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Now Is Not the End
We open with scenes from "Captain America," when Peggy tries to convince Steve not to crash land the lane in the water.New York City, 1946Alone in her apartment, Peggy makes herself a cup of tea. She looks at the headlines about Tony Stark's father, Howard Stark, who is on trial for selling weapons to the enemy.Quick scenes of Peggy kicking butt in "Captain America" roll, then she's back in her humdrum apartment she shares with a roommate, Colleen, working the swing shift. Peggy puts her gun in her purse and heads to "the office."At New York Bell Company she walks past the operators and waits for the secret door to open. She walks into her real office, Strategic Scientific Research.The agents gather to watch news reels of Howard Stark testifying before Congress, saying he didn't knowingly sell technology to enemies of the US. So far, six pieces of his technology have turned up in enemy states.The final day of the hearings was yesterday and he didn't show. Carter's boss Roger Dooley orders the agents to find him. When Carter tries to defend Stark, she's treated to a hearty round of sexism and implications by Ray Krzeminski that her only role with Captain America was as lover. Agent Daniel Sousa defends her but just ends up being mocked for his trouble. Carter thanks him, but tells him she can handle them.Agent Jack Thompson dumps paperwork on her, saying she's better at it. "What kind of thing is that? The alphabet? I can teach you. Let's start with words beginning with the letter 'A.'""Poor guy, heard he had his personality shot off in Iwo Jima," Sousa says.Peggy gets lunch at the diner where her friend Angie works. When she gets up for pie she returns to a note telling her to meet in the alley in five minutes. She goes outside, where a man tells her she's coming with him. She decks him then runs. She fires at the car that corners her, but the driver is Howard Stark.In the car, he explains that a month ago someone broke into the vault where he kept his "bad babies," the inventions too dangerous to sell. He wants her to clear his name. "You're asking me to become a traitor to prove you're not one, you do see the irony, right?" she says.Stark gets out at the dock and warns her that an implosive he invented called molecular nitramene could be hitting the market in a day. He offers the services of his butler, Edwin Jarvis (the man she decked).The next day, Peggy reports to work with renewed purpose. Sousa tells her Thompson has a lead on a fence, Spider Raymond, peddling Stark's latest. She brings the coffee in the room to eavesdrop and hears that Spider likes blondes. Peggy asks for a sick day for "lady's things."Later that night at Le Martinque club, Spider ( Andre Royo) sits down with the man who broke into Stark's basement, Leet Brannis (James Frain). Peggy saunters in in a low cut ball gown and blonde wig and says she has something she'd like to sell to Spider. She applies "sweet dreams" lipstick before she goes in.She asks about buying the chemical formula for him, flirting and sitting in his lap. He kisses her and passes out.Carter cracks his safe and finds a glowing orb. She calls Jarvis, who checks Stark's notes and finds that the orange glow means that it has a blast radius of 500 yards. He tells her the solution necessary to disarm it then leaves to attend to his wife's soufflé.Thompson, Krzeminski and Dooley arrive. One of Spider's men finds Peggy in the office and she quickly subdues him with a smartly wielded nearby stapler.Peggy passes a sinister looking man on her way out of the office. The man, Spider's buyer, sees that his weapon is gone and shoots Spider. The agents find him dead. The buyer sees Peggy leave.Peggy returns home, where her roommate is sick in bed. She whips up the disarming formula in the bathroom with some household chemicals but hears a crash from the other room. She finds Colleen in bed with a bullet hole in her head and the buyer lurking behind her. Peggy turns and kciks him, grabs his gun and comes out swinging. As he holds her against a wall, she notices a red mark with three points on the man's neck. She fends off his knife then whacks him with a burner grate and tosses him out the window. Despite the several story drop, he disappears after he hits the ground.Peggy meets with Jarvis at Angie's diner. They take the bomb to a Stark scientist who says only Roxxon chemicals was cabable of making it. He mentions it's still emitting Vita rays.Peggy goes to work and takes down the "Rebirth" file containing Steve Rogers info. She finds what she's looking for: the device that finds Vita rays.Meanwhile, the nefarious buyer sets up a kind of radio connected to his typewriter to report on Agent Carter. He's given permission to complete the mission at all costs.Later that night, Jarvis drives Peggy to Roxxon, which is heavily guarded despite supposedly being decommissioned.Inside, she sees Leet Brannis overseein production of another orb of the chemical. Outside, Jarvis sees a truck pull up. He radios Carter and the blaring transmission alerts Brannis and the other scientist to her presence. She uses a type of ray gun on the scientist then chases Brannis to a waiting truck. She's ready to fire when he flings open the doors and reveals hundreds more orbs.He has the same red scar that Colleen's murderer has and uses a device that people with their voice boxes removed used to talk. He warns her that Leviathan is coming.He tosses an orb to the ground and drives off as the noxious gas spreads. Carter runs for it, calling Jarvis for a ride. He's very put out to be shot at but speeds on until Peggy can leap onto the roof.They clear the plant just before the entire thing detonates, with flames ikcing the car's bumper. The car is pulled backward by the force and the fire quickly swirls and sucks in everything around it.At SSR, Thompson has heard word of an angry blonde in Spider's office before he was killed. They have footage from the club photographer. They're interrupted by a call that Roxxon blew up, and the building is gone.At the diner, Jarvis sets out to look for the word Leviathan in Stark's files. Carter notices Angie's boorish customer groping her and, when no one is looking, Carter uses a well-placed fork to encourage him to find somewhere else to eat.Outside, Jarvis talks to Howard Stark on the phone from his car where he's watching Carter. "You're quite right, Ms. Carter's an excellent choice. I don't think she'll have any suspicions at all," Jarvis says. více
Bridge and Tunnel
