the knowledge of when and where Hodges would be.Olivia places a frantic call to Martin. She tells him Hodges is dead and that she is responsible. Martin wants her to stop talking about it on a cell phone and tells her they need to meet later.Jack and Walker arrive at Jibraan's apartment. The first team on the scene has set up surveillance. Hamid is being held by one guard. Jack is convinced Hamid is being used as leverage by Tony and that capturing the guard alive is the only way to get a jump on where the attack will take place.Jack leads the assault team that bursts into the room. When the guard is distracted Hamid grabs a pice of glass and jams it into the man's neck, yelling that "he made my brother into a terrorist." Jack tells Hamid he knows Jibraan is innocent and convinces him not to finish the guard off. The guard is bleeding out and Jack yells for a medic.Tony, Cara and Jibraan arrive at a location and a subway station being monitored. více
Day 7: 5:00 a.m.-6:00 a.m.
Open with Cara updating Wilson that: the bio-weapon is being retrofitted for maximum dispersion, will be detonated at the Washington Center subway stop and should kill approximately 9,000 commuters.Tony gives Jibraan an earpiece for communication and tells him to ride the Red Line all the way to Washington Center subway. Tony emphasizes that Hamid will be killed if he does not follow instructions. Tony watches as Jibraan enters the subway.We see Cara put on a wig and glasses and place the weapon into a bag.Jack questions the man who had been guarding Hamid. He prevents a medic from giving him morphine and presses directly on his neck wound until the guard tells him he has a phone number for Tony. Jack gives Chloe the number and has her run a trace as the man calls Tony with a bogus question. Tony's phone is encrypted and Chloe is only able to determine Tony was in Adams Morgan. Jack sends hazmat teams to that area.In the subway Jibraan takes out his earpiece and tries to explain his situation to an employee. She calls over a police officer. When Jibraan tells the man what's happening, he hears only "put the earpiece back in." When the earpiece is in Tony tells Jibraan if he attempts a stunt like that again his brother will die.Pierce calls Olivia after realizing she's not in the residence. He tells her they are investigating Hodges' death and that there are 11 people who knew his schedule prior to the car bomb. She hangs up and talks to Martin, who tells her he authorized the murder despite her not transferring the funds. She is panicking and worried she'll be caught. His advice is that she needs to send the murderer the money: "You do not want this man unhappy with you."Kim Bauer calls her husband Stephen with news that her flight has been delayed. He wonders if it should be viewed as a sign she should help her father. She insists Jack was adamant she not watch him die. Kim notices a shady man watching her from a distance. A woman "accidentally" bumps into her and the two exchange pleasantries.While Jibraan rides the metro we see the disguised Cara leave the device in his car. She exits at the stop and radios Tony that the "package is in place." She mentions it is set to go off after the train stops at Washington Center. Tony jumps behind the wheel of the van.Chloe tells Jack she has found Tony just in front of his position. Jack forces Tony's van off the street. As Jack pulls Tony out of the van Tony tries to smash an UMPC against the floor.Chloe works on Tony's damaged UMPC remotely. She doesn't think anything can be recovered. Janis takes a shot and quickly figures how to find some stored data.Jack sends the agents away and begins beating the ever-loving heck out of Tony. Saying he has nothing left to lose, Jack threatens to kill Tony. Tony says he feels the same way and Jack eventually lowers the weapon.Janis sends Walker the UMPC info and they figure out the Washington Center stop must be the target. She grabs Jack and they take off for the location. Jack has Janis locate the signal Tony was using to communicate with Jibraan. They cut in and Tony tells Jibraan Hamid is safe but he has to locate the weapon. After all the passengers leave the train at Washington Center, Jibraan finds Cara's bag and pulls out the weapon. It is counting down from 1:20. Jibraan manages to leave the subway with the bomb and hand it to Jack.Jack takes the bomb into a hazmat truck and throws it into a secure section just as it explodes. Outside Jack nearly collapsing into Walker's arms. She holds him and says "now you can finally rest." Clearly she has never watched the show.Kim sits next to the woman she bumped into and has her see if the man from earlier is staring at her. He is not, and we see him walk away with a phone to his ear. The call is to Jack and we learn the man is watching over Kim until she is safely on her plane.Walker tells Jack about Hodges' murder. Jack thinks this means people will be coming after Tony and they need to ramp-up their protection to get him into custody.Cara walks from the scene and calls Wilson with the latest on Tony and the failed attack. Wilson tells her she needs to have Tony eliminated. She says it won't be necessary, since Tony "won't be in custody for long."Cut to Kim going to the bathroom. The man tailing her for Jack goes the men's room and is strangled by the man who was supposedly the husband of Kim's new friend.Pierce asks Olivia where she was earlier. She says the events of the day overwhelmed her. When she leaves the room he calls Kanin and references an audio recording device that was installed in the Chief of Staff's office. Pierce would like to access the records but needs Kanin's thumb print to do so. Kanin said he will be at the White House in a half hour. We see Olivia wire the money to Hodges' murderer.Chloe sends a picture of Cara to Jack so he can have Jibraan confirm it was the woman who left the bomb on the subway.The mysterious husband returns from the bathroom and uses coded language to tell the woman next to Kim that he took care of the man working for Jack. We see the webcam on his laptop is pointing directly at Kim.Cara calls Jack and sends him a link to the video footage of Kim. She tells him they have killed his agent and will kill Kim if he doesn't help Tony escape or if he tells anyone of the contact. Cara has him to put the call on an earpiece so she can listen to all of his conversations.Tony is loaded into the back of a paddy wagon across from Walker. Jack hops in, telling her he "wants to see this through." Cara tells Jack via earpiece that she will advise him how to help Tony escape and that if any agents (the camera pans to Walker) get in his way he must kill them "or your daughter will die." více
Day 7: 6:00 a.m.-7:00 a.m.
