SERIÁL: Detektiv Endeavour Morse   díl: Harvest - (4. série / 4. díl)

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When a body is found in a marshland outside of Oxford, everyone assumes they're the remains of Oxford botanist Matthew Laxman, who disappeared near the site five years earlier. The discovery of a body on an archaeological dig sends Morse to the village of Bramford, where botanist Matthew Laxman disappeared five years earlier and where pagan customs are upheld for the forthcoming Autumn equinox. All the locals, including reclusive clairvoyant Dowsable Chattox, deny seeing Laxton until Selina Berger, sister of a local GP and living in the village with her brother, tells Morse she recalls seeing the missing man's car near the establishment . Whilst its director Elliot Blake assures Morse that it poses no danger it is not a welcome presence in the village, the proposed site of a new reservoir. Morse believes the locals are lying when Laxman's jacket is found on a scarecrow and Dowsable and others admit that he came to Brampton and to the power station. As the celebrations begin Morse and Thursday rush to the station to prevent an aggrieved avenger destroying the whole area before unmasking Laxman's killer. Thursday's bravery is rewarded though he is less than happy with Morse when he finally tracks down Joan and realizes that Morse had been keeping her secret from him.

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