In the diner, Angie notices Carter looking for an apartment in the classifieds and mentions one open down the hall from her. But Carter sees her former roommate Colleen's obituary and worries about putting another friend at risk.She goes to one of Stark's houses for a place to stay. Jarvis has found nothing on Leviathan and her efforts to track men with their voice boxes removed haven't turned up anything either. Carter wants to track down the milk truck that Leet Brannis drove off in. Jarvis tries to insist on going with her, bu she declines.Meanwhile, Missing Voice Box No. 1 types on his long range typewriter and is direct to Stark Technologies. His unseen master tells him Leviathan is growing impatient.Later, using note cards, Missing Voice Box No. 1 questions a man about Leet Brannis and Nitramene. The man, who is held in place by a knife through his hand, directs him to Geno DiLucia. The man shoots his victim when he's done.The next morning, Carter goes to Daisy Clover Dairy Farm as a health inspector to scan for Vita rays. When she comes up empty, the boss says an employee named Sheldon McPhee has been out sick for two days and has the truck at home.Meanwhile, at SSR, the entire contents of Roxxon chemical are brought in on the back of a flatbed. Dooley thinks Howard Stark is behind it.At the office, Carter gets an address for Sheldon McPhee. She drops by Daniel Sousa's desk as he gets the photos from her night at Spider's club.Krzeminski interrupts Sousa for help dismantling the Roxxon wad. Sousa locks the photos in his desk. Carter calls Jarvis and warns him to get rid of Stark's car, saying it will be teeming with Vita rays and the SSR is looking into Roxxon.Thompson and Dooley pay a visit to Mr. Jones (Ray Wise) the head of Roxxon chemicals, who tells them Stark tried to buy the refinery recently. He tells them about Stark's molecular nitramene and its connection to vita radiation.Back at SSR, Carter waits for the office to empty then tries to pick the lock on Sousa's desk. She crawls away when he returns, then Dooley calls to send her looking for the Vita radiation detector.When she brings it to Roxxon, Dooley tells her to use it on the female employees. First she heads to the bathroom and scans herself and then tosses the wrist watch that sets it going crazy.Later, she and Thompson scan the Roxxon employees and Carter is stunned to see the second scientists from the plant -- the one she zapped with some sort of ray gun (and who didn't see her). His name tag says "Van Ert." The detector comes up with nothing, so Carter suggests they check the clothes the men wore to work. Van Ert takes off.As Dooley and Thompson chase after him, Carter coolly asks Mr. Jones for a shortcut, then cuts off Van Ert and takes him out with a briefcase.Back at SSR, Dooley tries to get Miles Van Ert to talk. When he doesn't, Thompson is left alone to beat on him.At the diner, Angie gives Carter a description of the apartment near her and doesn't understand when Carter declines. Jarvis picks Carter up to drive to Sheldon's place in New Jersey.Back at the station, they're getting nowhere following up Leet Brannis, who Dooley is sure is the connection to Howard Stark. Sousa gets the address for Sheldon McPhee.Meanwhile, Missing Voice Box No. 1 gets the location of the nitramene buyer.Jarvis and Carter arrive at Sheldon McPhee's remote house and Carter finds the milk truck full of nitramene.Carter sneaks up on Sheldon inside and tosses the giant man around. She's handcuffing him to a chair when she hears the milk truck starting outside and finds Leet Brannis trying to start it.Carter is annoyed to find Jarvis still there. He disabled the truck. Carter holds a gun on Brannis and asks him about Leviathan, his former employers. Brannis wants protection to tell them what Leviathan actually wanted from Stark.Jarvis goes to check on McPhee and finds he's escaped.Carter holds a gun on Brannis as he drives the milk truck full of explosives into town. They're driving through woods when Missing Voice Box No. 1 jumps out onto the truck roof and starts firing.Meanwhile, Thompson and Dooley are driving up to McPhee's place when they see him running down the road with the chair he's handcuffed to hanging behind him. They find it suspicious.Carter climbs on the roof of the milk truck and takes on the quiet man, who fires down into the truck again, hitting Brannis. He slumps at the wheel, knocking an orb of nitramene loose.With McPhee in the back of their car, Thomspon and Dooley ask who cuffed him.On top of the truck still careering down the road, Carter sees a sign for a cliff and sharp turn ahead. She shouts at Jarvis inside to grab Brannis and jump free, then she stakes the man to the roof with a knife through his hand. When the truck goes straight, Brannis, Jarvis and Carter jump to the road, leaving the man to go off the side with it as the explosives crash into the water below. There's a blinding light and trees are sucked into the blast.Brannis is fading after the jump from the truck. Carter tries to get more info on Leviathan, but Brannis' voice speaker is busted. He draws something in the dirt, a symbol that looks like a heart shape with a line through it. Then he dies. When Carter hears sirens, she rubs out the symbol and she and Jarvis make their exit.Dooley, Thompson and Krzeminski find Brannis by the side of the road, and woman's footprints. Sousa finds a room key to the Hotel Cosmopolitan.Back at Stark's house, Jarvis stitches up Carter where a bullet grazed her leg. Jarvis points out how lucky she is that he didn't take her order to leave. She tells him people near him get hurt. He points out that no one is strong enough to carry the world on their shoulders alone. When she suggests Steve Rogers was, Jarvis points out that he relied heavily on her. His point is taken.Later, Carter goes with Angie to meet her new neighbors at the women's dorm. But first she has to interview with Miriam. When asked how long she sees herself working at the telephone company, Carter dutifully replies only until she finds a suitable husband. Miriam tells her the rules: no drinking, curfew is 10 p.m. and no men are allowed above the first floor.At the office the next day, the agents are looking at the photos from the club, but are fixated on a man they think is Joe DiMaggio. There are no clear shots of the blonde's face (Carter).Down in the garage, Krzeminksi peels another piece off the hunk of rubble, steel and wood from Roxxon. He finds a license plate -- the one from the car of Stark's that Jarvis was driving. více
Time and Tide