We begin with Olivia testifying about Hodges' death.Woods tells President Taylor that no progress had been made on finding Hodges' murderer, but the attorney General's office is convinced the leak came from inside the White House. Taylor briefs military leaders about Hodges claims regarding a larger organization, as well as Tony's role in the day's events.Kim is still sitting with the husband and wife operative team in the airport. It looks as if Kim is at little suspicious of the couple. Husband Operative calls Cara with this info.Working on Cara's instructions Jack commandeers the truck which was taking Tony into custody. He takes Walker's gun and radio and has the driver exit the highway suddenly. Jack tells Walker about the threat to Kim. Janis and Chloe spot the truck break off on their computers and direct a helicopter to follow. Jack has the truck pull into a tunnel where Cara is waiting. Tony brings Jack along. When Cara questions the decision Tony tells her they may be able to harvest more pathogen using Jack's blood and organs.Kanin arrives at the White House. Pierce tells him about Hodges' murder and that he believes Olivia is somehow involved. Pierce convinces him to break into Olivia's office and access the recordings.Olivia finishes her testimony and walks back to her office. She finds Kanin. He tells her he was retrieving some personal files but she is suspicious. After letting him leave, Olivia spots the recording panel on the wall behind a picture frame. Olivia calls security and has Kanin stopped at the gate.After getting free of the truck Walker tells Janis and Chloe what is going on with Jack and Kim. Chloe connects Walker directly to a phone at the ticket counter at Kim's gate. Walker briefs Kim about the two operatives and tells her they will be the best avenue for finding Jack and Tony. Near the end of the conversation Husband Operative shows up at Kim's side. She heads back to her seat with her boarding pass. Walker has Chloe lock down the terminal but has her to make sure the police do not arouse suspicion. As Kim shows Wife Operative pictures of her daughter, Husband Operative notices security personal moving towards their terminal. A gunfight ensues, resulting in Wife Operative being killed and Husband Operative taking off with a gunshot wound to his leg. Kim follows him through a security door and down some stairs.Oliva questions Kanin in a remote room. When he won't hand over the digital card, she has him searched. The agent finds a card and Kanin is released. Olivia destroys the card as Kanin makes his way to the White House exit. Pierce meets Kanin and hands him a digital card Kanin had slipped him earlier. Kanin tells Pierce the card Olivia took from him was blank and that he has a player in his car.Two men in surgical masks pull Jack out of the car and drag him towards a makeshift operating theater. The biochemist tells Tony it will take 15 minutes to figure out how much pathogen is contained in Jack's spinal fluid. Tony tells Cara he wants a bigger part in the organization and suggests a meeting with Wilson. A gigantic needle is stuck into the back of Jack's neck.An upset Olivia calls Martin about her Kanin experience. He assures her no one will come after the president's daughter without hard evidence.Walker and her team arrive at the airport. Kim follows Husband Operative into a parking garage and alerts airport security after she sees him get into a car. On his way out of the garage Husband Operative is shot by a cop, causing his car to flop over and catch on fire. Kim goes into the blazing wreck and pulls out Husband Operative's laptop just before the car is completely engulfed. Kim tells Walker to have Chloe analyze the laptop.Kanin listens to a recording of Olivia speaking with Martin about Hodges.The chemist tells Tony he will be able to extract the pathogen from Jack by harvesting his organs. Even if the sickly-looking Jack were to die, he says, they will still have two hours to use his body. The only thing that would render Jack useless for their purposes would be exposure to extreme heat.Cara speaks with Wilson about Jack and Tony's role in the extraction. She puts in a good word for Tony and Wilson eventually agrees to meet with Tony in a half hour while overseeing Jack's transfer. The catch is that if Tony doesnt come across as trustworthy the super-cautious Wilson will have him killed.Jack turns the tables on his scientists, killing the three men and running out a side door. více
Day 7: 7:00 a.m.-8:00 a.m.
