SERIÁL: Agent Carter   díl: The Iron Ceiling - (1. série / 5. díl)

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The Lady in the Lake
A View in the Dark
Better Angels
Smoke & Mirrors
The Atomic Job
Life of the Party
The Edge of Mystery
A Little Song and Dance
Hollywood Ending
Howard hits golf balls towards the rift (the gravitational anomaly however keeps knocking them off course) while they're waiting for Whitney. Jarvis comments "Sir, we are standing before an incomprehensible rip in the fabric of our world. Use a 7 Iron."Elsewhere, Thompson and Peggy talk. Thompson asks Peggy what her gut is telling her about him and wondering how quickly he'll have to clean out his office once they get back to New York (thinking that Peggy will turn him in for siding with Vernon Masters). Peggy tells him that she's not doing that. That it wasn't his fault entirely, that Vernon Masters took advantage of Thompson's ambition, that she does think he's a good man. He in turn gives her the Arena club lapel pin, showing her that it's a key.Elsewhere, Samberly is working on one of the X-Ray emitters, Whitney appears behind him and moves towards the rift. In the distance, Peggy and Thompson hear Samberly scream. They try calling him on their radio but get no response. Asking the others of the group if anyone has eyes on him, Sousa responds from his vantage point that he doesn't see Samberly but he does have eyes on Whitney making her way towards the rift.Whitney approaches the rift, ignoring everyone else. Howard gets her in the sights of the gamma cannon and fires. The Zero Matter is pulled from Whitney and into the rift. She collapses to her knees - there is no longer a Zero matter scar on her face. They pull her back, and Thompson takes her away.The rift continues to boil. Gathering around the gamma cannon, Howard indicates that the radio control (to shut down the rift) isn't functioning and the Gamma cannon needs time to recharge (so they can't use that). Howard says he did make a manual override but it's at the base of the machine directly below the rift. But whoever goes in to turn the manual crank will be inside the danger zone when the rift begins to close. They argue about who should go in (all of them volunteering). In the meantime (ignoring them) Sousa takes the initiative and tethers himself to a post and goes in. As he turns the crank, his body starts to be pulled toward the rift, loosening his tether. The others finally notice his plight and run to anchor him. Jarvis has an idea that will require the sacrifice of Stark's hovercar. Samberly puts the heart of the gamma cannon in the car, Jarvis puts a gasoline soaked rag in the gas tank opening, lights it and pushes the button on the dash. The car flies into the rift, exploding "on the other side" and closing it. Sousa falls to the ground.- by nillindeiel více

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