Agent Peggy Carter continues on her double mission to clear Howard Stark while fending off the rampant misogyny at the Strategic Scientific Reserve. As she and Stark's butler Jarvis work to uncover who took the genius inventor's secret cache of inventions, the fellas at SSR follow the trails of the two dead men with no voice boxes. Carter not only has to hide her side project from her fellow agents, but also her friend and roommate Angie. The capable, talented Agent Carter has to appear to be just the opposite to keep her secrets safe, but she's torn between wanting credit for her own good work and knowing that exposure would bring her more aggravation than accolades. Batman could probably relate.Meanwhile, the SSR investigation into the Roxxone explosion leads them to Stark's car, and to Jarvis, who appears to be hiding an unsavory incident in his past.***Agent Peggy Carter goes through books looking for the heart with the squiggle through it that Leet Brannis drew in the dirt before he died. She finds a man scaling her wall outside and draws a gun on him, but he's just trying to find one of her boarding house mates, the next window over.Meanwhile, Agents Roger Dooley and Ray Krzeminski go to the room rented by the other man with no voice box. They find passports and money stuffed in a chair and his typewriter communicator.At the boarding house in the morning, Molly is chipper after her evening in with the wall climber Jimmy. The boarding house mistress Miriam Fry addresses the girls and busts Molly for sneaking in a man, kicking her out.Back at the office, they ID Brannis as a former Russian army soldier, who was supposedly killed two years ago. They haven't ID'd the other man but think the typewriter is a long-range transmitter. Agent Sousa reports the license plate found in the Roxxone wreckage belonged to Howard Stark.Carter drops by Jarvis' house next to Stark's with an idea to find out how the thieves broke into Stark's "impenetrable" vault. Jarvis reports a storm knocked the alarm on it out for two hours. Suddenly, there's a knock on Stark's door, it's Sousa and Agent Thompson.Jarvis tells them the car was stolen but they ask him to come downtown.Back at the office, Krzeminski tries to find someone to cover his night shift.Thompson talks to Jarvis in an interrogation room. Carter watches from behind the one-way glass. Dooley holds the stolen car report, which he plans to "lose in the system" to hold against Jarvis. Thompson mentions that Jarvis was charged with treason and dishonorably discharged, although he doesn't have the details. He threatens to tell everyone and have Jarvis deported.Dooley thinks Jarvis is about to crack. Carter leaves to grab some paperwork then returns to interrupt Dooley for his signature.Thompson and Dooley conference in the hall then when they open the door to talk to Jarvis, Carter makes sure Jarvis can hear her as she apologizes to Dooley for mistakenly taking his stolen car report. Understanding what's going on, Jarvis takes the opportunity to leave.Later, Dooley chews out Carter for blowing it with Jarvis as every man in the office listens.That night at the boarding house, Carter is about to head out when Angie stops by wanting to gab. She gets miffed when Carter tries to get her to leave. Mrs. Fry introduces them to the newest resident, Dottie.Later that night, Carter meets with Jarvis, who doesn't feel like sharing. They get right to rappelling down into the hole blasted through the floor from the safe room. There's a storm tunnel below and Carter suggests with enough rainfall, Brannis could have just used a boat to float the hundreds of pounds of Stark inventions out to the river.Back at SSR, Thompson IDs the other man with no voice box as Sasha Demidov, who was also reported dead years ago.Down in the tunnels, Carter tells Jarvis she needs to know his past. He's hesitant but explains that before the war he traveled with a general and ended up in Budapest, where he met a Jewish woman named Anna. The general refused to sign papers that would guarantee her safe passage out, so Jarvis forged his name. Howard Stark saved him from being hanged for treason. He married Anna.Carter and Jarvis reach the end of the storm tunnel and look out to the river. They see a boat with Brannis' symbol on it.As they approach the boat from the dock and unseen man in a fedora watches them. Inside the ship's hull, they find boxes of Stark's stolen items. Carter suggests they call it in and Jarvis tries to help her realize doing so would only get her in trouble. She thinks it will make her fellow agents respect her, but he argues they'll just use it against her. She tells him to call it in to Sousa.With Jarvis gone to make the call, a muscle bound man attacks Carter in the hull. The man says Brannis told him "one of you" would be coming. Carter fights the man off, but he tosses her to the ground. She escapes as he swings a led pipe at her, but he soon pins it against her windpipe. Jarvis returns and whacks the man on the head, but is quickly overpowered. Carter grabs one of Stark's nearby inventions and uses it to paralyze the man. They run when they hear sirens approaching.Sousa and Krzeminski arrive at the boat and find the man unconscious inside, along with all of Stark's inventions. Krzeminski is thrilled, but Sousa thinks it was handed to them.Later, agents come to pick up all the Stark stuff. Krzeminski drives the muscle man back to the office and he mentions the "English broad with a solid right hook" who was on the boat. When they stop at a train crossing, a car re-ends them. Krzeminski gets out to talk to the driver and gets a chest full of bullets. Then the men gun down the muscle man, even as he insists he didn't talk.The next morning, Peggy comes in to work to see everyone somber and sullen. She sees the flowers on Krzeminski's desk. Sousa is bothered that the anonymous tip came to SSR directly and thinks it means they were targeted.Dooley addresses everyone, reminding them Krzeminski's death is Howard Stark's fault.Later that night, Peggy drops by the diner where Angie works and gets a cold reception. She asks to tell Angie about her day and shares how upset she is over Krzeminski's death. Angie brightens and they make plans to share a bottle of schnapps. více
The Blitzkrieg Button
