SERIÁL: Detektiv Endeavour Morse   díl: Cartouche - (5. série / 2. díl)

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The unexplained poisoning of a former detective sergeant leads Endeavour and Thursday to a local cinema. Ex-policeman and museum attendant Ronald Beavis is murdered after watching a re-run of 'The Pharaoh's Curse' at the Roxy cinema. Of its staff only organist Leslie Garnier can recall him, having a secret conversation. Morse takes Carol, daughter of Fred Thursday's flash brother Charlie, to a glossy remake of the film, witnessing museum curator, Egyptian Dr Shoutry, protest that it cheapens his culture and carries a curse. Shortly afterwards Leslie is poisoned and the film's star, Emil Valdemar, given a sinister token, stolen from the museum. Morse believes Valdemar to have been the intended victim and rushes to save him in a cinema now in flames to prevent its sale. At the same time racist attacks on properties owned by a local racketeer would appear to have links with the Roxy and its employees.

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