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Francesca, Baby
Teenage Francesca James has had to pick up the slack at home, to cover for her father Bix's long trips away working, and for her mother Lillian's drinking, which has become worse in the months since Francesca's brother died in an accident. New neighbor Connie helps out, but can't prevent Lillian from ruining Kate's birthday party. Lillian also endangers them by dropping a lit cigarette on her pillow after a binge, nearly causing a house fire. Enough clues have slipped out to Francesca's friends to be concerned, and they invite her to AlaTeen. Angered at first by the approach, Francesca comes to value the things they teach her, and helps Lillian begin to help herself. více
P.J. and the President's Son
Update of Mark Twain's The Prince and the Pauper. Delivery boy and President's son discover they are exact doubles of one another, and decide to swap identities. více
Mighty Moose and the Quarterback Kid
Football coach tries to mediate a conflict between the star Quarterback and his father. více
My Mom's Having a Baby
Told in flashback to his baby brother, nine-year-old Petey Evans explains the way his brother was born, the impact it had on his life, and how real-life OB/GYN Dr. Lendon Smith helped him deal with it. Considered controversial at the time for videotaping a live birth, this ABC Afterschool Special was later praised for its honest explanation of how babies are born. více
The Horrible Honchos
Neighborhood gang makes a pact to torment and bully the new kid on the street. více
Very Good Friends
A sensitive young girl (Melissa Sue Anderson) gradually comes to terms with the accidental death of her younger sister. Based on the award-winning young adult novel by Constance Greene. více

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