All season, Agent Peggy Carter has been working secretly under the noses of her SSR colleagues to clear the name of her good friend Howard Stark. In "The Blitzkrieg Button," the playboy inventor and presumed traitor returns to New York to retrieve one of his inventions, and instead ends up alienating the only real ally he has. (Well, other than Jarvis. Does a multi-purpose butler count?)Peggy Carter's belief in herself and her own convictions in the face of sexism and constant marginalization at work is one of her defining traits, and when it is shaken she stays true to form. She does not wilt, she roars. A taken-for-granted Agent Carter should be fun to see in the coming weeks.Her kindred spirit at SSR, Agent Sousa, also tries to prove himself under the taunting of his colleagues and comes away with a win that feels, to him, more like a loss. But he nevertheless gets one step closer to uncovering the covert work Peggy has been doing under her chauvinistic coworkers' noses.Meanwhile, Chief Roger Dooley takes a trip to Germany to get answers about their twice dead Russians, leaving Agent Thompson to bark lunch orders at "Marge" and never let Peggy forget the uphill battle she's fighting.As Howard Stark hides out at Peggy's apartment, making kissy friends with her neighbors, one "girl" is revealed to be much more than she seems. That'll teach us to think single women of the era are only looking for a man -- exactly the kind of mentality that Agent Carter is butting heads with every day.**** Jarvis conducts a transaction with representatives of the smuggler Mr. Mink. As he does, the three men standing guard are taken out by Peggy Carter. Seeing her approach, Jarvis hands over the second briefcase when the goons try to extort him. ("This ain't extrortion, it's a shakedown," one protests.) He opens it and a gas is released, knocking the Mink goons out.Peggy and Jarvis go to retrieve their package -- a luxury shipping container housing Howard Stark.They drive back to Stark's penthouse, owned by a shell company of a shell company, but Peggy sees SSR surveillance parked outside. Instead, they head to the Griffith, Peggy's boarding house. "How's Miriam?" Stark asks.Peggy sneaks him in through the basement and up the dumb waiter. Miriam finds Peggy in the laundry and escorts her to her room.At SSR, Chief Roger Dooley prepares to leave for Germanay to talk to Ernst Mueller, a Nazi war criminal who is scheduled to be executed in two days. He was at the battle where the dead Russians supposedly previously died and Dooley wants answers. He leaves Agent Thompson in charge.Up on Peggy's floor, after a lecture from Miriam about how she protects women's virtue, Miriam directs Peggy to open the dumbwaiter to retrieve her laundry. Peggy is relieved Howard isn't inside. Peggy finds him canoodling in one of her neighbor's rooms.Back in her room, Stark is planning to leave for Rio in three days. He wants to know which of his inventions the SSR has so he can determine which are still on the black market. He gives Peggy a camera pen to take in to work.Peggy reports to work on no night's sleep and Thompson is laying down the law. Sousa leaves to pull prints from the pay phone where the anonymous call about the boat came from -- the call Jarvis made. Peggy gets to take lunch orders.She uses the assignment as cover to head to the lab and snap pen photos of everything the lab guys are testing.At the dock, Sousa tries to get information from two homeless men. When one of them gives him resistance, Sousa cuffs him.Mr. Mink's two goons try to defend showing up with no money and tell him a woman named "Peggy" met up with Jarvis and took his money. Mink kills them both.Peggy returns home to give him her photos and has to drag him out of another neighbor's bedroom.At SSR, Thompson mocks Sousa when he returns with the homeless man.Peggy and Stark develop her pen film in her room. Angie knocks to summon Peggy for dinner.At SSR, Sousa tries to relate to the homeless man as a veteran but he gets shutdown. Thompson watches the interview and tells Sousa to let him go, but Sousa insists the man saw something.Peggy returns to her room with smuggled food. Stark tells her all of his inventions are at SSR, but he needs her to steal one back. All of his inventions can cause large scale destruction but none are active, except one, the Blitzkrieg button. A single push of a button on a small orb will shutdown the entire electrical grid for years. He gives her a mock-up to swap out.Jarvis picks up Peggy outside her place, as Mr. Mink watches them both.Back in interrogation, Sousa tries again with the homeless man, but Thompson interrupts. He makes himself at home, putting his feet up with a hamburger and a bottle of Scotch. Sousa thinks Thompson is messing with him until he offers the booze to the homeless man in return for information. He immediately tells them about a fancy dressed man and a brunette on the boat. Sousa stews at Thompsons success and Thompson chides him: "Not everyone came back from the war wanting a hug."Nuremburg Prison, GermanyDooley meets with Nazi colonel Mueller and shows him pictures of the two dead Russians. He offers to help Mueller escape if he tells him about the battle where the Russians supposedly died.In New York, Jarvis drives Peggy but he's acting squirrely. She asks Jarvis what would happen if she pushed the button on the Blitzkrieg device and sees him nervously tug his ear.Back in Germany, Dooley offers Mueller a cyanide pill to save him the torture of hanging. Mueller says there was no battle, but instead the Nazis came upon a massacre. Dooley gives him the pill.Then outside the cell, Dooley pops one -- they're breath mints.Back in New York, Peggy sneaks into the SSR and swaps out the Blitzkrieg device from the lab. But her curiosity gets the better of her. She flips the switch. The lights stay on and the orb pops open, revealing a vial of red liquid inside.Peggy ducks into the interview room to hide from her coworkers but finds slightly drunk Thompson instead. He asks her why she works there and tells her the sad truth that no man will ever consider her an equal.Back outside her apartment, Mr. Mink watches Peggy return and notices a flower delivery van outside. Inside, Peggy demands Stark tell her what's in the blood, even though he says she knows. When he says it's Steve Rogers' blood, she decks him.Mink comes into the Griffith to deliver flowers to Peggy, saying he loves her. He watches Miriam write down Peggy's room number, then leaves.Up in Peggy's room, Peggy is furious with Stark for lying to her. "You don't get to use my reaction to your lies as a reason for your lies!" she says when he complains about her decking him. He says he was only trying to protect her, which is, of course, patronizing. He explains his natural instinct for lying, but apologizes.He has the vial from working on Project Rebirth that turned Steve into Captain America. The government got 11 vials, he got one. The government is almost through their supply and he knew he'd never get his back. He says it could be the answer to curing innumerable diseases, but she accuses him of only wanting it for profit. She lays into him, allowing her to act as his corporate spy. She storms off, telling him to be gone when she returns.Meanwhile, Mink sneaks into the Griffith and