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One of a Kind
Free spirited mother realizes her daughter is no longer a little girl, and tries to give her more independence. Meanwhile the daughter is puzzled by her mother's lack of attention. více
A Home Run for Love
In 1947, a young white boy and an elderly black man enjoy a warm and wonderful friendship based on their mutual love of the Brooklyn Dodgers and Jackie Robinson. více
A young Puerto Rican New York boy thinks his mother wants to move back to her homeland, so he takes a job as an errand boy for a small-time hood to pay for the move back to her Caribbean homeland. více
Dinky Hocker
Overweight teenage girl is obsessed with food and can stop eating. Only when she turns to a friend for help, does she start making changes in her eating habits. Full summary >> více
Make Believe Marriage
High school students take part in a marriage course where they are coupled up and must complete everyday married life tasks. více
The Terrible Secret
One of the very best of the "Afterschool Special" series, effectively making the point that running away from responsibility is a risky business: it tends to jump up and bite you at the most inconvenient times. It all begins one stormy night: Bobbie, driving a florist's delivery van, is trying to read street signs in the downpour when she accidentally knocks down a young boy on a bike. She picks the injured boy up and takes him to the nearest hospital, then panic overcomes her and she flees. She tells no one about the accident (although family and friends sense that something's wrong), and after days of letting the 'terrible secret' eat at her she's on the verge of a breakdown. She finally confides in her boyfriend Seth, who turns out to be carrying a guilty secret of his own; with his support she confesses all to her family and the authorities, and goes to visit the young accident victim in the hospital. více
Seven Wishes of a Rich Kid
Butterfly McQueen as "Aunt Thelma" a fairy-godmother with the "Seven Wishes Sweepstakes". Robbie Rist (Brady Bunch's "Oliver") co-stars as Calvin, a spoiled rich kid whose television tunes in Aunt Thelma. He's got 7 wishes and some lessons to learn. více

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