The season finale opens with Chloe working on Husband Operative's laptop to try and find Jack. Walker tells Kim they currently have no other leads.We see Jack slide under the garage door of a taxi company. He smashes out one of the back windows just as Tony sticks his head inside and begins shooting. Jack closes the garage door and notices gasoline pouring out of one of the cabs. He kneels in the gas, trying to spark a flare and set himself on fire to prevent his organs from being harvested for the pathogen. Tony pushes the flare aside just in time and knocks Jack out with the butt of his gun.Kanin and Pierce confront Olivia with the audio recording of her conversation with Martin. She tries to stop Kanin from coming forward with the information, even offering him his old job. All Kanin wants is for Olivia to tell President Taylor what she has done and let her mother decide what should happen.Tony tells a handcuffed Jack that he has no intention of allowing a new pathogen to be created. It turns out for the past four years Tony has been trying to get close to Wilson, whom he says was behind Charles Logan, President Palmer's assassination and the murder of his wife. Though he allowed some innocent people to die, Tony believes he saved more lives in the course of investigating Michelle's death. Jack disagrees. Not believing he'll be able to get near Wilson himself, Tony's plan is to load Jack with explosives and blow him up when he gets close to Wilson.Cara tells Tony that Wilson will arrive soon. She tells him that Wilson "doesn't know about us," and that it is best they keep it a secret.Wilson rolls up in a limo. After Tony and Cara are searched he gets out of the car. Tony pitches his worth to Wilson and his organization as Jack is brought forward. Just then Walker shows up in a helicopter and a firefight ensues. Jack manages to break free of his captors and Tony follows Wilson and Cara into a nearby warehouse. Walker shoots her way to Jack and is able to diffuse the explosives on his chest. She tells him Kim is safe and he tells her that "to end this for good" they must stop Tony from killing Wilson.Tony makes his way toward Cara and Wilson, quickly killing Cara and pointing his gun at Wilson's forehead. He gives Wilson a speech about staying alive just to be able to find him and detailing how Wilson ruined his life. Not only did Wilson have Michelle killed, but he had her killed while she was pregnant. Walker and Jack arrive just in time, shooting Tony in the shoulder and hand to keep him from killing Wilson.Walker confronts the handcuffed Wilson about his role in Moss' death and suggests cooperation is the only way he can avoid the death penalty. Wilson tells her there will not be any evidence connecting him to anything illegal which causes her to grab him by the collar in anger.Prior to Jack being taken away by the medics Walker tells him about Wilson's unwillingness to give up his fellow conspirators. Walker says she thinks she can "make him talk" but isn't sure what to do from an ethical standpoint. Jack goes into a speech about the morality of torture, ultimately saying he knows the laws are the most important thing but that he could never live with himself if he didn't try and obtain information to save people. He advises her to make a choice she can live with.Olivia brings President Taylor and Henry together to tell them about her role in Hodges' death. She says Kanin has agreed not to turn over his evidence unless Taylor gives the go-ahead. Taylor is outraged at Olivia's actions but Henry wants his wife to destroy the recording and save Olivia. He goes on to say that Taylor's job is the reason their son was killed and that she now has the chance to save their daughter. "So help me, destroy that recording and save what's left of this family." When Taylor leaves the room Henry tells Olivia that they will "figure this out."Chloe heads out of the field office as Janis prepares for Wilson's transfer.Taylor stares at some family photos.Dr. Macer tells Jack his disease is at an advanced stage and that all she can do is give morphine to place him in a coma. Imam Gohar comes into the hospital room, having been called by Jack. Jack tells Gohar he is dying and apologizes for what he has done in his life. They pray together and Gohar asks for forgiveness. "It's time," Jack says.Taylor returns to her husband and daughter. She apologizes, but says she has no choice but to honor her oath and have Olivia put into federal custody. After Pierce takes Olivia away Henry gives Taylor the cold shoulder. In the hall Taylor runs into Kanin and tells him she has now "lost everyone." Kanin says "not everyone" and agrees to take back his letter of resignation. She tells him about Wilson and they get to work.Wilson is taken to an interrogation room in the field office. Janis asks Walker to sign Wilson over to Woods. Walker tells Janis to leave. When she won't, Walker forces Janis to handcuff herself to a nearby pole and stares at Wilson through the one-way mirror. "Larry would not have wanted this," Janis says. Walker puts down her badge and walks into the room where Wilson is being held.Kim arrives at Jack's hospital room to find her father in the coma. Gohar tells Kim that Jack has "accepted what is happening." Kim turns to Macer and says she wants to try the stem cell treatment, regardless of the risk. Kim goes to Jack's bedside and grabs his hand. "I'm sorry daddy," she says. "But I'm not ready to let you go." více

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