heads for her room. When Peggy's neighbor Dottie sees Mink in the hallway, he draws a gun on him. She in unfazed, saying only that she wants his gun. Then she scales the walls like a ninja and in one move, snaps his neck with her legs.On the street, Jarvis admits to Peggy that he knew and regrets his part. When she leaves, Jarvis sits next to Stark at shoe shine stand and blames him for taking Peggy for granted, saying the whole thing stinks. (An old man asks to borrow Stark's sports section -- Stan Lee cameo alert!)At SSR, Sousa stares at the photo of the mystery blonde from the nightclub then starts coloring the blonde hair in brown.Dooley returns to the office. Thompson reports that one day after the non-battle a plane landed at the nearby airport. Howard Stark was one of the passengers. Dooley smells conspiracy.Back at the Griffith, Peggy cranks up her radio and starts hammering away at the plaster in her walls. Next door, with Mr. Mink dead under her bed, Dottie admires her new weapondry. Peggy hides the Blitzkrieg device with Steve's blood inside in her wall behind a painting.At SSR, Dooley is reviewing the files when suddenly the long-range typewriter starts tapping away. více
The Iron Ceiling
Russia, 1937A young blonde girl wakes up handcuffed to her bed, along with dozens of other girls. The girls attend a class, watching "Snow White" to practice their English. They fight hand-to-hand combat and are trained to kill each other.New York, 1946Peggy's neighbor Dottie begins her day with rigorous sit-ups. Then she puts on a giggly face and has breakfast with Peggy. Dottie "accidentally" knocks over Peggy's purse and swipes her keys.Jarvis finds Peggy at a newsstand and tries again to apologize. Peggy is still angry at Howard Stark for using her to get Captain America's blood. Jarvis asks if she honestly thinks her male colleagues will ever give her a chance.When Peggy arrives at SSR, it's a beehive of activity following the magic typewriter spitting out a message. A code breaker is having no luck with it, but Peggy decodes it quickly and finds map coordinates and a message setting a time to exchange a purchase. It references Leviathan and a havoc reaker. The message ends with saying the payment is for Howard Stark.Peggy has to argue with Chief Dooley to get to go on the mission to Russia, where she spent three years during the war. Agent Thompson argues against her going, and Dooley is about to agree. Peggy suggests she can get the 107th regiment, who know the terrain better than anyone, and Dooley agrees to let her go if she can. She does with one phone call.Peggy has to use the men's locker room because there's no place for women to change into tactical gear. When Agent Sousa comes in, Thompson tricks him into walking in on Carter changing. He takes note of two scars on her shoulder.On the plane over Poland, Thompson is visibly nervous before his first real parachute jump. On the ground, they meet up with Happy Sam Sawyer, Pinky Pinkerton, Junior Juniper and Dum Dum Dugan, the Howling Commandos. The SSR agents are in awe that they fought alongside Captain America, and Dugan points out Peggy fought with him longer.In the trucks on the way, Peggy shares the bourbon Dugan requested. Peggy thinks the message about Stark is just Leviathan trying to lure them in for a trap.Back at the SSR office, Sousa pulls Peggy's medical records and sees that her shoulder scars are gunshot wounds. He compares them to the photos from the club of his mystery blonde and finds the same scars.Gathered around the campfire, Peggy gets a reluctant Thompson to tell the story of why he was awarded the Navy Cross. He fell asleep on night watch in Japan and found six Japanese sneaking into his camp. He shot them all before any of his men even woke up.Back in New York, Agent Dooley meets with a reporter to learn more about the Battle of Finau, in which 247 Russians died. He says Stark was there for the clean-up. He picked a fight with General McGuinness and lost badly, but McGuinness resigned a week later. (He died a few months ago.) A week after that, Stark cut all ties with the army and walked away from a huge contract. He suggests SSR doesn't have the full story about Howard Stark.The next morning in Russia, Thompson listens to Peggy's suggestion about how to go into the meeting spot. It's the old school where the girls were trained to pass for Americans. They see handcuffs on beds in the next room and find a young girl crying. Dugan approaches her gently and the second he looks away sticks a knife in his chest. She grabs Dugan's gun, shoots Juniper and ninjas around the and out a secret passage. Peggy stops Dugan from lobbying a grenade after her (his vest stopped the knife). Juniper is dead.Peggy gives orders, telling Dugan they can't leave without finding out who's setting up Stark.Dooley goes to Jarvis and asks about McGuinness. Jarvis says he doesn't know anything. Dooley assures him he just wants the truth and leaves a number for Stark to reach him.Back in Russia, they find men in a basement jail.Back in New York, Dottie uses Peggy's key to go into her room and search the place. She finds photos of Stark's inventions in Peggy's hidden jewelry box and takes one. She sits down at Peggy's vanity and pokes through her things then replaces the string on Peggy's lock to hide that she was there.In Russia, the men in the cell explain that Leviathan acquired some plans on the black market and are using them to build what's in them. One man is a scientist named Nikolai and the other is his doctor, helping him keep it together. They have Stark's plans but say they've never seen him and the plans are stolen.When Leviathan arrives, the team releases the captives and runs for it. They get pinned in the boiler room, where the young girl shoots Agent Li in the head. Nikolai grabs Happy and offers him up as a hostage. His doctor tries to talk him down and Peggy gives Nikolai until the count of three to release Happy. The doctor kills Nikolai on "one."Peggy takes control in the firefight as Thompson cowers. Finally Dugan busts through a wall, providing them with an escape route. When Thompson is still paralyzed with fear, Peggy runs through gunfire to grab him and get him moving. She insists on staying behind to keep taking out Russians as everyone else makes it to safety. She runs to the truck in a hail of gunfire, loving every minute of it.Later, Dugan says his good-byes to Peggy. She declines his offer to join him in the field. The doctor agrees to come back to New York to join the SSR in stopping Leviathan.On the plane back, Thompson grudgingly admits that Peggy saved a lot of lives, including him. She tries to make him feel better by saying everybody freezes sometimes. He admits the soldiers he killed in his camp in Japan were carrying a white flag -- but he didn't realize it until it was too late. He buried the flag before anyone else saw it. "Everybody thinks that I'm this guy that I never was and every day it gets harder and harder to live with it," he says.Back at the Griffith, Dottie gets ready for bed, handcuffing herself to the head board.Back at SSR, Thompson gives Peggy credit for bringing Doctor Ivchenko back. Thompson still thinks Leviathan might have gotten the plans from Stark himself.As the agents head home for the night, Thompson invites Peggy to join them at the bar. Sousa stays behind, unsure of what to make of Peggy as his mystery blonde. více
