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California Dreaming
Reverend Gregory accepts a job in California, much to Thelma's dismay. více
Dancing in the Dark
The Deacon accepts an offer to work for his old law school rival and finds the man as competitive as ever. více
You Bet Your Life
Amelia's old gambling habit returns after she wins a new car in the church raffle. více
Dueling Ministers
Reverend Gregory finds himself in competition with a 12-year-old minister. více
Thelma's Reunion
Thelma becomes very insecure as her school reunion approaches. She feels she doesn't measure up to her snobby friends. více
Deacon on the Line
The Deacon counsels a troubled teen who phones in. více
Rolly's Proposal
Rolly and Leola decide to move in together. více
Rolly's Wedding
Rolly and Leola prepare for their wedding despite some reservations. více
Thelma's Birthday
Reverend Gregory becomes jealous when a young doctor shows an interest in Thelma. více
Thelma's Little Girl
Thelma prepares to adopt a child, but the Deacon wonders if she's ready for the responsibility. více
The Twelve Songs of Christmas
The Church Choir brings joy to the Christmas festivities as well as Leola and Rolly. více
Snakes Alive
When Frye realizes he has a fear of snakes, he goes to a therapist. The therapist puts through a series of tests for him to overcome his fear. And the final test is for him to be in the room with an actual snake but when the snake gets out he starts to panic. více
Man on a Ledge
Thelma is urged by her friend to call Gregory and tell him how she feels about him. When he isn't there, she leaves a message on his answering machine. She then asks her father to get the tape before he comes back and hears it. He goes to Gregory's apartment and gets the tape but Gregory returns so he hides on the ledge. více
To Catch a Thief
The Deacon comes to his granddaughter's defense when she's accused of stealing money from the church collection box. více
The Widow
Reuben becomes the object of affection from a very lonely widow. více
The Deacon has a spiritual reawakening at a church retreat in the mountains during a snowstorm. více
Deacon Dearest
The Deacon becomes interested in one of the parishes couples which are talking divorce after he learns that the husband is a millionaire. více
The Fantasy
Thelma and Reverend Gregory imagine what life would be like if they were married. více
Wedding Bell Blues
Reverend Gregory is sued for negligent marriage counseling. více
A Slight Case of Murder (1)
Deacon Frye defends a woman accused of murdering her husband and much to everyone's surprise, falls in love with her. více
A Slight Case of Murder (2)
Roxanne makes a surprising revelation after her wedding to Deacon Frye. více

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