SERIÁL: Dante's Cove

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61% 160 hlasů
drama / horor / mysteriozní / romantický / thriller, seriál USA, , 3 série / 13 dílů

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Some loves will haunt you forever.
As the season begins, Kevin Archer leaves an abusive home to follow his boyfriend, Toby, to Dantes Cove, a remote tropical island populated by beautiful young residents, gay and straight. Unknown to Kevin, Dantes Cove has a dark and dangerous history, and he is unwittingly being drawn into a web of supernatural intrigue. Arriving at the Hotel Dante (built in the 1840s and recently converted into apartments) Kevin meet his new housemates: Van, a mysterious lesbian artist drawn to the dark side of human nature, Cory, a carefree party-boy wholl hook up with any guy whos interested, and Adam, Tobys straight best friend from high school who is secretly in love with Toby.At first Kevin and Tobys reunion is wonderful. But soon, Kevin begins hearing a strange voice coming from within the hotel a voice that is summoning him. Drawn to the basement, Kevin stumbles upon Ambrosius Vallin, an immortal warlock imprisoned for over a hundred and fifty years.In 1840, Ambrosius was engaged to marry Grace Neville, a powerful practiotioner of Tresum, an ancient supernatural religion. When Grace found Ambrosius making love with another man, she killed his lover and cursed Ambrosius to an eternity locked in the Dantes basement. Only the kiss of a young man would set Ambrosius free.Having successfully made Kevin hear his call, Ambrosius summons him to the basement and forces Kevin to kiss him. The kiss from Kevin breaks the curse. Not content to be young andfree again, Ambrosius decides Kevin is his destiny, and will stop at nothing to have him. He puts a spell on Kevin, and also turns Cory into a sort of personal slave and spy so that he can keep an eye on Kevin. But Grace wont allow Ambrosius to find love or happiness, and uses her magic to murder Kevin. Ambrosius, who learned Tresums powers while locked in the basement, succeeds in reviving Kevin. Meanwhile, searching the historical society for an explanation of the strange happenings in Dantes Cove, Toby and Van find the Book of Tresum written in a strange ancient language. Van is able to cast a spell from the book and break the curse on Kevin, freeing him from Ambrosius hold. It seems like a happy ending, until Ambrosius uses Cory to lure Toby away from the sleeping Kevin, and throws Toby into the ocean to drown.
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