A Sin to Err
Russia, 1944A Russian officer "invites" four men at gunpoint to join Leviathan, including Doctor Ivchenko. When one man asks not to join, Dottie the superspy kills him and the officer promises the man's family is next.Back at SSR, Ivchenko tells Agent Dooley about Leviathan. Agent Peggy Carter peppers him with questions about the young girls trained to kill until Dooley hauls her out of the room. She thinks one of those girls grew up and killed Agent Krezminski. The gun that was used was Russian, and small, best suited to a woman's grip. A woman is also the most plausible explanation for how Howard Stark was manipulated. Dooley shocks Carter by telling her to investigate her hunch.At the diner, Angie gives Peggy her replacement key for the one she lost. Angie is bummed after her seventh failed audition.Jarvis arrives and tells Peggy that Stark was upset when he returned following the battle of Fornau and got to work on the items in his vault. Peggy tells Jarvis about the under cover female Russian operatives and asks Jarvis for a list of Stark's recent conquests.Meanwhile, Dottie arrives downtown and goes to a dentist's office across the street, pretending to be there for a job interview.Agent Sousa goes to visit Sheldon, the guy who had the nitromene and said a woman beat him up and tied him to a chair. Sousa shows him a picture of Agent Carter and he IDs her.Jarvis and Carter visit a jeweler who made custom diamond tennis bracelets for all of Stark's women. He gives them a list and Peggy crosses off all the famous starlets.Meanwhile, Dottie attacks the dentist in the empty office and subdues him.Tracking down the names on the list, Jarvis doesn't want to face the women that Stark made him dump. Peggy thinks the spy might have scars on her wrist from being chained to the bed, just like the girl in Russia. Woman after woman chews out Jarvis and slaps him. They move on to the next name on the list, Ida Impkee, a dancer.At SSR, Dooley and Ivchenko take a break from talking about Leviathan and Ivchenko analyzes Dooley office and concludes on the outs with his wife.From across the street, Dottie lines up her rifle scope. When Ivchenko looks out the window she trains it on him, but instead of firing, she flashes him a coded message with the scope reflection. He uses hand signals to message back: "Need more time to get item. New directive: Kill Peggy Carter."When no one answers at Ida's Peggy lets herself in and finds it empty, with mail piled up. She sees handcuff marks on the bed post. Jarvis and Peggy break to talk to neighbors and the landlord about Ida.Back at SSR, an agent brings Agent Thompson the background check he asked for.In his office, Ivchenko starts to subtly hypnotize Dooley when Sousa interrupts.Back at the diner, Jarvis and Peggy both came up empty on Ida. Peggy notices people clearing out of the diner and SSR agents replacing them. She tells Jarvis to block the front as she punches out the nearest agent, kicks another and cracks another with a well-thrown plate. Jarvis blocks the door with a chair and he and Peggy head out the back, where Agent Thompson stops them with a gun.A witness places her with Leet Brannis the night he died, she's in a photo taken at Spider's club and now she's with Jarvis. Thompson tells her to turn herself in, but she apologizes and knocks him out instead. Peggy tells Jarvis to meet her after she stops by the Griffith for Steve Roger's blood. As she's rounding the alley corner, she runs into Sousa. She tells him he doesn't have the full story, then walks past him, knowing he won't shoot.Back at SSR, Dooley can't believe Peggy took out all the agents sent after her. He proclaims her a fugitive and demands they find her.Dooley hustles Ivchenko to a conference room and leaves him with Agent Yauch. Ivchenko senses Yauch is disgruntled and says he can help. He starts twirling his ring again like he did to hypnotize Dooley.Peggy reaches her room at the Griffith just ahead of Thompson and Sousa and a team of agents. Peggy gets Steve's blood but hears Miriam in the hallway protesting about her. Peggy hides on the ledge outside her room as the agents search inside. She inches along until she reaches Angie's window just as Thompson knocks on Angie's door. When they ask her if Peggy talked about her job, Angie says Peggy "complained about her fathead male coworkers a lot."When Angie sees Agent Thompson getting near the window, Angie breaks into fake tears over Peggy's sick grandmother. She makes them uncomfortable enough that they leave to search the rest of the building.Angie hauls Peggy in from the ledge. "I knew you didn't work at the phone company," Angie says triumphantly.At SSR, Ivchenko gets Yauch to tell him where Stark's things are. Yauch tells Ivchenko that Dooley has the lab on lockdown and Dooley is the only one allowed in. Then Ivchenko hypnotizes Yauch to leave work, get a drink and step out into traffic (which he does).Angie calls her brother to leave a car for Peggy at the Dublin House. Peggy leaves and runs into Dottie in the hallway. Dottie kisses Peggy on the lips with Peggy's knockout lipstick and Peggy notices the scars on Dottie's wrists as she passes out. Dottie is taking out a knife when Agents Thompson and Sousa find her. Dottie plays dottie and innocent as they handcuff Peggy and take her away.Peggy is woozy on her feet as they put her into a car.At the Griffith, Angie goes to get Dottie for dinner and finds her room cleaned out.At SSR, Sousa sits down with Peggy in interrogation. "Don't go easy on her because she's a girl," Dooley cautions. více
