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Hewitt's Just Different
16-year-old mentally retarded teen attempts to make friends with other kids in the neighborhood. více
The Pinballs
Three orphans from very different backgrounds find themselves living with the same foster couple while waiting to be adopted. více
Michel's Mixed-Up Musical Bird
Live-Action/animation special featuring Michel Legrand in a true story about the bird that inspired him while studying at the Paris Conservatory of Music. více
It Isn't Easy Being a Teenage Millionaire
14-year-old wins the lottery and thinks all her problems are over. But she quickly learns that her real problems are just beginning. více
The Rag Tag Champs
14-year-old baseball player and his uncle/baseball manager find themselves at odds over the philosophy 'Winning Is Everything'. více
Mom and Dad Can't Hear Me
Adolescent girl is ashamed to introduce her friends to her parents because they are deaf. více
It's a Mile from Here to Glory
Early is a high-school youngster who is short in physical stature and short of temper as well; his Mom is recently deceased and Early lives with his Dad. Early's habit of running long distances to let off steam his given him an unusually high level of endurance, which attracts the attention of the track team coach. Early becomes a star runner on the track team, but his feisty 'loner' personality makes it difficult for him to grasp the "team spirit" concept, which causes tension with other team members. When Early is left partially paralyzed following a road accident, it takes a major emotional adjustment for him to be able to accept the help and support of the rest of the team. One of the best of the "After School Specials", with sensitive writing and direction and fine acting all around. Veteran character actor Woodrow Parfrey is a delight as the droll school principal. více

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