On a Russian battlefield, Dr. Ivchenko is summoned to help hypnotize a soldier who needs his leg amputated -- they're all out of anesthetic.Three Years LaterIvchenko watches with Agent Dooley as Agent Sousa interrogates Peggy Carter. Carter desperately tries to convince Sousa that there's a trained killer out there as Ivchenko says she's a pathological liar.Agent Thompson interrupts Dooley to tell him Agent Yauch was hit by a truck coming out of a bar. Thompson chafes at Ivchenko watching Peggy. Thompson, Sousa and Dooley take turns talking to Peggy as she calmly tries to explain that Howard Stark is not the man they're after and she's not involved with him.Dooley asks about the Battle of Finau and Peggy explains she didn't see any action there. "You think you know me, but I've never been more than what each of you has created. To (Dooley) I'm a stray kitten left on your doorstep to be protected, (to Thompson) the secretary turned damsel in distress, (to Sousa) the girl on the pedestal transformed into some daft whore. You're behaving like children. What's far worse is that this is just shoddy police work," Peggy says, telling them they should be after Dottie Underwood.In a baby shop, Dottie buys a baby carriage.Alone again with Peggy, Thompson warns her that soon Dooley will soon ask him to start beating a confession out of her.Jarvis arrives, saying he has a signed confession from Howard Stark. Stark is prepared to turn himself in if Jarvis and Peggy are let go. Dooley agrees, but also kicks Peggy out of the SSR.Alone with Peggy, Jarvis is forced to admit that Howard Stark didn't write the confession, he did. Peggy questions what they're supposed to do when Stark doesn't turn himself in.With Ivchenko listening in, Dooley makes a heartfelt call to his wife, trying to patch things up.From the conference room, Peggy has a clear line of sight as Ivchenko stands at Dooley's window and makes hand signals to Dottie across the street. She writes down the morse code, which warns them to prepare for evacuation. Leviathan is coming in 90 minutes.Peggy goes to Dooley and tells him Stark's confession is fake. She sits the agents down and tells them about her investigation and what she just saw Dr. Ivchenko doing. When Sousa asks why she didn't come to them earlier, she says: "I conducted my own investigation because no one listens to me. I got away with it because no one looks at me, because unless I have your reports, your coffee or your lunch, I am invisible."To finally convince them, Peggy reveals the vial with Steve Rogers' blood. She tells them how Howard tricked her into stealing it.The men conference in the hall, with Sousa arguing he believes Peggy. Dooley orders agents to check the building across the way. Back in his office, he asks Ivchenko to close the window and the doctor sees agents going into the building. He turns to Dooley and starts hypnotizing him by turning his ring.In the building across the street, Thompson tells Sousa he believes Peggy, too.Ivchenko finishes with Dooley and he goes straight to Peggy and Jarvis and escorts them to an interview room. He turns a gun on Peggy then locks her in, breaking off the key in the lock.Across the street, Dottie sees Sousa and ducks into an office.Dooley marches into the lab with Ivchenko and orders everyone out. Ivchenko is interested in Stark's item 17. As they look, Ivchenko finds a vest that interests him.Dooley finds item 17.Across the street, Sousa pulls a gun on Dottie but she wheels around and kicks it away. He's able to fend her off with a mop and bucket and get his gun back, firing as she runs. Dottie leaps down the stairwell, grabbing onto each side like Spider-Man until she reaches the ground.At SSR, Ivchenko takes the case from Dooley and hands him the vest, reminding him that he knows what to do.Dottie picks Ivchenko up at the curb outside. He wants to test what's in the case, saying that SSR will soon be far too busy to worry about them.Back in interrogation, Jarvis and Peggy are handcuffed to the table and decide to use it as a battering ram through the glass. But after breaking it, they realize they're still attached to the table. Thompson finds them.Dooley arrives at his house. He tells his wife he just let a suspect escape but he doesn't care, he just wants to come home. Dooley is awoken form his dream by Thompson pounding on the door to his office.Dooley is wearing Stark's vest, which Jarvis recognizes immediately as one designed as a warmer and body armor, but with incredibly flawed design. It usually overheats and explodes.Across the street, Sousa finds the body of the dentist Dottie carved up along with Dottie's messages from Ivchenko, including the latest telling her to kill Peggy Carter.As Dooley starts to cook in the vest, the scientists have to admit they have no idea what to do. Dooley grabs Thompson's gun and asks Peggy to promise they'll get Ivchenko. When she does, he turns and fires at the window as he races toward it. Dooley crashes through the window and it hurtling toward the street below when he explodes.Later, amid the wreckage, Peggy blames herself for bringing Ivchenko to SSR. But Jarvis says Stark is to blame, the vest was his invention. Peggy remembers back to Stark's inventions starting the whole thing and what Leviathan originally charged Leet Brannis with stealing. They race to find Steve Rogers' blood.Meanwhile, Dottie wheels her baby carriage into a movie theater. She opens the valve on a canister in the carriage and walks out.In the SSR lab, Peggy finds that Steve's blood is still there. They search to find what Ivchenko took, but Jarvis has no idea what item 17 does.In the movie theater, people start coughing and then attacking each other violently. An usher unbars the door to let in a late-arriving couple and finds a blood bath. více
The Captain America radio program continues, with "Betty Carver" playing the breathless, ditzy lover.Peggy Cater and Agents Thompson and Sousa arrive at the movie theater where Item 17 was released and see corpses covered in scratches and claw marks inflicted by their fellow movie goers. Sousa finds the baby carriage and poison container and manages to accidentally gas himself. When Thompson checks on him, Sousa attacks him, then Peggy, and shows no signs of stopping until a cop knocks him out.Dr. Ivchenko and Dottie are pulled over by a police officer after she accidentally blows through a light. She does her best sweet innocent woman routine and the cop is about to let them go when he hears a description of their car broadcast on the radio. Dottie pulls a gun on him.Sousa wakes up chained to a hospital bed. He remembers wanting to kill everyone. Ivchenko has ten canisters. Peggy suggests Ivchenko has a specific target in mind. Then the target strides in: Howard Stark.Thompson quickly arrests him. Stark brought files on the Battle of Finau and explains that the gas was supposed to be "Midnight Oil" to keep soldiers awake for days at a time but it failed and caused psychosis intead. His lab was raided on the order of General McGuinness and used on the Russians at Finau. Stark explains that it causes asphyxiation, which explains the laryngotomies on Leet Brannis and his cohort. The files also reveal that Ivchenko is really Johann Fenhoff, a psychiatrist with a specialty in hypnosis.Stark volunteers himself as bait.Dottie and Ivchenko are in the middle of stealing a plane when they hear that Stark is back in town and will be giving a speech on the steps of city hall.Back at SSR, Peggy suggests to Stark that he's taking an unnecessary risk, but he feels responsible for everything that has happened. As he's getting his own design of body armor from the lab, he swipes the orb wit Steve Rogers' blood in it.The next day on the steps of city hall, Agent Thompson declares that all charges against Stark have been dropped. Thompson bites back his bile as Stark feeds him lines calling him a hero. Peggy scans the crowd for Dottie but sees nothing until the shots start coming. Jarvis hustles Stark into the waiting police car, but it speeds off without Jarvis. The driver is the policeman who pulled over Dottie, clearly under Ivchenko's hypnosis.Peggy and Thompson find the shooting from across the street was being done by an unmanned rifle that wasn't even aimed at Stark. They realize it was a diversion moments before they hear the broadcast about Stark being kidnapped.Knowing grabbing Stark had to be a last minute plan, Peggy and Thompson realize it's VE Day and Dottie and Ivchenko are going to hit Times Square.Meanwhile, the cops find the hypnotized policeman dead.In a car with Stark, Dottie reminds Stark that they spent a weekend together not too long ago.The SSR agents get word that the bad guys are leaving the city and wonder why. Jarvis suggests they might be heading for one of Stark's own planes to deploy the gas. The SSR thought they confiscated everything, but he has more.6 Months AgoStark shows off his toys -- planes and cars -- to Dottie, bragging that some of the planes fly themselves.Meanwhile back in the present, Dottie beats on Stark as he fails to remember her name. Fenhoff describes the ravages of Stark's Midnight Oil on his comrades, saying revenge has been his singular focus. Stark asks that they leave innocent people out of it, but Fenhoff says he plans to make Stark suffer. He begins hypnotizing Stark, taking him back to the time that holds his greatest shame.Stark sees himself on an icy tundra, with a pilot telling him he thinks they found Captain America's plane. Stark sees Peggy holding Captain America's shield, asking him to bring him home.Peggy and the SSR agents pull up just as Stark is taking off into the night. Peggy goes to the radio room to try to talk Stark down. Because Thompson and Sousa can't fly, Jarvis volunteers to fly the plane that might have to shoot him down if Peggy fails. He knows Stark would want to be stopped.Peggy finds Dottie and Fenhoff in the radio room. She gets Dottie to drop her gun, but Dottie fights back. Peggy tries to get to the radio as Dottie goes after her with a baseball bat. Dottie wails on Peggy and gets her down on a couch in the room overlooking the hangar. But Peggy stands up and delivers a firm shove, pushing Dottie out the window and onto the wing of a plane below.Agents Thompson and Sousa go after Fenhoff, mindful that if he starts talking, they're dead.Peggy radios Stark, trying to reach him through the fantasy Fenhoff has planted in his head. He thinks he's flying in the icy wildnerness toward Stark's plane.In the hangar, Fenhoff gets the drop on Thompson and knocks him out. Sousa pulls his gun from across the hangar and crutches toward Fenhoff as he tries to reach Sousa, playing on his role as an outsider and unrequited feelings for Peggy. As Sousa reaches Fenhoff, he tells Sousa to turn his gun on Thompson instead. Thompson wakes up in time to get nervous as Sousa aims at him.But then Sousa knocks Fenhoff out with his gun instead, and takes the cotton out of his ears.With only one mile to go in the air until they reach land, Jarvis catches up with Stark and radios Peggy asking if he should shoot. Peggy desperately tries to get through to Stark, saying that Steve Rogers is dead and even though they both loved him, they have to move on. She tells Stark he's the one person in the world who believes in her and she doesn't want to lose him.Stark suddenly wonders what he's doing flying a plane to Manhattan. Peggy calls off Jarvis and they both turn around.When Peggy leaves the radio room, she's surprised to see only a trail of blood on the plane wing where Dottie landed.Sousa and Thompson take Fenhoff into custody -- bound and gagged.Peggy tells Stark and Jarvis that Dottie got away and "I doubt we've seen the last of her."Stark finally remembers her name was Ida.The next day, Peggy arrives at SSR to a round of applause from her male colleagues. Senator Walt Cooper strides in and congratulates Agent Thompson -- and only Thompson - on a job well done. The President wants to thank Thompson himself.Souse seethes, but Peggy says that she knows her own value and no one else's opinion matters. Sousa screws up his courage to ask Peggy out for a drink after work, but she says "another time" and that she has to meet a friend.Later, Jarvis shows Peggy Carter and Angie Martinelli to one of Stark's "smaller" (six bedroom, eight bath) residences, which Stark is offering to them rent free, given the incidents at Angie's work and residence.Jarvis admits to Peggy that he's looking forward to returning to some of his other duties, beginning with a complete overhaul of the kitchen spices. But he offers his services to Peggy, should she ever need them again.Stark is trying to negotiate the return of his things from the SSR -- with plans to destroy them all. He doesn't believe any government can be trusted with those inventions. Jarvis gives Peggy the vial of Captain America's blood. Jarvis explains that Stark is under the impression the vial was lost when he was under Fenhoff's control."I am quite certain there is only one person in the world who knows what to do with this: You, Ms. Carter," Jarvis says.Later, Peggy goes to the Brooklyn Bridge and pours the blood out into the river below as tears stream down her face. "Bye, my darling," she says.Meanwhile, Fenhoff is lead to his jail cell, wearing a metal Hannibal Lecter mask to keep him from speaking.A voice greets him in the dark, saying he's familiar with Fenhoff's work and hopes they can collaborate. He offers up a pencil and paper. It's Dr. Arnim Zola (Toby Jones), the Hydra scientist who helped the Red Skull harness the Tesseract's power and other dastardly anti-Captain America deeds. více

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